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  1. Hi Marjorie, on the UK election do you have any faith in the close of poll chart, i.e. 10pm Westminster on the day of the election? Or any other prognosticators for outcomes that may work better? Will Uranus produce a shock?

  2. Hmmm…this Neptune in Pisces is indeed not as one expected. I am a Pisces, all my life of a spiritual, philosophic bent. When neptune was in Capricorn I worked hard at psychological understanding but left it all behind when Neptune left that sign. Instead of being more Spiritual and caring, I seem to want to escape more than ever into a Piscean Paradise garden in this lovely place I live in…a dream come true…and not take on any responsibility in the community. Stopped meditating, stopped reading wise books. Okay I am older and life will end soon but feel sorry that Neptune has brought out the escape artist in me. I see this wish to escape into an imaginary paradise in the sad souls who blow themselves up….they think they are martyrs as did the first Christians who joyfully faced death. Is it all just a neptunean illusion? They say we get what we wish for!

  3. Marjorie: What’s the status of Trump’s marriage? Hard to believe that such a beautiful woman as Melania would be truly attracted to him, although power can be an aphrodisiac and of course there are countless material benefits, which would keep a Taurus like her very happy indeed. But surely she has a wandering eye from time to time. As much as I detest Trump, Melania has show great poise and exquisite taste fashion-wise during their foreign sojourn. He’s lucky to have her. Doesn’t Taurus have some major changes coming up in the next few years?

  4. Thanks so much for the Saturn Pluto summaries. It is, as you say, a pointer to tough times but often these times have also produced amazing acts of goodness and rising above the horrors such as we have seen in Manchester. And as also happened in the two World Wars. Personal acts of bravery and courage. Maybe we human beings need these cruel jolts to make us develop in some way. Who knows? Someone or something is pullng the strings that make us dance somewhere!

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