Jordan & Syria – all uncertain in the fog of war



Damascus are claiming that Jordanian forces, backed by the USA, are preparing an invasion of southern Syria. This may be a propaganda line punted by Assad to firm up Russian support. Jordanian planes are already bombing ISIL targets and their forces have recently built a buffer zone of about 9 miles just inside the Syrian border. But the Jordanian military chiefs have been firm in their denials about any ground forces moving in and the war is unpopular domestically in Jordan.

The Jordan/Syria relationship chart shows signs of a deeper freeze from this July to October as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun opposition Jupiter; with a marked deterioration through 2018/19.

The relationship chart between King Abdullah of Jordan and Bashar Assad also shows the July to October period this year as aggravated; worsening through 2018 and more so in 2019/2020.

The USA/Russia relationship chart looks strained across this July to October patch as well, though there could be other reasons for that. Even before then it is sagging badly as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun Saturn from now onwards till late 2018.



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