Ariana Grande – broken and beyond words



Ariana Grande, the American singer who had just come off stage when the Manchester bomb went off outside the arena, was born 26 June 1993 9.15 pm Boca Raton, Florida. She is immensely successful with No 1 albums and singles galore and 7 billion viewers for her music videos. She is of Italian origin and started singing and acting as a child.

She has a hard-working 6th house Cancer Sun in an expansive square to Jupiter Moon in Libra, and a sensible trine to Saturn. She’s got a Mystic Rectangle of a 10th house Pluto opposition Venus in Taurus trine/sextile Mercury in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and Ascendant – so passionate, ultra-charming, quite controlling and highly strung.

What she also has is a Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Mars – so not dissimilar to the signature of the bombing (see below). In her case, the Grand Trine of Sun, Saturn and MC, is in Water which is creative and healing; and the Mars Saturn gives her drive and discipline to bring out its potential. Though her afflicted/emphasised Mars is in the 8th which can bring fairly tragic and risky experiences into her life.

There’s nothing much sparking up on her chart apart from tr Pluto trine her Moon/Mars midpoint, which would bring a great surge of anger and intense reaction. She will feel it badly given the water in her chart.

Relocating her chart to Manchester puts her highly-strung Uranus Neptune exactly conjunct on the midheaven; with an intense Pluto in the 7th – so it will be a location which evokes a storm of feelings in her. She has cancelled the rest of her tour.

Her Progressed Moon is about to go into her 8th house within weeks, staying for nearly three years, which will be a difficult time psychologically for her, as she tries to get her bearings. Though tr Jupiter moving across her midheaven later this year and through chunks of 2018 will bring her success.


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  1. There are some ominous indications for Ms. Grande in her solar return for 2016, in relation to her natal chart: The SR ascendant at two degrees Virgo is very close to natal Mars, SR Mars is exactly conjunct natal Pluto, with SR Jupiter also in Virgo (sign of detriment) in opposition to both Moon and Neptune, and square to Saturn. To my mind, these add up to a strong potential for being involved somehow in one or more violent events affecting a large number of people. Transit Mars at the time of the attack was closing in on SR Mercury, the fourth arm of a grand cross in the SR. Also, in the Hellenistic system, when she turned twenty-three in 2016, she began a twelfth-house year: time for lying relatively low: definitely not touring.
    I doubt that an astrologer would have put a stamp of approval on the idea of forging ahead.

  2. Thanks for this, Marjorie. It’s always insightful to find certain aspects in certain people’s charts which resonate both with the areas and the events that take place with which they are connected to. It validates the astrology.

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