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Twenty-two people, including children, have been killed and 59 injured in a suicide attack at Manchester Arena. The blast happened around 22.30 pm local time yesterday at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande. Police said the lone male attacker, who died in the blast, detonated an improvised explosive device.

What’s around at the moment is a Fire Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus Moon in Aries trine North Node in Leo, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Mars. The Fire emphasis makes it attention-seeking, brashly confident and Mars Saturn makes it cruel, associated in older astrology with assassinations and the military. Set for the time of the explosion Uranus Moon were on the IC located to Manchester with the Saturn opposition Mars across the horizon line (Ascendant/Descendant axis).

This above configuration stays in place for a while, though the Mars Saturn opposition will peak from the 29th of this month and then start to fade. Atrocities often occur before the exact aspect.

The February 2017 Pisces Solar Eclipse, set for Manchester, has an explosive Mars Uranus in Aries conjunct the MC opposition Jupiter IC square Pluto – so descriptive of the worst terrorist bombing in the UK for 12 years.  In July 2005  52 were killed and 700 injured in co-ordinated terrorist attacks on London transport. At that point there was also a wide Fire Grand Trine involving Mars in Aries and an approaching Mars square Saturn.

On the UK chart at the moment tr Pluto is still opposition the Cancer Moon, which invokes intense emotional reactions – and that sticks around till late 2018. The Solar Arc MC is also drawing closer to the exact square to the UK 8th house Mars, which as well as having financial connections, also tends to accompany dangerous situations when triggered. It is exact in three months.

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  1. Cockburn is right. But in true pluto in Capricorn style, there is just too much money to be made, too much geo strategic hegemony to be secured , by the psychopathic maniacs running the western world for anything other than more of the same as far as the eye can see. I don’t recall ANY meaningful peace overtures coming from any mainstream quarter in recent times, I’d be happy to be wrong on that? One might have thought Jupiter in libra could bring some diplomatic and balanced perspectives

  2. Thanks Marjorie I concur with much of that. Where is diplomacy and Venus in Libra when she is really needed? Do you think Saturn in Capricorn closing with Pluto will make matters worse? The ruler of that sign conjoined with the lord of darkness? Kind of answers itself I guess…have you written in that topic?

  3. I wholeheartedly condemn all violence. Seen from the eyes of a man in one of the ME countries we in the west have helped to decimate, his children and wife killed perhaps from drone strike, phosphorus munitions or other weapons the west or its proxies has sold, and frankly no real future in his own country, that’s a powerful “tool” or weapon for ISIS to recruit. The same Wahhabi ISIS which is sponsored, trained and supplied by our ” friends” in Saudi, Qatar, Israel and others. Ultimately I suppose we in the west who make money from arms sales in this region bear a responsibility too. What astrological signatures can we look to for such venality and hypocrisy?

    • Pluto probably especially in Capricorn – very imperialistic and materialistic. Useful thoughts: ‘The United States should immediately end its fighting in the Middle East and turn to UN-based diplomacy for real solutions and security. The Turks, Arabs, and Persians have lived together as organized states for around 2,500 years. The United States has meddled unsuccessfully in the region for 65 years. It’s time to let the locals sort out their problems, supported by the good offices of the United Nations, including peacekeeping and peace-building efforts. Just recently, the Arabs once again wisely and rightly reiterated their support for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians if Israel withdraws from the conquered territories. This gives added reason to back diplomacy, not war.
      We are at the 100th anniversary of British and French imperial rule in the Mideast. The United States has unwisely prolonged the misery and blunders. One hundred years is enough.’

  4. From today’s Times: In 2015, the last full year covered by the Global Terrorism Database, 175 people in western Europe died in terrorist attacks. That would not be thought an unusual yearly tally in the Seventies, when groups such as the IRA, Eta Basque separatists and the Red Brigades were active and western Europe was a hub of terrorism. The ebbing of terror attacks in the West from the Seventies peak is at odds with the public perception that the threat has rarely been higher.
    What is different is that three decades ago, the IRA and Eta targeted security forces. Now Isis and others aim to kill civilians. “The methods are particularly appalling, they go after soft targets,” Michael Jensen, manager of the Global Terrorism Database, said.

    • Yes, I think it’s important to offer a wider perspective on this. Or at least try. The mainstream media are working very hard right now to keep things black and white.

      • Judging by what I’m reading online, it would seem Western lives are still very much more important than Syrian ones.

  5. What doesn’t help:
    ‘Air strikes carried out by the US and its coalition partners in Syria have killed the highest number of civilians on record since the bombing campaign began, a war monitor has said.
    A total of 225 civilians, including 36 women and 44 children, were killed in the period between 23 April to 23 May, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
    The toll is the highest number of recorded deaths since the international air campaign against Isis began in September 2014.

    However, since US President Donald Trump entered office in January this year there has been a marked uptick in civilian deaths in bombing operations against Isis across both Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

    In March, the US was accused of killing around 300 civilians alone after one strike which hit a mosque in Aleppo province and two incidents in the fight for Isis-controlled neighbourhoods of the Iraqi city of Mosul.

    Earlier this month, the US military said that coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria had ”unintentionally“ killed 352 civilians since the campaign began, but rights groups have blasted the estimate as too low, saying the US is guilty of not taking “sufficient precautions” to avoid civilian deaths. ‘

    Another story from a month ago in today’s Guardian:
    ‘Sixty-eight children among dead’ of suicide bombing attack in Syria – it’s not known which rebel group was responsible.
    The Middle East is in carnage, so not surprising some spills over into the West.

    • This is so apposite, Marjorie. The Guardian also stated that in 2016 alone, ‘The US dropped 26171 bombs mainly on Syria and Iraq which works out at 72 bombs daily’. The children live with atrocities every day. UNICEF estimate that 24 million children are in danger from war or famine. I remember that the astrology you have posted for Syria isn’t hopeful but is there any astrological reason
      why there is such a crisis in the under 16 age group. 2 children in this age group were killed in Manchester but we can surely take solace in the fact that the configuration will fade whilst the problems will continue for the numbers cited by UNICEF.Think what I am asking is whether generational astrology reflects the figures or it is linked to the countries.

  6. It’s just heartbreaking. As if it wasn’t utterly devastating enough, feelings have already been running high in the last couple of weeks, especially in that region of England; memories of the Moors murderers child victims and the very recently aired drama, “Three Girls”, about the Rochdale (Greater Manchester) child abuse ring. This theme that has emerged seems highly emblematic of a Pluto-Moon transit, as Marjorie says.

    It’s just so sickening that they would target a pop concert by a children’s TV star, those poor kids

    • Children were targeted because…terrorists prefer easy targets. High body counts and emotional, messy details. They quickly discover that the doorway to martyrdom leads to a very warm place, indeed. Or, a very cold place.

  7. Astrologically speaking, I am interested in Grande too. What’s her chart with Manchester like? Is there one of those tied-together aspects with the city? Does her chart show how will this atrocity effect her career trajectory? Are there any of those troubling fated fixed stars in her birth chart? Would be interesting to know if there were any classic “trigger aspects” active at the time on her wheel? Before this she was actually embroiled in one or two silly, minor PR disasters. Love to everyone affected.

  8. Just had a quick look at Ariana’s chart, birthdate June 26, 1993. She has Saturn opposite Mars in her natal chart. Transiting Sun was squaring this opposition. She also has Mercury, 27 Cancer, opposite Uranus/Neptune at 20 Capricorn. Very much in line with the transits. Such a tragedy for all involved.

  9. Marjorie, would any of the disruptive/negative aspects be showing up in Ariana Grande’s chart, seeing as her concert was used as the catalyst for the Manchester bombing? Thanks 🙂

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