Robert Mercer – the wealthy computer wizard behind Trump & Brexit


Dark conspiracy theories (which may well be true) are swirling around the involvement of US hedge-funder and computer scientist, Robert Mercer, in funding and strategising Trump’s win and Brexit – the two great astonishments of 2016 – by, amongst other things, targeting voters via social media analytics. One commentator said: “Artificial Intelligence won it for Leave.”

Mercer is one of the owners of Breitbart news, buddies with Steve Bannon and a long-time friend of UKIP’s Nigel Farage. There are legal writs flying but plenty of info on the net if you google Mercer and the DUP, for instance, as well as Mercer/Trump/Farage etc. Open Democracy has details as well.

Mercer born 11 July 1946 is a Sun and Saturn in Cancer, with his Sun square Jupiter in Libra. He was certainly on top of the world in 2016 with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter – a resounding triumph (or two). Tr Pluto continues to square his Jupiter in till late 2018; though he’s not feeling quite so chipper with tr Neptune opposition his Mars this year; and a couple of tricky Solar Arcs bringing a shock or two and uncertainty.

His relationship charts with Trump, Bannon and Farage – all show varying ruptures, aggravations and splits this year and more so next. So perhaps the Make America Great and titanium-strength Brexit plans aren’t running too smoothly. Though Cambridge Analytics, the company, supposedly responsible in part for the magic wins, founded on 30 July 2014, looks on a successful roll in 2018.

Definitely one to watch, since there are moves afoot to investigate whether electoral laws on donations were broken in the UK.

5 thoughts on “Robert Mercer – the wealthy computer wizard behind Trump & Brexit

  1. One reason Mercer might want to bring down the US (as we know it) is something called Chaos Capitalism – outlined in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine. Certain players can make big bucks from destruction.

  2. Wow, the world needs to keep an eye on this man, I’m glad he’s being investigated, if they can prove these theories about him, our image of freedom will be shattered.

  3. Is this about brainwashing ? I thought the people who voted Leave won it for Leave not AI. Eat your heart out, George Orwell. Years ago, I read an article by James Lovelock, the eccentric English scientist, in which he said AI would take over. He was laughed out of court but if the above is true, it appears that the electorate are susceptible to these machinations.
    Interestingly, the grassroots Momentum used social media to stimulate people to vote for Corbyn and his newfound popularity was probably another astonishment. Could you possibly look at the astrology for Momentum, Marjorie?

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