John McEnroe & Serena – a clash of tennis titans


John McEnroe, former top-ranking tennis champion, having managed to leave his ‘bad boy’ reputation behind, has reversed himself with remarkably silly remarks about Serena Williams. He suggested that compared to male tennis players she’d rank about 700; which isn’t that different to Williams’ comments in the past about there being a massive physical difference between men and women, in terms of the velocity of the balls being hit and the power behind players’ shots. But he still comes off sounding like a jerk.

Born 16 February 1959 10.30pm Wiesbaden, Germany, he has a flamboyant 5th house Sun Mercury in Aquarius which opposes Pluto and squares an 8th house Mars (conjunct Moon) opposition Jupiter – so driven by anger, a need to control and super-confident. And his Mars Moon square Pluto certainly indicates the potential for issues and aggravation where women are concerned.

Serena’s Mars in Leo is conjunct his 10th house Uranus and her Uranus squares his Sun – so a chemistry that is likely to spark into a lively firework display at the drop of a hat. Her super-confident Jupiter Pluto also sits on his Ascendant so he will feel overwhelmed by her.

His Sun is opposed by the upcoming Leo Solar Eclipse, which hints that facing up to the fact that he’s not always right will be unavoidable and he needs to rethink his perspective. Mercury is also in opposition which seems equally apt – he’ll be running around trying to straighten things that have gone off track because someone has misunderstood what he said. Communications get garbled and have to be disentangled. Though his Mars Pluto will make it difficult for him to back down.

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  1. He has a new book out…..just released. This is publicity…probably suggested by the book publisher’s ad agency. What he said was intended to create controversy and attract attention…..and it’s working. It’s what he does and his fans expect. He’ll sell a lot of books as a result. Serena probably doesn’t mind the publicity either…..

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