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  1. Hi Marjorie did you post specifically on The Aug eclipse and its effect on Trump and his presidency? I suspect many are hoping it will be sufficiently turbulent to rock his world so forcefully it does for him and his bizarre circus. Also is his physical wellbeing likely to be pressured as the eclipse affects his Regulus placement, natal mars and ascendant quite closely?

    • Yes several times. I’ll try to find the dates for the posts, or do a new one. What we do without Trump to keep us occupied? But he does seem to be getting more unstable by the day, so Mars on the Eclipse living up to its reputation. As well as a crisis of image with Eclipse on his Asc.

      • I’ve used the search window to collectct the posts, then click on the ones which are relevant to me personally.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    Info keeps surfacing in The Guardian and Observer about funding irregularities in the Brexit referendum. Allegedly, an extreme right winger, American billionaire Robert Mercer, is one of the principal string pullers. Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon are close mates of his, as are many of the people surrounding Mr Trump. A data company called Cambridge Analytica is involved. I think Mr Mercer has a financial interest in it or may even have bought it. Now the DUP are involved, because apparently it’s possible for them to receive anonymous political donations under Northern Ireland law.
    Anyway, it’s all very complicated, shadowy and highly undemocratic. Apparently, existing legislation, the basis of which dates from around 1860 or so is inadequate (!) to deal with this sort of activity.
    Would Neptune, which seems to be strongly positioned at the moment, be a factor? There seems to be an intricate network of people and funds. All very dodgy. It would be interesting to look at Mr Mercer’s astrology. Does he have a grand plan to change the world or is he doing it, just becquse he can, assuming that the above is all true. Papers have been sent to the Electoral College and Police, but obviously until anything is looked into, we don’t know if it is true or not.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    May be a strange query but saw Wonder Woman last night and was pleasantly surprised.
    Nice to see such strong female roles especially and sterling performances from Gal Gadot born April 30 1985 in Peta Tikva, Israel.
    Connie Nielsen a fine underrated Actress born July 3 1965 in Frederikshavn, Denmark and Robin Wright born April 9 1966
    in Dallas, Texas. The 3 of them seem to be on a roll and also fine performances from David Thewlis, Chris Pine, Danny Huston etc.
    The film was released on June 2 last.
    Would/do you have any thoughts re any of the above?
    Thank you and thank you again for looking into that other topic re New Moon last week.

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