Wonder Woman – a Boadicea of a movie



Wonder Woman has turned out to be a surprise success, grossing $650 million since it opened recently, the biggest domestic opening of all-time for a female director, Patty Jenkins, and she also becomes the first female director of a studio superhero movie. Rotten Tomatoes says it succeeds in spectacular fashion, buoyed by new star Gal Gadot’s charismatic performance.

Both the start of principal photography have the premiere have prominent Jupiter aspects willing it on its way.

Patty Jenkins, born 24 July 1971 in California into an air-force family, is a Sun Leo trine Jupiter in Scorpio, sextile Pluto – so not short of confidence, talent, luck and determination. Her Jupiter is also tied into a T Square, conjunct Neptune opposition Saturn square Mercury (Moon) in Leo – so good at attracting money, big ideas, a flamboyant talent for communication and entertainment, very creative. She’s got even more ahead of her with a stroke of good luck in 2019 with her Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Jupiter; and more so in the 2020s when tr Pluto is sextile her Jupiter.

Gal Gadot, 30 April 1985, Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel, served for two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat trainer and was Miss Israel 2004. She is a determined and earthy Sun Taurus opposition Pluto, with her Sun square Jupiter in Aquarius. She has a tough, hard-edged Saturn in Scorpio opposition Mars and an upfront Venus in Aries. Her Solar Arc Jupiter was picking up the transiting Pluto sextile this year for her first lead success.

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  1. Pretty good movie. Some elements from Captain America, some love moments but nothing to yawn over. She plays a hard-edged woman with an idealistic and somewhat immature opinion on humanity…eventually comes to terms with what is important.

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