Robert F Kennedy Jnr – so right and so wrong

Robert F Kennedy Jnr has announced he is trying for the Democratic nomination for the 2024 Presidential. An environmental lawyer and best-selling author, he is the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of JFK. He has a sterling record in protection of waterways, the fight against polluters and upholding the rights of indigenous peoples. And a less commendable one for promoting the scientifically discredited link between vaccines and autism and being a leading proponent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in the USA.

  Born 17 January 1954 in Washington, no birth time, the third of eleven children, he was nine when his uncle died and 14 when he was flown to his father’s deathbed after he was shot in 1968. He has an earthy, ambitious and resourceful collection of Sun, Mercury, Venus, North Node in Capricorn opposition Uranus square an idealistic (and can-be-fanatical and impervious-to-reason) Neptune. His Capricorn planets are inconjunct Pluto and widely inconjunct Jupiter – giving him a singular Yod. His Uranus sits in opposition to his Capricorn planets making it the key planet in driving his Yod – a reformer, revolutionary, trailblazer and/or anarchist.

  He also has a relentlessly determined Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio with his Mars inconjunct Jupiter and square Pluto – so he does not give way to pressure or threats.

  He has certainly carved out his own individual road, having been scarred early on by two family assassinations.

   Tr Pluto is in its second year of being conjunct his Sun and Mercury so he will be undergoing massive changes. His Solar Arc Mars is conjunct his Sun probably late 2023/early 2024 which may derail his hopes since that always produces a collision of sorts. Tr Uranus through 2024 and into 2025 is square his Pluto suggesting a major and radical change in his life moving ahead.  He does have his Jupiter Return over the election itself. He will be an outlier in the running who may drop off fairly quickly but he could also be hoping to pick up breadcrumbs from the exposure.

  His chart has strong similarities to his father’s. Robert Kennedy, 20 November 1925 3.11 pm Brookline, Massachusetts, was a Sun Scorpio square Neptune with Saturn and Mars also in Scorpio; and Moon, Jupiter, Venus in Capricorn with a confident Pluto opposition Jupiter. He had a healing, creative Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine Saturn with Jupiter as the driving planet.  

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  1. From a spiritual perspective, I see RFK jr as being given the opportunity to be ‘the healer’ for his ancestral line. With his public admissions of failures and bad choices in the past, and his history and deep desire to do good on many levels there is real potential here. His plan to reunify and heal the division between both parties by working with the best of both and releasing the worst of both could be the best option for real change.
    As for the term ‘unstable’ being tossed around. It’s a powerful term that can be intentionally used to turn people away from considering him without really investigating that claim. No doubt many in the Kennedy clan would do whatever to keep the media out of their lives.
    And as for ‘unstable’, unfortunately the other two major front runners are generally also considered ‘unstable’ on their own terms. Aren’t we lucky to have these poor choices thrust at us? Kennedy’s plan could actually be the only viable option for the positive transformation we all need and desire.

  2. I like RFK Jr. I find him knowledgeable, respectful, and humble, even though he is much maligned and his words are often misrepresented, even in this blog. I think his voice should be heard on topics like the vaccines and autism, because he offers some alternative views that should be considered. They are reasoned, not wacko, in my opinion.

    What really hits home with me is his request that scientific research be conducted to determine the cause of the massive increase in chronic childhood disease from 6% when he was young to 54% today. This includes diseases like autism, ADD, ADHD, allergies, eczema, asthma, diabetes, and others. What parent would not vote for real scientific research to find answers to those questions? Yet, as Kennedy says, the health agencies that should be funding that research do not, because they know the answer will come back to one of the big financial players in the economy; the pharmaceutical companies, big agriculture with their toxic pesticides and herbicides, or some other industry that puts profits ahead of the health of the nation. He has courage to stand up for these things when what he is saying is unpopular, potentially disruptive, and when his name is being attacked relentlessly by those who would like to silence him. But ultimately what he is proposing would be good for the country.

    • THANK YOU, Angus. I also find RFK Jr. to be far more reasonable and compassionate than any presidential hopeful has been in many years. With his commitment to the environment, as well as his encouragement of transparency and real debate, I think he has more than a fair chance…! We should be so lucky!

  3. Is this the Kennedy whose wife killed herself over his numerous affairs; and, isn’t he an anti-vaxxer who made a pilgrimage to trump’s presidential office?

  4. His Cancer/Capricorn nodes, in addition to the obvious crab/shell connotations, reminds me of how you put seed starts out in the sun over time, and lengthening time, to “harden off.” The Kennedy family “womb” (Cancer) seems tightly knit, and it also seems like tragedy tends to follow their venturings out of that womb into very visible public life. He might be surprisingly successful in this venture. I don’t know if I’d vote for him in 2024, but I have a lot of respect for his “progressive” works.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Amazing to see how strong the family resemblance is with his father, and also his uncle JFK.

    I noticed that all three men connect with the USA Pluto at 27 Capricorn, opposition Mercury 24 Cancer. JFK’s Saturn was 27 Cancer, MC 23 Cancer. Robert Kennedy Jnr has Sun 27 Capricorn, Mercury 28 Capricorn, with Venus and his North Node 24 Capricorn. His South Node in Cancer aligns with USA Mercury. Robert Kennedy Snr’s 28 Capricorn Moon and 27 Cancer/Capricorn Nodes are conjunct USA Pluto. In some strange way it seems they embody that Pluto/Mercury opposition in the US founding chart. The presence of the Moon’s Nodes for both Robert Snr and Jnr suggests ‘destiny’ in a way, linking life paths with a particular aspect of their nation, and it’s stories and symbols.

    Pluto’s USA return is over by the time of the election. However, this current Robert Kennedy’s own Pluto at 24 Leo may oppose the USA Moon in Aquarius (the public), depending upon which time is used for the USA founding chart. Tr Mars in Cancer will activate the US Pluto/Mercury opposition in October, 2024. Maybe that brings echoes of the Pluto Return, with all it’s secrets and undercurrents?

    • And adding the older generation to the family patterns here:

      Joseph Kennedy, 6th September 1888. Moon’s Nodes 28 Cancer/Capricorn trine Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio.
      Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, 22 July, 1890. Chiron 25 Cancer, Ascendant (probably) 27 Capricorn. Her Moon’s Nodes are 21 Gemini/Sagittarius, aligning with the USA’s Mars in Gemini.

  6. I remember where I was when President Kennedy was shot. The Kennedy mystique was part of my growing up years. They were a big deal.

    They’re not a big deal any more. My adult children have no recollection of the Kennedy era. That ‘attempted’ dynasty has no meaning to adults 40 and under. (Well, some people think JFK Jr. is alive and well but they are a side bar).

    The Kennedy family has publicly separated themselves from this man stating, essentially, ‘we love him and he’s not stable’.

    The charisma of the Kennedy family is long gone in the USA. Will he win an election? Maybe. Maybe not. But he won’t win it because of his family connections. They don’t support him. The machine no longer exists.

    • @Lisa, I think you are spot on here. From European point of view, I know Kennedys were huge here, too. My grandmother always told me how, when my dad growing up, all the ladies told he looked like JFK, obviously a compliment to his looks but I also think grandmother’s capacity to keep her children well dressed, well fed and clean on very scarse financial resources. It also tells how JFK made an impression to a generation of postwar lower middle class and working class women even in remote, Lutheran Finland.

      Later on, I was living in Italy when John John died In fact, I remember hearing the news of the crash on radio driving to seaside in what was Saturday morning in Europe with a bunch of friends. And my ex’s mother, also from a simple background and in her early 20’s in the 1960’s, was devastated. Because she’d been a young wife of a carabiniere with a first born who’d just started to walk when JFK was assassinated, and she remembered the “baby boy”.

      I think it’s almost impossible to duplicate this kind of Global relevance today, with shattered interest and media landscape.

  7. The Kennedy’s epitomise the continuity of dynasties. In fact just looking at Robert Juniors chart reminds me of that entitlement. The 10th stellium oozes continuity of authoritarian power, with the North Node/South Node in both the house of power and feeling at home with power through past connections. In fact the Kennedy’s are like the old European Knights of old; they fought for power, gained considerable power and then secreted that power into considerable political power. We will never change old family power. As he will more likely pick up votes for just having his family name. The Republican Country’s are steeped in the same power regime as the old European Royalty, it is just called another name.

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