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Richard Gere, once the toast of Hollywood for An Officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Woman, is now content to do small indie movies, which are all that is on offer since the Chinese took over controlling interests in movieland. As a Buddhist and personal friend of the Dalai Llama he has campaigned tirelessly for the cause of Tibet, so has been effectively blackballed from blockbusters.

Born 31 August 1949 in Philadelphia, with various birth times suggested. has plumped for 4.36pm which puts his Venus Neptune in Libra conjunct his IC if his chart is relocated to Dharamsala, India where the Dalai Llama lives, so it is feasible.

He’s a Sun Saturn in Virgo, so definitely hard-working; with an adventurous Mars in Cancer opposition Jupiter in Capricorn; with a Sagittarius Moon trine Pluto; and Mercury Venus Neptune in Libra – so he’s serious, wishing to be of service,  probably studious, risk-taking, defensive and charming.

If the birth time is accurate it puts Pluto and Saturn Sun in his 8th which would certainly make sense of him as a movie superstar. With three planets in his spiritual 9th, and an enthusiastic Jupiter in his 1st.

In an odd way he’s not that dissimilar to China with Mars also in its 7th and Saturn in Virgo in the 8th, plus a Libra Sun, Mercury, Neptune in the 8th as well. And both have Jupiter in Capricorn at the same degree.

His Jupiter is exactly conjunct the Dalai Lama’s North Node in Capricorn so quite a karmic connection; with the Dalai Lama’s Pluto conjunct his Mars, so a very intense link. Their relationship chart has a transformational composite Sun Pluto; and a spiritual composite Venus Neptune in a sociable square to Jupiter. There will be rough edges and sacrifices demanded since the composite Mars is square Uranus Saturn.

At present Gere is squiring a Spanish publicist three decades younger than him, after the break up of his second marriage. Both his marriages were to models.

He looks in for a considerable success in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter.

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