Afghanistan – at the mercy of meddling outsiders



A powerful vehicle bomb has hit the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 80 people and injuring 350, the deadliest attack to hit the city in recent years. It is a highly fortified zone with the explosion coming close to the German embassy with many other key embassy buildings in the area, including the presidential palace. Civilians are said to be the main casualties.

For a potted precis of the present mess in Afghanistan with tensions between the US and regional players like Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan complicating what was already a fraught situation, see:

The Fire Grand Trine is still in place, with the Moon close to the North Node in Leo trine Uranus Venus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite with Saturn opposition Mars – so the overwhelming and destructive power which oversaw the Manchester bomb is still in effect, if anything stronger, since the Moon and Venus have moved up to join in.

The Afghanistan 19 August 1919 12am chart, has an explosive and insecure tr Uranus square Mars in Cancer exactly now, and returning into early 2018. The approaching August Solar Eclipse will oppose the Afghan Uranus and conjunct the Leo Sun and Saturn, so it will be a critical time. 2019 looks highly uncertain, disorientating and confused; and with tr Neptune moving through the 10th there looks little chance of a fixed direction any time soon.

The 17 July 1973 12 am chart is also in a state of crisis in 2017 with tr Pluto square the Mars and tr Uranus square the Cancer Sun; with continuing upheaval from tr Pluto square Uranus in 2017/18; followed by tr Pluto opposition the Sun in 2020/21. So no quick n easy solutions appearing there either.

Afghanistan has an illustrious and ancient history, going back 6000 years, as a place of great culture, civilization and trade, and whose warlike mountains tribes and difficult terrain saw off quite a few aggressors. Alexander the Great, who made a brief foray in, said it was “easy to march into, hard to march out of”. In the 19th Century the British Empire and Russia used it as a pawn in their power games; which now seems to be repeating in a different guise. It is thought likely that the Sumerians brought early astrological wisdom with them from the Indus Valley around Afghanistan when they moved west to the Tigris-Euphrates basin around present day Baghdad. And thence it moved into Europe.

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