Ric Ocasek – prolific and inventive creativity


Ric Ocasek, the gangly, extremely tall and ultra-thin lead singer of The Cars has died.  They became cemented in public consciousness during Live Aid when their hit Drive – “Who’s gonna tell you when it’s too late” – was used for the famine relief campaign.

Born 23 March 1944 (though he lied to make himself seem younger with a 1949 birthdate) he seemingly had a troubled childhood, was kept on the straight and narrow by a grandmother and was taught by nuns.

According to the Guardian The Cars which he founded: “were the first American band to successfully take a punk/new wave aesthetic into the US charts – their use of irony, downbeat imagery, synthesisers, impassive vocals and European cultural references standing in contrast to the shrill hard rock then dominant – and Ocasek’s exceptional talent as a songwriter ensured they enjoyed a decade of hit singles and albums.” He also painted and wrote poetry. His three marriages produced two sons apiece – the age gap between the youngest and oldest being 35 years.

He was a Sun Aries with a talented Half Grand Sextile from Sun opposition Neptune, sextile Uranus, sextile Pluto North Node in Leo – creative, musical, influential, innovative. His Uranus in addition squared his Venus making him emotionally unpredictable. And he had a tricky, not-too-lucky Mars Saturn in Gemini, possibly square a Pisces Moon, and softened somewhat by Saturn sextile Jupiter in flashy Leo.

An interesting if not always happy man.


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