Democratic melee – present frontrunners may not last

None of the leading Democratic candidates look exactly on sparkling form astrologically speaking for the 2020 election  Below is a pull together of previous posts.

Stacey Abrams, former Congresswoman in Georgia and first African-American to deliver a response to the State of the Union address earlier this year is being talked of as a possible VP for Joe Biden. Born 9 December 1973, she’s a Sun Sagittarius with a confident and charming Jupiter Venus in Aquarius trine Pluto; and a volatile Mars in Aries opposition Uranus. She’s quite some lady.

In 2020 she has the lacklustre tr Neptune square her Sun in February for the final time; then she picks up the upbeat and lucky-break tr Uranus square her Jupiter from June onwards, running through October 2020 and into 2021 though not exact over the election or Inauguration. What she also has, less helpfully, is tr Neptune square her Jupiter/Uranus and Mars/Jupiter midpoints over both – losses, disappointments, plans not working out.

From late February 2021 on for two years she has tr Pluto square her Mars and Uranus which looks like a huge upheaval, risky, aggravating and stressful.

JOE BIDEN APRIL25 2019: Joe Biden stepped up to the mark for his joust at the Democratic nomination 2020 with a twitter video announcement at 6am Washington, DC time. This put the heavy-duty Saturn Pluto in the 10th conjunct a Capricorn Moon which doesn’t look too enticing for female voters and also suggests he’s got a mountain to climb requiring considerable effort. Venus which is often a sign of popularity is hidden away in the 12th; and there’s a divisive Uranus Sun on the Ascendant. Plus an afflicted Neptune in the 12th square Jupiter opposition Mars – suggesting a flier that’s more hope than common sense. And tr Neptune will be square the Mars until late this year which is usually panicky-failure.

His own chart has tr Pluto square the Mars/Neptune midpoint, on and off till late 2020, which is dashed hopes for elections; with another sinker from tr Neptune opposition Mars/Jupiter again off and on till January 2021. Plus a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun at the moment and square his Venus in spring 2020, which will make him feel unloved (unpopular).

He could be more energised with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter in 2021/22 from late January 2021; as well as tr Uranus square his Pluto suggesting a radical lifestyle change picking up in 2020 running into 2021. That latter at his age could suggests some serious thinking about how he stretches his energy.

BERNIE SANDERS FEB19 2019: Bernie Sanders has announced he’s taking another crack at the Presidency though there’s nothing remotely hopeful about his chart. His Virgo Sun in an expansive (overly-confident) square to Jupiter in Gemini is catching tr Neptune hard aspects through this year and next. Plus he has a deeply frustrating tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries picking up this April and running on and off till late 2020; made a million times worse by Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Mars which will be on the exact degree from mid 2020 for several months.

ELIZABETH WARREN DEC30 2018: Elizabeth Warren has become the first high profile Democrat to toss her hat into the ring for 2020, announcing she is forming an exploratory committee. A former law professor, she gained prominence for her critique of Wall Street after the 2008 financial crash, has been a senator since 2012 and gained fans for standing up to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor. But she is seen as a divisive figure and may be too polarizing to fit the times. Born 22 June 1949, Oak Hill, OK, maybe 1.51 pm (unverified astrotheme), she’s a rebellious and innovative Sun Uranus in Cancer in a sensible sextile to Saturn in Virgo. Her Saturn is widely square Mars Mercury in Gemini, giving her grit and an argumentative streak.

She’s got an uphill battle at the moment with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Saturn midpoint and that runs throughout 2019; but where she really starts to dip is between March 2020 and late September 2020 with tr Neptune in hard aspect to four of her key midpoints. She may decide to call it quits before 2019 is out and if she doesn’t I doubt with all that Neptune around that she’ll get the nomination.   She’d have more luck in 2024 when tr Pluto will conjunct her Jupiter.

KAMALA HARRIS JAN17 2019: California Senator and former state attorney Kamala Harris, born 20 October 1964 9.28pm Oakland, California, is picking up media attention but there’s a troubling piece in the NY Times questioning her legend as a progressive, pointing out she did little to act for criminal justice reform and fought to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct including evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors. (URL below)

She has an entertainer’s, attention-seeking 5th house Libra Sun opposition an Aries Moon; with a Fixed Grand Cross of Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune – hard-edged, slippery, indulgent, opportunistic. She looks frustrated and trapped in November 2020 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/North Node; but does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter throughout 2020 and over the inauguration which will give her a confidence and success boost.


18 thoughts on “Democratic melee – present frontrunners may not last

  1. Thank you for writing about this Marjorie. I must admit, I was hoping this would’ve been a more positive piece…but I know it is what it is. I appreciate you sharing these astrological insights with us.

    My intuition still tells me Joe Biden will be our Democratic nominee. He has strong support here in Florida and in the rest of the South. African-American voters, in particular, are strongly backing him. Democrats have to win the African-American vote in the primaries in order to get the nomination.

    Anyway, win or lose, I know I’m voting for Joe Biden in the primaries – regardless of what happens. Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar are the only two candidates who are committed to supporting and upholding President Barack Obama’s legacy – the other candidates are now siding with Bernie Sanders (who I cannot stand) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I can’t stand her either) and sucking up to the insurgent “Justice Democrats” (who are the far-leftist version of the Republican Tea Party).

    For example, Biden and Klobuchar are in favor up keeping the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare (which I am also an ardent supporter of) in place and they’re also in favor of strengthening it. The other candidates are now promoting that Medicare for All jazz…I’m not a fan of it.

    Healthcare is the most important issue for me as a Democrat and I will only vote for a candidate who supports Obamacare in the primaries.

    I’ll hold my nose, grit my teeth, and vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination in the general election because I do believe in supporting the Democratic Party regardless of candidate. However, I really hope Biden is the nominee….and I would really love for him to pick either Stacey Abrams, Amy Klobuchar, or Tammy Duckworth as his running mate.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
    Older Millennial and Sensible Democrat

    • Credit for mentioning Tammy as a possible VP pick Sir Romero. I may have overlooked her because of her disability but being that she’s not white and also a military Vet, she may be a good fit with Buttigieg; it’s plausible. Hmm.
      Hey Marjorie, how about Ms. Duckworth’s prospects?

  2. Marjorie: Thanks for your assessment re the Democratic frontrunners. So, astrologically, it looks like there are two possibilities. Either one of the second or third tier candidates will suddenly bolt to the top and win the election or Trump gets another four years.

  3. Thanks, Marjorie, for tackling the astrology of worldwide events, politics, and celebrities. I like the way you lay it all out, and then let people in the comment section express how they think about it and interpret it. It’s like a Coat of Many Colors on display.

    Plus the way you take the mickey out of self-inflated gasbags in the news—unique and priceless! Carry on, Marjorie Orr, we love it!

  4. I”m still thinking traditional electoral astrology won’t hold here, since I think there will be a recession and possibly a war with Iran by the end of 2020. Themes we think are important now, would not be that.

    • And we’ll be stuck with 2 candidates that were picked by the traditional methods that are rolling along right now. By the end of 2020, one if them will be our president, no matter what the crisis. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have a fluid political system in place where we can have a do-over when needed. I envy Britain and their “no confidence” motions in parliament.

  5. Sorry to be so blunt, but:

    Democrats have gone the Jurassic Park route—resurrecting old dinosaurs. I don’t understand why the party is imploding like this. If they would give someone under 70 a chance, they have excellent candidates who could rev up this election cycle. For me as a voter, it so disappointing.

    Marjorie, if its not too much bother, is there anything in the Democrat Party chart that shows this “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” mess or that shows hope for a victory in 2020? Thank you

    • I’m personally very disappounted with the younger lot here! And you know why? Because they seem to lack any “earthiness” to them. They are such pure bread political animals it’s beyond imagination. Since I actually like quite a few of them, I think it must be lack of grounding. They seem rarified.

      What ever you think about Biden, Warren and even Sanders otherwise, they have struggled, and that somehow makes them very relateable. That’s also why Michelle Obama would win in a heartbeat if she was interested in politics. Or why people in Washington and beyond are so fascinated by AOC. It even accounts for Trump more than one would think – his bankrupcy survival stories could be seen inspirational -, and will probably mean “family idiot” Don Jr. would appeal to people more than “daddy’s girl” Ivanka.

      • Thank you larryc. There are lots of “40’s’” with enough wisdom to steer the ship. AOC is amazing. I hope she is the bellwether of a coming generation of rational, strong people.

      • Solaia, Biden lost my interest with his debate comment to a question about repairing the legacy of slavery in our country. His long answer that didn’t address this ended with: “We have—make sure that every single child does, in fact, have 3, 4, 5 year olds go to school. School. Not daycare. School. We bring social workers in to homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not want they don’t want to help. They don’t—they don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio, make sure the television—excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night—the, the, make sure that kids hear words. A kid coming from a very poor school, a very poor background will hear 4 million words fewer spoken by the time they get there.” After he was thanked for his answer, he started talking about Venezuela.

        If someone who hadn’t watched the debate was shown this comment, and then was asked “Biden or Trump?”, who do you think they would pick?

        Pure bred political animals? Excuse me, but have you forgotten about their opposition—the Republican Party? If you consider Castro, O’Rourke, Yang, Buttigieg, Booker, Harris, and Klobuchar animals beyond imagination, and Trump’s bankruptcies to be inspirational—I need to get a record player from a thrift shop and learn some more words to handle this!

        • “And—
          Pure bred political animals? Excuse me, but have you forgotten about their opposition—the Republican Party? If you consider Castro, O’Rourke, Yang, Buttigieg, Booker, Harris, and Klobuchar animals beyond imagination, and Trump’s bankruptcies to be inspirational—I need to get a record player from a thrift shop and learn some more words to handle this!”

          As I said, I actually like quite a few of these people. But if you read their CVs and look at what they’ve done, there definitely is a pattern there. Universities and Faculties attended by top politicians, Scholarships intended to future “Masters of The Universe”. I personally think that’s good, since they are competent, but also see how this could be an issue for people who do not have that same background, which would be 99.5 per cent of American Electorate. Most people care about very concrete issues, such as health care or gun control or immigration, and this actually wan Democratic Party quite a few seats at last election, with people with a more diverse back ground able to talk about those issues with an actual emotional attachment. And although nobody can be expert in everything, being able to tap on those emotions helps. Beto O’Rourke, whose campaign as has been seen as a failure, gained the sort of momentum that might actually carry him to Senatorship, when he addressed El Paso shooting.

          And I was not mentioning Republican Party, because we are talking about Democrat Candidates here. But it seems to me they were there already in the 1990’s, and that’s why Trump wan. Remember his 2016 competition? Many people don’t, because it was such an assambly of Republican Pod People the least likeable politician in Washington by many accounts Ted Cruz came second.

    • Former Prez Jimmy Carter wants to impose age limits for US presidents and candidates. He felt that 80 is way too old. Someone in his/her 40’s would be ideal. Looking at the GOP dinosaurs and those grey beards of the Dems…hardly impressive compared to, say, AOC and her fire and passion.

      • I actually would tend to agree with Jimmy Carter on setting an age limit to the upper end, as well as to the lower end, because POTUS is a physically trying job.

        Still, I think that out of this particular lot, the one showing most passion and fire overall is Liz Warren, who would be 79 in the end of a second term. So, this isn’t something reserved to young people only. Also, Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein are in their 80’s, and I would not like to get in an argument with either of them.

    • The Democratic Party chart of 1792 in my experience doesn’t work nor does the first Dem President of 1801 – against Clinton and Obama’s wins. So not much use.

  6. Oh finally! Thank you for Stacey Abrams. Can you look into Catherine Cortez-Masto’s VP prospects? Always had her as a backup plan in case Ms. Abrams was out.

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