Israel elections – Netanyahu’s anti-Palestinian push backfires

Israeli elections rarely throw up an outright winner with weeks if not months of protracted coalition negotiations usually following; and this one looks like even more of a deadlock – between the two main contenders Netanyahu and Gantz. This is the second election in five months and leaves Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, in office for 10 years, in an even weaker position before. Beforehand he pledged to annex Jewish settlements and other territory in the occupied West Bank if returned to power. But with a higher Arab turnout this time, his intimidation campaign, according to a crony, ‘blew up in our face’.

Israel has a last decan Libra Ascendant due to catch the tr Saturn Pluto square in January and beyond; with the Ascendant also being straddled by the Solar Arc Saturn Pluto – and the effects of that latter will continue for several years ahead. All of which will have a dampening effect on Israel’s image though could also initially bring out a ruthless, control-freaky streak. Tr Saturn followed by tr Pluto is also heading across the Israel IC in 2020 and 2022 for an extended period of internal domestic unrest. And both tr Saturn and tr Pluto are trine the Israel Sun in 2020 which is heavy pressure for real transformation in a country that is less capable than most of showing any flexibility or capability of letting go old defences.  Tr Uranus is also square the 10th house Leo Moon for an agitated populace demanding change 2019/early 2020 – and the next few years up to 2026 as tr Uranus moves through Taurus will be high-tension, high-risk and disruptive as tr Uranus squares the Israel Pluto, Saturn and finally Mars, bouncing over all the midpoints in between; and is conjunct the Israel 8th house Taurus Sun in 2024 for a series of jolts.

Netanyahu, 21 October 1949 10.15 am Tel Aviv, is certainly not at his most successful with tr Saturn heading downwards through the nadir of his First Quadrant for several years, not only facing electoral punishment but corruption charges as well. He is sagging under uncertainty and paranoia mid this November to mid December with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn; plus at the same time devastation and confusion from tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint. 2020 is a ferocious mix of super-confidence from tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter from late February, though that could see him overstepping the mark; and a fairly cataclysmic setback from Solar Arc Saturn square his Mars exact in 8 months, but maybe triggering before then. 2021 looks downhill with tr Neptune undermining his ambitions.

Benny Gantz, 9 June 1959, no time, is all over the place – overly excitable mid October to mid November with tr Uranus square his Mars; confident, lucky and confused over the New Year; and continuing upbeat though with maximum stress into the spring; with a major dip in February when tr Neptune squares his Gemini Sun.

Avigdor Lieberman, Russian-born former Defence Minister, could be a kingmaker or breaker, 5 June 1958, and is certainly in a phase in his life where he is prepared to throw everything in the air with tr Uranus hitting on his Fixed T Square of Venus, Neptune and Uranus which picked up earlier this year and runs on till early 2021. Like the two above he’s got high spots of success and low troughs of plans dissolving under his feet over the next year – and he’s in real trouble in 2021 and worse by 2023 with tr Neptune square his Saturn and then meeting two exceptionally unpleasant Solar Arcs.


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