Saudi Arabia & Iran – the old enmity drawing close to home


The bombing of Saudi oil installations has sent oil prices soaring, threatening to destabilise the global economy never mind an already volatile Middle East. The Iranian-backed Yemeni rebel Houthis say they did it; the USA say it was Iran; and the Iranians deny any involvement. Given the distance and sophistication of the weaponry it is more likely to have been Iran, with some suggesting Iranian hardliners were attempting to block a proposed Trump/Rouhani summit.

The Saudi/Iran feud for regional and religious dominance which has been fought in a proxy war in the Yemen may be about to spill across the borders or more to the point come home to roost with an all-out confrontation. The Saudis are backed by the Americans and western defence contractors. Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan lean more to the Iranian side.

Saudi Arabia, 15 January 1902 2.45am Riyadh, looks most on edge in the final days of this December with tr Uranus in an explosive square to its Sun/Mars midpoint and a gung-ho square to Mars/Jupiter; though won’t be winning initially with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint for a series of losses till late January 2020. With an uncertain February – and then moves into a resoundingly upbeat spree from late February with tr Pluto conjunct the Sun Jupiter which could produce over confidence.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) similarly looks exercised over these last few days this December with tr Uranus opposing his Pluto and tugging on his pushy, reckless Jupiter, Pluto, Venus T Square. His term chart as Crown Prince, 21 June 2017 6.19 am Riyadh, does look enormously stressed and combative at the moment with the July Cancer Solar Eclipse stoking up the Mars in Cancer over coming months; with a surge of recklessness showing with Solar Arc Mars square Jupiter approaching over the next six months.

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, also looks in crisis-mode with his Second Term chart, 3 August 2017, 11 am Teheran, having the July Cancer Eclipse conjunct the Midheaven, and the ‘collision’ Solar Arc Mars conjunct Sun coming exact within weeks; as well as an over confident Solar Arc Jupiter square Pluto also now and over coming weeks.

The Iran 1 February 1979 9am chart is agitated this year and next with tr Uranus square the Jupiter opposition Mars; and square the Sun in 2021 – all of which looks insecure and disruptive. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran 1979 have Mars in uncompromising Aquarius at 10 degrees which picks up the tr Uranus square from July 2020 on and off into 2021 – which may also be a flash point.

The UAE, 2 December 1971, has just had a tanker seized and it is looking more than crushed come late January, on and off till late 2020 with tr Pluto square Mars/Saturn and conjunct Mars/Neptune.

Saudi Arabia always was going to be in the eye of the tr Saturn Pluto storm with its Capricorn Sun Jupiter catching the conjunction head on.


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  1. I suspect it’s sabre rattling for election and diversion purposes. Among other consequences, a shooting war against Iran will lead to the destruction of much of Israel and a world economic depression..something even the Orange Amin would seek to avoid surely, irregardless of his mental health problems and craven support for Israel. You’d hope so at least

  2. The charts indicate Pluto will be on the ascendant in both Riyadh and Tehran at the 26 December 2019 annular eclipse.The path of the eclipse goes over Riyadh. The eclipse point is 4 Capricorn which is exactly where the last Pluto Saturn synod in Capricorn occurred in 1518. It makes a similar Trine aspect to Uranus in early Taurus. The eclipse is believed by many astrologers to be one of the most fortunately aspected for years. Let’s hope they are right. It certainly doesn’t feel that way down here on earth at the moment.

      • Not Hugh, but there is a deep, if maybe supressed astrological tradition in the region. Religious Calenders are still Lunar, and Nowroz is set by Spring Equinox. Eclipses are biggies, no doubt.

      • The Arab mathematicians and astrologers were crucial to the development of astronomy/astrology when the Dark Ages descended in Europe in the 5th Century AD. The Latin and Greek texts were translated into Arabic – and their skill progressed understanding until the Crusades collapsed and the Crusaders, who’d lived in the Middle East for two centuries brought the knowledge back into Europe in the 13th century.
        I don’t know much about recent times except that the beards and fundamentalist Islamists don’t like astrology. The priest classes on the whole dislike astrology since it undercuts their power.

    • Not sure about fortunate – methinks they might be mislead by Jupiter which often turns up prominently in disasters with its amplification effect.
      The Saros series of this December Solar Eclipse acc to Bernadette Brady: “This eclipse brings with it sudden endings, perhaps with a younger person involved. There is a large emotional component and a sense of traumatic transformation.” Was around in 2001, 1983, 1965, 1947, 1929 – none of which were exactly upbeat years.

      • Well we won’t have to wait long find out about what the December eclipse brings.

        Certainly nothing looks too sunny at the moment in the world

        I notice that at the time of the attack Neptune/Moon was at 17 Pisces and Mars at 17 Virgo were exactly conjunct the North and South Nodes in the 1932 KSA chart.

    • I always google sites I’m not familiar with, and Veterans Today brought up lots of troubling reviews. VT had a mass exodus of contributors in 2015, and now is described as “closet islamocentric anti-zionist” allied with Alex Jones, Al-Jazeera, RussiaToday, Rense, Iran’s PressTV.

      No thanks. You do you!

  3. ”The Saudis are backed by the Americans and western defence contractors.”

    To my utter disgust Westminster plays a major part in this horrendous situation. Overall, over time, it’s got the blood of millions on it’s hands.

    ‘The Saudis couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s true role in Yemen’s deadly war.’

    ”For more than four years, a brutal Saudi air campaign has bombarded Yemen, killing tens of thousands, injuring hundreds of thousands and displacing millions – creating the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. And British weapons are doing much of the killing. Every day Yemen is hit by British bombs – dropped by British planes that are flown by British-trained pilots and maintained and prepared inside Saudi Arabia by thousands of British contractors.”…

    …”The Saudi bosses absolutely depend on BAE Systems,” John Deverell, a former MoD mandarin and defence attache to Saudi Arabia and Yemen, told me. “They couldn’t do it without us.” A BAE employee recently put it more plainly to Channel 4’s Dispatches: “If we weren’t there, in seven to 14 days there wouldn’t be a jet in the sky.”…

  4. Explosive situation. Old unresolved religious animosities (Shite vs. Sunni), and factor in Aramco (source of the Saudi income, and probably world’s most valuable corporation), it reminds of pre WWI origins. One hopes for restraint rather than lock and load mentality.

    • I read an early assessment that it seemed incredulous with 19 targets destroyed by only ten drones. “Marksmanship targeting results.” Does Iran possess that kind of technology?

      The old colonial skeletons just burst open their closet doors?

      Maybe this wll be the falling off the perch event that takes down Trump? How quickly he came to the rescue of “his friends”…

      • All fairly uncertain since Trump isn’t an interventionist and the Saudi military can’t even win a war against the rag tag Yemenis. Without western weaponry they’d be nothing.

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