Republicans – setting a questionable course

Liz Cheney is out for refusing to swallow Trump’s lies about a stolen election – supported by 70% of GOP-ers – and Elise Stefanik is in as the third ranking Republican in Congress.

   Stefanik has made false claims of voter fraud and opposed suggestions that Trump be impeached for his part in stoking up the January 6 Capitol assault.

  Born 2 July 1984 in New York she is a Sun Venus Mercury in Cancer; with her Mercury square Pluto, which gives her harsh opinions, a generally suspicious outlook and a tendency to bully others into agreeing with her outlook. Her Sun Venus are also trine a hard-edged, vengeful Mars Saturn in Scorpio. Not a chart I warm to, I’d have to admit.

  Her Mars Saturn will be buffeted this year into early 2022 by tr Uranus in opposition and tr Saturn square – so not everything will be rolling her way with setbacks, failures and aggro. This year’s May Lunar and December Solar Eclipses also catch her Uranus. She’s then got a run of undermining Neptune transits to various midpoints through this year as well as 2022/23 so she will sag – though her rhetoric is likely to roll on till 2024 with tr Pluto squaring her Pluto towards and over the next election.  Without a birth time there’s not much that looks upbeat.

Kevin McCarthy, 26 January 1965, the Congress Minority Leader, is a Sun Aquarius with an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter in Taurus trine Uranus Pluto trine Mercury Venus in Capricorn, formed into a Kite by a slippery Jupiter opposition Neptune in Scorpio. The 2022 Midterms will be critical for him but with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn colliding with his Jupiter opposition Neptune it’s tricky to say quite what the outcome will be. Partly he’ll be lucky with tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter and partly downcast with tr Saturn square both Jupiter and Neptune. 2024 is more obvious with a sinking-failure tr Neptune opposition his Mars either over the election or immediately after. And this year he’s tripping into some calamities and major sink holes mid September to mid October this year and again mid January to mid February 2022.

  Mitch McConnell, 20 February 1942, whether politically or personally is facing an exceptionally bumpy ride through 2022/3/24 with his Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Venus, Mercury and his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Mars and Saturn; as well as tr Uranus moving across his Mars Saturn Uranus in 2023/24 which looks acutely stressful.   But that could be for all manner of reasons separate from the Republican Party’s fortunes.

  Liz Cheney is pushing confidently ahead this year and next with a couple of Jupiterian midpoints boosting her morale. 2023 looks more downbeat. 2024 nerve stretched and argumentative and not altogether content.  Her fortunes pick up in 2026/27. See post 5 May 2021.

   Her relationship charts with both the GOP 1854 and 1856 do show maybe a break up of sorts between herself and her party in 2023 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Suns of both. She’s certainly out of sorts with both this year and vice versa with tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting the Mars square Venus on one and Saturn conjunct Mercury on the other.

  Both the Republican charts have Sun Neptune in Pisces which tr Saturn will make a downbeat conjunction to in 2024 – though that’s minor enough. Both are ploughing through thick mud through this Biden Term.

   The GOP 22 February 1856 chart has Solar Arc Saturn square the Sun for this election loss which might suggest it’s the more informative of the two charts. On this one, 2022/23 look deeply frustrated and aggravated; with 2024 not well starred.

Nailing Trump’s flag to their mainmast is a questionable tactic since his astro indicates a litany of woes ahead from later this year onwards. If he goes down so do they. See post on Giuliani etc 29 April 2021.  

15 thoughts on “Republicans – setting a questionable course

    • The NY Attorney General just announced that their civil probe into the Trump Organization is now a criminal probe, adding to the Manhattan criminal investigation into the organization. There’s also the criminal probe in Georgia for his attempt to overturn the election results (on tape). Plus a host of civil investigations.

  1. What about Greenberg and Gaetz? He plead guilty today in Orlando which includes sex traffic in a plea deal. I have to imagine Gatez will be implicated. Also curious about Governor DeSantis who seems to be wanting to run for VP or something in 2024.

  2. Maybe the US electorate, exhausted by the pandemic and its aftermath, will no longer need the noise of Trump again.

    • Wish I could agree, Mark but most of the electorate needs – and thrives – on drama. When it comes time to eulogize Drompf, well, he’ll be beyond Nielsen ratings … and have no recourse 😉

  3. I’m not a believer in omnipresent forces, but as I’ve said before, there’s something uncanny about Trump’s rise. This absolutely wretched ignoramus seems to have been facilitated to thrive for the greater purpose of deconstructing the GOP. In essence, a harbinger for their downfall so America can progress. Far smarter men have fallen before they reach his age, yet he keeps on chugging. How ironic Mitch fashioned himself the Grim Reaper when apparently the real one manifested itself in Trump. And that graveyard for Democrat legislation Mitch so proudly espouses is actually going to be filled with his ilk instead. How poetic! So I suspect after Trump’s purpose is served, he is going to have a catastrophic fall(oh how I’m gonna savor this) and the GOP will be in a political wilderness for quite some time. The deal with the Devil comes full circle. Atonement is at hand. The Astro seems to be concurring this.

    Now Stefanik; a female Josh Hawley, so no worries. MTG; Trump’s female replacement to keep the party destruction going. Liz Cheney; she’ll be alright it seems. The future; Spencer Cox! He’s a sleeper. This guy should be christened the GOP savior. I actually don’t mind the guy, and that’s got me worried. He’s like a more likeable Mitt Romney, with age on his side. If I had to choose between him or AOC, the choice is easy. Goodness I hope it never comes to this. The good caveat is his rise is likely a fair way off. It seems to be the Dems time to shine and they better not muck it up. They better line up all sensible options on deck for the future. Jeff Jackson, Secretary Buttigieg, Matthew McConaughey(work feverishly to recruit him), Gavin Newsom, Rev. Warnock, Stacey Abrams, Susan Rice(hopefully Angus King steps aside fairly soon so she can run for his Senate seat, or go after Collins in 2026; either way), Jimmy Carter’s grandson Jason(he needs a Senate seat) and whoever else to emerge. I want a four term Dem Presidency and I don’t want see that joke of a candidate field they had last election cycle ever again. Over two dozen candidates and I could barely pick 3 that made sense.

    Rant over Lol.

    • @Troy, based on the next few Inauguration Charts, I think you are getting what you want. 2021 is, by far, the most challenging in terms of “progressive thinking” in the 20’s. And things that the people like are getting done as I type.

      As a non-astrological fact, I like to point out the enormous demographic shift taking place in the US in the 20’s. The young people, those born between 2003 and 2012, entering the electorate now, represent a very different America from those leaving. If there’s only one party embracing this change, it won’t work.

      This is a problem for Republican Party, who have had a real issue breaking out of that very narrow mold of white, heterosexual Christian men and very few women who try to emulate Margaret Thacher now 30 and in 2030 40 years after she left politics. Spencer Cox may be likeable, but I still think that almost any young(ish) Democratic hopeful would wipe him off field in a National race by 2028, because people don’t find him relatable at all.

      I also honestly don’t think AOC will run for the Presidency at short term. If this ever happens, it will be in the 2030’s. Astrologically, she has a Capricoen Saturn square her Libra MC and many planets. This is not her peak, in fact, her career isn’t looking the best over the next couple of years. But she is far more strategic a thinker many seem to give hee credit for, based on her very visible Aries Moon. Apparently, she’s been spotted with Secretary Buttigieg (and yes, I like typing that, because I enjoy how Pete’s mind is working) on different DC spots. I think she truly cares about her agenda, and moves smartly to introduce it in Washington.

    • “I’m not a believer in omnipresent forces, but as I’ve said before, there’s something uncanny about Trump’s rise.”

      Not necessarily omnipresent forces, but my studies have led me to believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and that they are energies at work at a level which is beyond human understanding.

      The one thing that Trump did that has changed the USA’s outlook was his policy on China, which highlighted Xi Jinping’s determination to crush any and all opposition to his rule and dominate Asia. It is noticeable that Biden is carrying this forward, indicating that the USA has at last woken up to the threat.

      I have had an interest in twentieth century history since my schooldays and the first topic I though about, quite some time ago now, regarding such an energy, or energies was the abdication of Edward VIII. He was at the very least an admirer of Hitler and a Nazi sympathiser. If the series of events which led up to his abdication had not happened then he would have been King in 1940.

      After Dunkirk the UK under the leadership of Edward VIII and Lord Halifax would have either surrendered or at the very least agreed that Hitler could do what he wanted in Europe if he left the British Empire alone. As it was the UK was led by Churchill, another deeply flawed character, and George VI who despite his lack of self confidence and stammer, gave the country the leadership it needed.

      On the subject of Dunkirk, the weather during that evacuation was very unusual for the time of year being exceptionally calm for almost the whole period. Contrast that with the weather on D-Day in 1944, if that weather had been prevalent, very few of the troops would have got off the beaches at Dunkirk.

      • I agree about that energy. The flow of some events just seem a bit mystiquely orchestrated. But the whole big guy in the sky running things mantra, that’s a hard pill for me to swallow.

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