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  1. Hi Marjorie, could you look at former tennis ace, Margaret Court’s chart as she’s in the news regarding her nasty homophobic views, which has also raised Navratilova’s ire. She claims the game is full of lesbians, that transgender children are “all the devil… but that’s what Hitler did and that’s what communism did.” Asked if there was a conspiracy against her (I’m presuming after her outbursts), she replied:”Yes, I believe there is… I think the (gay) lobby, yeah. They are a minority in number but they do have a lot of money behind them. I don’t want any more of it. Enough’s enough but they will keep doing it and it’s very militant and it’s sad to think that. But really, I have nothing against them.” Asked during her interview for Vision Christian Radio, she also said she avoided Australian airline Qantas “where possible” in protest at its support of same-sex marriage. So, a real barrel of laughs and bursting with Christian virtue. Sigh. She clearly does have something against them. I’ll just put it down to a generational thing but, I can’t believe people like her get their knickers in a twist over what less than 5% of the human population get up to with other consenting adults. She obviously needs to be educated on this fact: Homosexuality has been found in over 1500 species and rising. Homophobia has only been found in one.

  2. Hi Marjorie, do you think a look at Lynton Crosby, the Machiavellian, Lord Haw Haw of the Tory party might be worth a look? Born 23rd August 1956, Kadina, South Australia . Not the only one in the public eye who might be influenced by the August eclipse at the end of Leo.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    Is a poisoned chalice, Pyrrhic victory for May on the cards astrologically do you think? She “wins” at the head of a minority administration, gritting her teeth and obliged to slog through Brexit for years probably wishing she were somewhere else. Hardly conducive mood music psychologically for positive negotions and an obvious smell of blood in the water for her European counterparts. Might Saturn’s impending sign change to Capricorn speak to that for her?

  4. How about the Paris treaty? What are the prospects of other folks continuing to self regulate emissions if the US drops out?

  5. Tiger Woods arrested for DUI. Talk about a downward spiral. In a way, I feel sorry for him. He certainly brought a lot of this on himself, what with his wild and crazy sexcapades, but his bad back/health is something else altogether. A spectacular career gone down in flames. Any astro insights on his current situation, state of mind?

  6. Angela Merkel said yesterday that Europe can’t rely on the US and UK any more. Any thoughts on future US/German/ European relations i.e. Is this just a temporary Trump thing or more permanent shift?

  7. Orange technician coming this morning, so cross fingers on my broadband line being restored. It’s fraying my brain without it – and dongles are impossibly slow.

  8. And now for something completely different…Angelina Jolie is to wed in Cambodia. Do her charts point toward another marriage so soon after?

  9. How about Richard Gere? He is getting rave reviews for Norman, recently divorced from his wife and is now involved with a much younger woman.

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