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Donald Trump, having cosied up to the Saudis, changed tack and put the cat amongst the pigeons at last week’s hostile meetings with European leaders, which prompted the normally reticent Merkel to say they could no longer rely on the USA (or the UK). He railed at them for defence underspending, for Germany making money out of the US and refused to commit to backing the climate change treaty.

While there is some merit in what he says about the US having to pull too much weight in NATO, what his stance effectively means is that if Putin decided to push into eastern Europe, the US most likely wouldn’t support NATO in any action. Which must delight Putin, and scare the Baltic countries witless.

There is certainly a nasty sinking feeling in the relationship chart between the USA and the EU with tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars in 2017/18; and more separation in 2019, with tr Saturn square the composite Mercury, Sun, Neptune and square Uranus.

Trump’s relationship with the EU is not mutually supportive at best; and showing extreme stress this September/October with tr Pluto square the composite Mars; and heading into a devastatingly confused 2018/19 with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune.

Trump’s relationship chart with Merkel, who will most likely stay on has much the same with tr Neptune opposition the composite Saturn in 2017/18 for high uncertainty and a degree of panic; plus an insecure, disruptive tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars now and around till early 2018; and tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Uranus Mercury and square Neptune in 2019.

Trump’s relationship with NATO indicates outright dislike with a composite Mars Pluto Saturn Mercury; and it’s being rattled severely this year into 2018 by tr Uranus square the composite Sun; and tr Saturn square Uranus.

Whatever he intends doing with the array of generals on his cabinet staff and boosted military, standing up against Putin and for the EU certainly isn’t high on his to-do list.

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  1. I wouldn’t hold your breath. He’s not having a great summer into fall; but I’d think 2018 is more likely with his explosive Solar Arcs and tr Uranus square his Solar Arc MC; if not 2019. Heaven help the United States.

  2. Trump’s undermining of NATO also has some scary implications for Canada. As northern ice continues to melt, Russia would love to control the arctic shipping lanes, and any potential oil reserves.

    It’s difficult to figure out how the US and NATO can continue. NATO was formed for local defense, and most NATO members would deal with terrorism using policing and intelligence networks. The US has different goals, and has used its military where other NATO countries wouldn’t. The US also doesn’t bear the cost of the millions of war refugees that other countries have to deal with.

    I too am waiting to see what the August eclipse brings.

    • From Reuters, today, “Trump took to Twitter early in the day in the United States to attack Germany, a day after Chancellor Angela Merkel ramped up her doubts about the reliability of Washington as an ally.

      “We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change…”

      The US often is a year or more in arrears on payments to NATO and the UN. Tho NATO may no longer be useful as a US deterrent, the EU has to pick up the slack.

    • Don’t tell Russians, but there is actually a lot of talk about European countries and Britain taking action in The Arctic and in The Baltics, just in case. I guess that would become even more of an issue if The US continues the withdrawl.

  3. Hi Marjorie like very many others I see Trump as a sleazy criminal manifestly not fit for the office he holds. He very negatively infects every international relationship except, Russia, Saudi and Israel, with his breathtaking ignorance, let alone the effect he has on the country he has b***sh***** his way into governing. Are there any astrological indications of him losing his job? Will the so called US eclipse in August see the end of him politically? Back to the day job of game show idiocy and serial bankruptcies?

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