UK Election – June gives Theresa May a Jupiter lift *updated

The polls are narrowing between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn since the early Tory euphoria about a slam dunk win on June 8th. The crucial factor from her viewpoint is not just a simple win but sufficient of a majority to be able to railroad the hard-liners in her party when the Brexit negotiations come down to the wire.

What will probably save her bacon are two positives picking up from June 2nd – tr Uranus trine her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and tr Pluto sextile her Solar Arc Jupiter. Though with a muddled tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune (could be now or in June depending on birth time); and an irritable-at-setbacks tr Saturn conjunct her Sun/Mars (again could be now or into early June though definitely disappearing on the 8th) it will be a high-anxiety run up. Where her relationship with the UK runs into real problems is by 2019.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have much positive on his chart (without a birth time) apart from an enthusiasm denting tr Saturn square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint, again disappearing after the 8th. Certainly he’s got a bumpy road ahead with tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn midpoint from mid July which is discouraging and a ‘shocking’ change of direction with Solar Arc conjunct his Sun later this year or early 2018.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Solar Return (without houses) from May 26 for a year has the Fire Grand Trine which is inspirational and confident, but all focussed into a Kite by the Saturn opposition Mars, which is usually unlucky.

Theresa May’s Solar Return (again without houses) has a New Moon conjunct Jupiter square Mars and Pluto, with the Sun square the Mars/Pluto midpoint – so confident, risk taking and acutely frustrating.


6 thoughts on “UK Election – June gives Theresa May a Jupiter lift *updated

  1. A discussion I was having with my friends raised an interesting possibility: that both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are trying to throw the election to each other, because they know that Brexit will destroy their party. The Times (newspaper) suggested something similar: that May is trying her best to lose, but that Corbyn is riding to her rescue. Do you see anything in that suggestion?

    On a sidenote: In spite of having no background in politics, history or law, I find them deeply fascinating. The same is true of the other social sciences as well. Are there any star configurations that make a person interested in politics?

  2. Does Corbyn’s recent solar return offer any insight? We share the same birthday (different year) and I thought mine looked quite positive. Maybe solar arcs give a more realistic personal reading?

  3. Seriously? You think Theresa May the Queen of Evil? What a ghastly thing to say about anyone, particularily someone you dont know personally. Why? She is a woman doing her best to cope in a difficult situation as is Jeremy corbyn and everyone else who is foolish enough to enter the political minefield. It is time to stop this nasty name calling.

  4. People are cheered by Corbyn gaining momentum to head off Hammer Horror Queen of Evil Theresa Vague. Somebody asked me on the astrological chances of Tories losing. I said that you were casting that she would win, but you said that Hillary would win with the ‘Grand Cross that often favours women’…So I said, hopefully, if your usual Murdochian-Orwellian look at the stars says the old Gorgon Queen is going to win…Then Corbyn is a certain for the chair! ; )

    • Well many would argue that Hilary did win, at least in terms of grassroots votes. Just because she didn’t get the White House, it would still show up in the astrology – and apparently it did.

    • Sharon, Try learning some astrology. The point about me putting in the detail is to indicate what the astrology says. As it happens I don’t think astrology is well designed to pick election or Derby winners with pin point accuracy. What it tells you is how the person is reacting and then you can draw your own conclusions. Why would a Grand Cross favour anyone?? If you’d read it properly it was the Saturn Neptune square last year in the early stages favoured women, which had waned by November.If you don’t have anything to contribute to the astrology then I suggest you go elsewhere.

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