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  1. Marjorie
    I just want to say that you must keep doing your good works. There are so many of us that totally appreciate what you offer to us as well as the platform to ask questions and comment in a time when so many with power have so little backbone. Your insights helps us understand a tiny part of why although it can’t fix things.

    To all the haters and back biters
    Whilst I do not like to use those terminologies I cannot understand why when they have millions of sites to go on you choose to come here and try to dictate what we should or not converse about. Baffling!

    In the spirit of democracy I say go somewhere else and spew. You have a choice. If something works for your ideology then run with it as fast as you can and don’t look back. But leave anyone else who has an opposite thought to air it where they can and want to.

    If your life is so unhappy fix it don’t try to fix us….. we didn’t ask you to.

    Just my 10 cent worth.

  2. Dear Marjorie : Elections in Malta on Saturday June 3, 2017. We would love your wise insight, etc…. Thank you

  3. Hi Marjorie

    Drama again in Trump world! Trump has made an unprecedented move and fired James Comey, Director of FBI (14 Dec 1960 dont have the birth time). Everyone knows it is because Comey was investigating the Trump office and the Russian link. OMG!!! So obvious.

    I am now thinking the August eclipse may be Trump’s Waterloo.

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    Damascus is on high alert after some 400 American and Jordanian military vehicles were located at a Jordanian military base near the Syrian border.

    A new strategy U.S/Jordan!
    When will the Jordanian army intervene?

  5. Hi Marjorie, Loving all the analysis as usual, thank you for all your work. Could you take a look at the chart of Travis Kalanick (DOB: August 6, 1976, unfortunately no birth time, born in Los Angeles, CA). He and Uber, the company he founded, have had a horrendous past 8 mos. He has issued mea culpas for his behavior as well as company issues and has vowed to correct problems. Would love to know how his chart and Uber’s (don’t know if there is a chart for the company) look.

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