FBI in Trump’s firing line – Nixon, McCarthy, fascist coup d’état parallels



Is the almost unprecedented firing of the FBI Director James Comey an act of Nixonian sabotage by Trump to halt the FBI investigation into links between his campaign and Russia? The reason given was Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails, which Trump had previously praised, so it seems a feeble excuse. Especially since grand jury subpoenas for associates of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, fired for misstating his Russia connections, had been revealed hours before. This last suggested the FBI investigation was being escalated to a new stage.

The parallels being drawn are with Nixon’s firing in October 1973 of the Special Prosecutor investigating the burglary which led to Watergate and Nixon’s resignation nine months later.

And what do you know? In 1973, tr Uranus was beginning to square the USA 1776 Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto. VP Spiro Agnew resigned faced with tax evasion charges. Watergate rages, escalates and ends with Nixon’s resignation to avoid impeachment charges, as tr Uranus squares the US Mercury for the final time in August 1974, tugging on the US Pluto.

Where is tr Uranus now? Just over the square to the USA Mercury but zigzagging back and forth in hard aspect to the US Mercury till February 2018; and then moving to square the US Pluto in 2018.

The previous hard aspect of tr Uranus to the US Mercury was in 1953/54 during the McCarthy sniff-out-a-commie hearings, with increasingly vociferous criticism of his bullying and witch-hunting tactics.

One before that in 1933 there was an attempted coup d’etat by a group of fascist veterans and wealthy businessmen, wanting to ally themselves to Hitler’s Germany and Italy, which Franklin D Roosevelt saw off. So they were all sleazy episodes in US history. [See previous posts: Nov 12 2016, April 17 2017]

There are two key trigger points coming up for Trump – one is the late August Solar Eclipse in Leo conjunct his Mars Ascendant, which will hit him hard – and the eclipse effect runs on for six months after. The other is a poleaxingly explosive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars, exact mid 2018 though likely to trigger earlier; and mid 2018 is when tr Uranus will be square his Solar Arc MC, continuing on through 2019, which will knock him off course. So the narrative could take time to play out.

James Comey, 14 December 1960, is a bit player now unless he turns state’s evidence somewhere down the line. Interestingly his Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Mars Ascendant and square Trump’s MC – so definitely a catalyst for change, who hits Trump at an awkward level. His relationship chart with Trump shows 2018/19 as being a time everything stands on its head.

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  1. Trump is so different from Nixon’s paranoid personality. Nixon, although flawed and corrupt, had a vision, and wasn’t really a hypocrite. Trump has no vision other than promoting himself as being a winner, a tough businessman used to bullying to get his way. He’s admitted that being president is much harder than he thought. He’s possibly about to fire all his spokespeople I think Jo is accurate that he represents everything he pretends to be opposed to, and resigning would make his life easier.

  2. This page is always dreadful Daily Mail rubbish? Why is that? Are the ‘stars’ really tilting to The Daily Mail and Corporate Thugs’ BBC Disinformation? There is no ‘Russia Connection’ like there is no ‘Saudi Connection to 9/11’… ‘9/11: Decade of Deception’ by the families of 9/11 and their 100 experts on demolition, remote controlled airliners, metals, explosives all conclude 9/11 to be a demolition by Corporate Criminals including dear Tories and dear US Gov and Corporate America for dear old British Empire Divide and Rule and BBC Disinformation…So how could there be a ‘Saudi Link’ like how could there be a ‘Russia Link’ apart from the desperation of corporate criminals like Murdoch wanting reason to close down Russia Today and the people choosing 5 billion views on YT to watch it while BBC is whining for £250Million more funding because nobody will watch their Divide and Rule Hate Speech on the Disabled, Immigrants and Muslims? So this is another Murdochian reading of the stars of this page. Awful bias, almost as bad as the BBC…

      • Oh look, another fake news sheep bleating on how damn righteous they are and how morally decayed we are. What a yawn fest. Get some perspective woman. You’re really starting to sound brainwashed of any decent sensibilities. Don’t like what is on this website? Go find something else to make you feel safe and feed that vacuum you like to live in.

    • Heavens, the Daily Mail in bed with the BBC and Murdoch – what a hilarious thought. The Illuminati brought down the Twin Towers, having recruited Saudis and Egyptians to do their dirty work for them; and the Trump campaign – Manafort, Flynn and others, not to mention Trump’s business and bank dealings with Russians are all figments of diseased imaginations? And Russia Today is a pure beacon of sanity
      and truth telling, with not a hint of dezinformatsiya (disinformation)?
      Parallel galaxies and all that.
      On a more serious note. I do – up to a point – allow wild postings because it’s important to understand how some people see the world. And one of the reasons Trump got elected.

      • In the cold light of day, it is actually very scary what people will believe in concrete black and white. It sets up a situation to allow the powers that be to get away with absolute murder and corruption right in plain sight of the support system. I’m not going to say news stations are truthful, because I’ve also mentioned here the propaganda machine that many of them drive forward into peoples living rooms *cough FOX News cough*. But, this Trump support at the expense of rational thought is quite terrifying.

        Also, because there is bias from news stations, it actually helps to come here and read the astrological versions (then, I’ll trail off onto the internet to read up on certain aspects myself) because, I really do think it gives a more truthful insight to the masks deliberately held up in public and on news platforms.

        So, please don’t stop, Marjorie 🙂

    • Sharon, we are all in general get along famously sharing our views and appreciating Marjorie’s astrological insights on whatever is taking hold in the news. You choose to come onto this site because you are also interested to read what’s on it. Why then do you think you can dictate what conversations take place here and try to shut them down without invitation to do so? I think only Marjorie has that power. Because this is fundamentally a democratic site and freedom of speech within reason rules you have a choice. I suggest you find a site more to your liking that feeds your perspective of your world and leave us to enjoy our debates as we do. Although we do appreciate your opinion as it shows us the range of views that make this world interesting or messed up dependant on your perception and open or closed mindedness. Peace out.

      • Marjorie we love you and what you bring to us on a daily basis. We ask the questions or make comments and you respond. You are not in this for money and we so so appreciate what you have to offer in this crazy world that allows us to step back and understand how to navigate through and around what we see. Then we have a chance to realise we are not going mad, when we say to ourselves is this for real?

        Keep doing what you do so well!!!

        Much love

    • Where is democracy? Long live democracy!! Big it up

      Where is freedom of speech? LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! BIG IT UP!

      For all who don’t like it go somewhere else. We DO NOT compel you to read any of this. And we are all educated enough to want to love this site and tap into it when we choose.

  3. “The previous hard aspect of tr Uranus to the US Mercury was in 1953/54 during the McCarthy sniff-out-a-commie hearings, with increasingly vociferous criticism of his bullying and witch-hunting tactics.”

    Sounds a bit like those speakers being driven out of the universities by the mob.

  4. They say you can fool
    Some of the people some of the time
    Some of the people all of the time
    All the people some of the time
    But you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    This firing is about the Russia connection. Plain and simple.

  5. Comey should have been fired a long time ago – he should have been fired by Obama. But interestingly enough the part where you mentioned “Interestingly his Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Mars Ascendant and square Trump’s MC – so definitely a catalyst for change, who hits Trump at an awkward level” – sounds about right in the role he played prior to the election and whether or not reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails had any effect on the outcome of the election. I think it did and in some way Comey helped put Trump into the White House and now here we are today. The only thing this situation does it allow the Republicans to determine exactly which side they are on: Party or their People. The Republicans that take the lead to investigate Trump and bring up the “I” word will become the next political superstars. Quite frankly the Republican party will need them if they want to have another Republican president in 2020.


    • If he does a Nixon though and steps down before he gets impeached, he’s basically got away with his vile conduct. I think this man is so connected he won’t even see behind the bars of prison. His sort always get away scot free and leave a mess for others to clean up.

  7. Calls for Comey’s firing have been consistent for nearly a year from Republicans and Democrats. Trump is just draining the swamp as he said he would during his campaign.

  8. What we need now is another “Deep Throat” and a couple of intrepid reporters a la Woodward and Bernstein. How ironic it would be if Trump–after his many years of scamming, lying and breaking the law as a business tycoon–met his Waterloo in the Oval Office. What sweet cosmic justice that would be.

  9. Thanks Marjorie

    BTW, when could we expect (maybe) to start feeling the August eclipse if we had anything in aspect?

    Love love love your work!!

    • Eclipses do have a shadow effect in advance but probably not by much. Depends very much on the individual and how sensitive they are to the celestial strings. And indeed where it falls in their charts. Some won’t pick it up till after.

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