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  1. Jupiter is certainly not always benign in the ways we would like it to be. It is generally strong at death which may well be kindly, we dont know. It is a release at least at that time. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Pisces seems to loom large in some incredibly unpleasant peoples charts for many of the reasons you mention. It seems to make everything inflate in bigger and better ways or nastier and nastier ways, depending on what it is aspected by. Just seems to make things more catastrophic at the moment! Or is it actually preventing much worse things happening?

  2. Good morning Marjorie!
    In order to change the subject, thought I’d ask re the Eclipses dated 21 June 2020 starting in China, then passing through India, Pakistan, the Arabian Penisula including Saudi Arabia and the into Africa and then another Eclipse dated 8 April 2024 to go through
    Canada and then United States.
    What are, could, will be the effects of these?
    Thank you if you look into and have a pleasant day and weekend!

  3. I’d be grateful if we could keep the excitability level down slightly – and the language. I don’t mind non-astrological comments from a variety of view points since interesting facts emerge and it’s helpful to see the range of opinion. But getting abusive and using vulgarities you won’t see in print won’t do. As a creative writing tutor once said – Swearing is louder on the page. Keep the language civil.

    • Me, me, pick me, Miss Marjorie! I’m raising my hand on this, because some of my comments were removed on the Hillary thread coming up, and, I used an old twenty-three skiddoo form of insult that you graciously took to the next level by asterisking it.

      I’m going to bow out, with “a tip of the fedora to ye”. Not that I feel emotional about the scolding, but because my husband is dying of cancer and I’m trying to arrange hospice and everything that goes with it.

      When I came here, I felt such relief from my world that I frisked around like a colt in a sunny green meadow. Thanks everyone, thanks Marjorie!

  4. Larry, Have been pondering on this one. The Oregon 1848 has a preponderantly Fixed chart with a Leo Sun trine Uranus Pluto in Aries; and the 1859 chart has an Aquarius Sun square Uranus in Taurus with Mercury in Aquarius opposition Saturn square Pluto – so both fairly hard charts. It was the Uranus which stuck me. France is also extremely xenophobic, hates strangers of almost every variety and is very protectionist and they have a dominant T Square of Uranus in Leo opp Pluto in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio. The Uranus should be tolerant of diversity, yet it clearly isn’t. Like the flip side of Aquarius which it rules, there’s a fascistic streak. The Fixedness of all these charts may also be a pointer. Uranus can be bolshie, relentlessly individualistic but the fixed quality tends to be possessive, disliking change – so integrating outsiders goes against their grain, or only happens infinitesimally slowly. Best I can do.

    • Grateful for all of this. I don’t see myself ever returning, even if to visit for a few hrs. Even stopping for gasoline is a dangerous adventure – the gasoline stn attendants are known to pick fights with passers-through. Oregonian drivers routinely run other drivers off the road w/out of state plates. My nightmares are fun times compared to living in Oregon.

      Yet, I feel so relaxed and in-tune when visiting France.

      • Have you checked your astrocartography chart? Astrodienst (astro.com) used to provide a similar chart for free in their free chart section, but I haven’t used that section in ages so don’t know if its still available. Anyway, you might have a difficult aspect line running through Oregon, and a beneficent one through France.

        • It hasn’t been exactly breakfast of champions since I left the East Coast in 1986…but there have been some difficult periods astro-wise for me. Each time I surface, I’m stronger…Some locations are better than others, it’s true.

  5. Marjorie: It’s being reported that Ivanka Trump, who holds no official title in the Trump administration, has been given security clearance at the White House, plus her own office in the West Wing. She routinely participates in high-profile meetings–most recently with Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel. Meanwhile, a prominent clothier has filed a class action lawsuit against Ivanka’s company for profiting from the White House. What’s going on here? Is Princess Ivanka destined for bigger and bigger things in the U.S. government? Or will her path be strewn with bumps and roadblocks?

  6. Hi Marjorie. There is much speculation in the press today, no doubt partly an orchestrated attempt to put pressure on Mrs May, that she will trigger Article 50 on March 27th and at the same time call for a general election on May 4th. She has always said that she did not want an early election and I suppose we will know soon enough whether this will happen. Wondered if you had any thoughts on this?

  7. Hello Marjorie – you post an amazing comment to describe Hindu nationalism, “Must be Pluto in Capricorn – if you’re not like me, you’re against me and must be destroyed.” This is so close to the nationalism expressed by native Oregonians. I lived there 11 yrs (close to Portland) – it was a terrible experience. “Oregon jobs for native Oregonians” is the employment motto – more or less. People from outside the state are not welcomed, esp from California, Washington, and east of the Mississippi River.

    Might it be possible to have a look at the state astrology of such passion?

    Became a state February 14, 1859.

    Incorporated as a territory August 14, 1848.

    Merci bcp.

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