BREXIT – hope for the best, prepare for the worst

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A formal letter informing the EU of the UK’s intention to leave will be delivered in Brussels on March 29th. There’ll be no formal time of the pigeon or chopper leaving London (perhaps sent by diplomatic bag the night before) although Theresa May will make an announcement in the House.

There’s a sparsely aspected Aries Sun, only conjunct Venus, so there’ll be an attempt to be charming about the divorce; which will set out to be a positive change with Saturn trine Uranus (= best of the old mixed with best of the new). But it’s likely to be fairly brutal all the same with a Pluto trine Mars in stubborn, unyielding Taurus.

And then there’s the Uranus Mercury in Aries opposition Jupiter square Pluto – which could be seen as an adventurous leap tied into a fight for control with a focal point Pluto. Down into the midpoints the Sun is square the bleak Saturn/Pluto midpoint and square Mars/Node – tenacious, tough, unfeeling, fanatical, an attempt to create a martyr (viz Juncker’s happy thought to make it punishing for the UK to deter others) and argumentative.

On the UK 1801 chart at the moment there’s a coming together of the Solar Arc Mercury which is conjunct the 10th house Moon and both are exactly opposed by tr Pluto – the 10th house is about rulership.  That will bring heightened emotions, intense debates, some hostility. Tr Uranus is moving through the 7th house of close relationships as it was over the split, last June conjunct the 7th house North Node. Uranus will leave the 7th by mid 2019, moving into the 8th for a changeable few years thereafter where international and business finances are concerned.

In March 2019, if negotiations stick to schedule which they may not, tr Uranus will be exactly square the UK 10th house Jupiter bringing a sense of relief. The tr Saturn Pluto conjunction is within three degrees, though won’t hit the exact aspect until January 2020. By which time tr Jupiter has come into play in Capricorn, which should ease the heavy mood considerably.

The UK’s Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct the UK Libra Ascendant exactly by mid 2019 – that is often a time of exerting personal control.

On the EU/UK relationship chart there’s an undermining tr Neptune opposition Jupiter and square Moon, eroding enthusiasm and good feelings, in 2017/18. With a discouraging, tough-slog tr Pluto square the composite Saturn in 2018/19; plus tr Saturn will conjunct the composite Sun in December 2018. There’s usually Saturn around for endings. But it may not all be bad feelings since tr Jupiter, then in Sagittarius, is going through the 3rd house of communications and conjunct the composite Mercury.

Theresa May is unlikely to find the process uplifting since tr Neptune moves to conjunct her singleton Mars in Pisces from early this April on and off till late 2018 – that always produces a panicky sense of failure. And both her own and the Government chart will find 2019 a test of morale as tr Neptune opposes the Jupiter in Virgo on both – which is usually a bubble of happiness bursting, enthusiasm undercut.

We live in interesting times, there’s no doubt.

2 thoughts on “BREXIT – hope for the best, prepare for the worst

  1. Hi Marjorie,

    One of my colleagues is convinced that Brexit will be cancelled at the last minute (in 2019), when it becomes obvious how bad it will be for the UK. The whole reason for Brexit is the EU’s stance on freedom of movement(FoM)/intra-EU immigration.

    Do you think that in March 2019, the UK and EU may reach a deal to avert Brexit, perhaps have a rerun of a referendum with terms more generous than the ones that the EU offered David Cameron on FoM/immigration? Or do you think that by then, the mood will be so sour on both sides that reconciliation will be impossible?

    PS: Do you see Russia meddling in this, by releasing documents/emails as well?

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