Hillary Clinton – under a Saturnine cloud



Hillary Clinton has intimated she is ‘ready to come out of the woods’ in a St Patrick’s Day talk. There’s nothing in her chart that would suggest a rousing time ahead. Her Solar Arc Saturn is moving to conjunct her Sun, exactly in 9 months time, and the run up to that will be discouraging and sombre.

She looks over wrought this month, and on and off till late 2018 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Uranus midpoint; and undermined in April and on and off till late 2018. If anything 2018 is even more muddled with tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune.

If the 8am birth time is sound then her Progressed Moon is going into her 12th in just over six months and what follows will be inward-looking, more suited to the shadows than public platforms. Plus tr Saturn is moving now through her 2nd which is the lowest ebb of her chart.

I can’t see her making any impact really. Though she may bounce a bit in 2020 when her Solar Arc Jupiter moves to oppose her Mars Pluto.

13 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton – under a Saturnine cloud

  1. Deborah,
    You may not be a Clinton hater, but you give a very good impression of one.
    Further, the facts you stated are bogus and those that are not bogus are taken out of context. She took no money or gifts from bankers. What she did do, as everyone who makes part of their living giving paid speeches, from the Bushes to Powell to Zuckerberg (to name a few), and basically anyone who has served time in influential positions, is give speeches that she was well paid for. And if your read any of the speeches she gave to bankers, in those speeches she read them the riot act. Further the money she received was in line for anyone in this group. The money she received was on par. Check her tax returns. Further, she didn’t lose the election, per se, the Russians made 45 win happen. Rachel Maddow’s show in the USA shows us how the win happened and how all these bogus Russian web sites posted false infomation about Hillary. And you are involved in furthering those false information There is an on going investigation by the FBI about said issues.

    • Didn’t Clinton submit her taxes going back to 1977, and all were clean. I’m still shocked that it has been confirmed more or less, that Trump was shoehorned into his Presidency with the help of the Russians and their criminal hacking. Yet, nobody in the mainstream are talking about it? I suppose now that the FBI are hot on his ass, hopefully, something will come of it and he will be slung into jail. Let’s pray, no money passes hands and it quickly gets swept under the proverbial rug.

  2. Jai, The money and gifts she took from banks and brokerages was massive, documented, and designed to keep her from implementing rigorous safeguards for mom-and-pop investors. Your point about mentoring is apt. I’m not a Clinton hater; but twice, the party has put everything behind Mrs. Clinton and she lost. In ordinary times, she and we could afford a third try for her, but these are dark days. We need to run someone with less baggage who can dethrone Trump. He’s horrifying.

  3. Being a double Scorpio, Hillary is having a hard time letting go and moving on. So glad I’m a quadruple Aries. Once it’s over I lickety split and never look back.

  4. As terrible as Trump was/is, Hillary was (fairly) disliked and mistrusted, and many nonpartisan actors were worried about her judgment. She pretty much sold out to the big banks and brokerages and was more of a hawk than Trump. If Sanders had won the nomination, he would have encountered obstruction in office, but he likely would have won and at least been in a position not to sign the most right wing bills. That 2020 Solar Arc Jupiter move worries me, as she is determined to run again, and the party has…twice…launched her and failed. If she truly cares about the country, she’ll mentor the younger talent and give someone else a chance…though that seems unlikely.

    • Why mentor when she sounds terrible as you have made her to be? The accusations of her ‘corruptness’ are not data-driven, mostly blah, blah, blah a la Alex Jones conspiracy theory. But sadly, a lot of people bought into it it almost like a cult. A cult that is so anti-facts.

  5. It’s easier to fool people than to convince people they were fooled. That’s how trump won over her. She got a bad beating, I’m still hurting.

    • Mighty Proud, she got a bad beating by every bot and paid troll the Republicans could buy, but she got a damn proud win. She won the votes, millions more than Trump.

      Hillary’s win has given me the Superpower to enrage every ****-*** on the planet who thinks Trump won. Trump stole the presidency, and I take great delight in releasing the hounds on those who take pride in it.**

      • Thank you, Marjorie, for the intriguing asterisks. I’m scratching my head wondering what pejorative fits that array of tiny stars, and the only one I came up with is far worse than the original. Brilliant! I like it!

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