Vera Lynn – a perfect match for bleak times

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Vera Lynn, the ‘forces sweetheart’ was one of the mainstays of British morale at home and amongst troops abroad during world war 11. Her ‘We’ll Meet Again’ issued in 1939 became a hit, as did ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘There’ll always be an England.’ She travelled extensively at some risk to herself to sing in India, Burma and Egypt during fighting to entertain soldiers. At 92 she topped the UK album charts, and now aged 100, she’s just issued another which is outselling pop stars.

Born 20 March 1917, she started singing in working men’s clubs aged 7, and by 22 had sold a million records and was supporting her parents. She has four planets in Pisces – Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, so definitely musical, courageous and enthusiastic. Those all trine Saturn in Cancer giving her stability and common sense; with her Sun Mars square Pluto and trine Neptune adding determination, guts and another layer of musical ability. Her zany Aquarius Moon is probably conjunct Uranus; and she has a confident (and money-attracting) Jupiter in Taurus in a confident sextile to Pluto.

Her Jupiter falls in the UK 8th house, allowing her to boost morale at a deep level; with her Moon Uranus in the UK ‘entertainment’ 5th. Her Neptune is conjunct the UK 10th house Jupiter, turning her into a vision of hope. Her Pluto is conjunct and her Jupiter sextile the UK MC. What’s interesting is that her Saturn is conjunct the UK 10th house Moon, which Moon was then conjunct the UK Solar Arc Pluto. Normally Saturn conjunct Moon is a downer, but she fitted the war time mood perfectly.

Her relationship chart with the UK had that even more emphasised with a composite Mercury opposition Saturn square Pluto (Moon) – Saturn Pluto is the signature for war. There’s also a composite Sun trine Jupiter, sextile Mars – so she could lift spirits and inject courage through her songs (composite Venus Node conjunct). Without the war, she’d probably never have been as successful. It was a relationship perfectly designed for that context.

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