Andrew Jackson – an odd sort of hero



President Andrew Jackson (1829 Presidency) is evidently the one whom Donald Trump would most like to emulate. Jackson sought to advance the rights of the “common man” against what he saw as a “corrupt aristocracy” and to preserve the Union. Though the ‘common man’ clearly didn’t include slaves or Native American Indians. He was pro-slavery and a leading advocate of “Indian removal,” the ethnic cleansing of Creeks and Cherokee across the lower South which opened up tens of millions of acres for cotton cultivation. This policy led to the Trail of Tears, on which 4,000 Cherokee men, women and children died of hunger, cold and disease during their forced expulsion to the west.

The Washington Post described Jackson as ‘the long-haired, steely-eyed, bad-assed disrupter. The avatar of American nationalism. The original, and prototypical, testostero-president. He took on the British, the national bank, the Congress, the early secessionists with a determined application of will and power; and consistently pressed the boundaries of executive authority. He was prickly, demanding and mercurial and no stranger to sexual scandal. His opponents regarded his presidency as unimaginable, until he beat them.’

Bannon evidently encourages Trump to believe he’s the reincarnation of Jackson and sent him off to lay a wreath on his tomb last week.

In reality Andrew Jackson, 15 March 1767 7.35am? (ADB DD) Waccamaw, South Carolina, bears little resemblance to Trump or indeed Bannon. He had four Earth signs – Jupiter Neptune in Virgo, Pluto oddly enough in Capricorn, and Mars in ultra-determined Taurus. He had a Pisces Sun, his only Water sign; and a Fire Earth chart which gave him a steam-roller personality. And he had a crusading-for-a-cause Aquarius North. Jackson’s Mars does admittedly conjunct Trump’s MC Node which may put some boot behind Trump’s ambitions, but that apart they are very unlike. Trump is Air/Fire which is – hot air.

Usually when people have heroes there are clear cross overs in the charts, but Bannon (Fire/Water/Air – no Earth) seems to stick on pedestals individuals he has almost nothing in common with.

Though that Pluto in Capricorn of Jackson’s is interesting – fierce, exclusive nationalism does seem to be part of its package.

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  1. Do we have Bannon’s birthtime now? Because if not, a Virgo Moon is a possibility. And obviously, Earthy Axis are not out of question. I know a Virgo Moon wouldn’t work as nicely with Trump’s Natal Sun Sign, but his Progressed Sun passed to Virgo around the time Bannon became his Campaign Manager. Bannon also strikes me as a Taurus Rising, and I actually think that combo would give him a Virgo Moon.

  2. Wow, who but you would have thought to put this together for us? Very revealing of both Jackson, and his admirer. This explains Trump’s weird hair, too, given the portrait of Jackson and his swoopy hair-do on currency.

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