Narendra Modi – India in the grip of ferocious nationalism ** updated

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Donald Trump is but a pale imitation of the populist Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. According to one commentator ‘he conducts politics as an act of constant war, not a matter of administration; is hyperactive – constantly dreaming up new slogans and initiatives; occupies so much of the political landscape himself that his opponents cannot even get heard; is hyper-sensitive and hostile to any criticism.  The primary weapon Modi deploys to polarise his audience and stun opponents is stoking up religious tension. After his election in 2014, his party, BJP, started stoking up hysteria against Muslims and low-caste Hindus for not sufficiently respecting cows. Hindu mobs started attacking and lynching Muslims and low-caste Hindus for apparently eating beef – without evidence – on a regular basis.’

‘Modi carries himself with the kind of swagger and confidence opponents can only dream of. He makes Indians believe he can make India great again. Violent Hindu nationalism isn’t just the BJP’s crutch during elections – it is embedded in its DNA.‘

Dozens of Indian writers returned top national awards in 2015 in a protest against what they call a “climate of intolerance” after a series of attacks on intellectuals since his election. The niece of Nehru, a journalist and author, said that “India’s culture of diversity and debate is now under vicious assault”. Salman Rushdie weighed in saying the failure of the prime minister and others to act was allowing a new “degree of thuggish violence” in India.

Amnesty International’s report for 2016/17: ‘The authorities used repressive laws to curb freedom of expression and silence critics. Human rights defenders and organizations continued to face harassment and intimidation, and vigilante cow protection groups carried out several attacks.’

Despite not delivering on economic progress and creating a “currency chaos” when he abruptly annulled the vast majority of banknotes in a bid to tackle corruption, Modi has won even more backing in recent regional elections. He is now India’s most powerful leader in two generations; and is well on his way of turning the country into a Hindu nationalist state.

His term chart, 26 May 2014 6.13pm New Delhi, certainly reflects an administration that is hyper-active, ruthless, overly confident, careless of rules and regulations, a whirlwind of revolving crises. There’s a Cardinal Grand Cross of Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto opposition Jupiter; with a forbidding Saturn in Scorpio on the Ascendant. Though there’s also a ‘dependent?’ 7th house Gemini Sun square a 5th house Neptune, so perhaps there is more insecurity behind the scenes and ultimately domestic disappointment than appears.

What will be interesting is that this August’s Leo Solar Eclipse is closely conjunct the NC of this chart which sounds like a good going crisis. With the Solar Arc Moving to square Pluto exactly by mid 2018, and in effect in the months before, which looks high-risk and frustratingly trapped.

Modi’s own personal chart has a questionable date. Maybe 1949 or 1950. One in use is 17 Sept 1950 11 am which would put his MC conjunct this August Eclipse which would make sense – but it may be wrong, so best avoided. It certainly won’t affect his term chart which is accurate. Both India and Pakistan have 21 degree Leo Suns so will be in line for a collision with the August Eclipse, though it isn’t closely conjunct.

What gives with this rampant nationalism?  Must be Pluto in Capricorn. Those not like us are against us and must be destroyed.

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  1. Ms. Marjorie, i am a regular reader of your coloum. The prediction you have written under Mr.Narendra Modi is definitely bias. You are good in predictions but the so called fact you have written under this article is totally misleading. The any person may be a prime minister or any one have their own belief in religion & God & that is absolutely acceptable. Hinduism is exist much before the religions like Islam,christianity , Buddhism, Jainisms and many more religion. Every religions have their belief & dis -beliefs. For e.g Pig considered to me bad omen for Islam & cow considered to be of good omen. After all cow seems to be more profitable than pig in every respect. More over you will not find any Hindu become rationalist & turn in to terrorist. Infect, Hindu is the religion most flexible, humble, more scientific & modern than any other in today’s era. More over majority of the county in the world have only a single or two religion people leaving in their country & sharing common religion & faith whereas in Bharat (India) it is the Hindu who allow & adopted other community to leave & worship their belief or God. Mojority of the countries in the world have their own laws but it is only in Bharat (India) that all other community people are allowed to leave, worship, celebrate their own religion, festivals, dates, rituals every thing. In-spite of all this people & other world called Hindu’s a frenetic?? . For your info our Ex-president Mr. Kalam, many film producers,musicians, people from art & culture, Doctors , Businessman’s and many more other Muslim people are loved, respect by this country people & reach to top positions. Could you give this type of examples in other country where the people from other relegion being so much loved & have achieved so much height in their carries except this country. I think one has to live in Bharat (India ) to understand this beautiful country & culture & not just give their superficial views on any heard stories. To check ground reality one should came, stay & have the accense of this culture & spiritual Hinduism.

    • A .desai, I live in a Hindu neighborhood in America. My neighbors conduct all of their religious rituals and festivities without any obstruction. I even join in with decorating my home in lights during Diwali. There are many people in the US who follow the Hindu example of tolerance.

  2. Of all the false accusations to be put to death for, eating beef just doesn’t make the grade. Why don’t they pass a national law that meat can’t be butchered or sold in India? Might as well nip it in the bud rather than lynch people.

    And once that is done, they should deport meat animals–and make it illegal for them to live in India. Would make more work available for people, as they take the jobs back that animals were doing.

    • Cows are sacred in Hinduism, revered for their gentle nature and it is illegal in the majority of Indian states (wiki) to eat or possess beef.
      But at the risk of putting my foot in it up to my neck it’s a bit like the Muslim/Jewish revulsion for pork – an interdict in the other direction. Which may have been sensible in hot countries pre-refrigeration but in my humble estimation is hardly a tenet of faith. I think we in the faithless West just can’t fathom why people would get so worked up about such matters. And don’t get me started on halal slaughterhouses.

  3. This seems unlikely. Several Indian vedic astrologers have a very positive reading on Modi’s 2018. Of course, given the absence of a birth time, and a likelihood that he was actually born in 1949, not 1950, time alone will tell what comes to pass.

    I have held deep reservation on this man, yet, can see clearly that the quote on top is obviously very biased.

    The recent regional election to which you refer was won without a communal rhetoric and indeed one refrain was the right to education and right to not be divorced verbally for Muslim women.

    The UP election was remarkable, in that a state, which has long only voted along lines of caste, religion and creed, had more than 50% of non-Hindus, non-Brahmins cast votes on an idea bigger than communalism.

    While there is a repulsive fascist part known as the VHP, which parades as the country’s moral police, Modi has been far more circumspect after his first year about letting this faction hold sway.

    Ultimately, it is not important if the man himself believes in communal peace. As long as he talks the development talk, even if he is not a complete believer, and does not bring up fractional speeches at a national stage (which he has remarkably not done as even during the general election campaign – his election was not an “us vs them” as it was here), and is able to unite the nation behind a development agenda instead of an agenda of caste/religion, it is enough. We don’t need a saint, we need a statesman.

    It is remarkable in itself that a man would win on development, and I am hopeful that if not with him, at least the changing voting culture – people believing in something bigger than their religion and caste – will soon bring to power a man who can deliver India to a better destiny.

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