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  1. Sgt. Peppa, here we are on the day after still waiting to see how this plays out because it could be months, I guess. We are all on the edge of our seats and waiting for the next big thing in this circus.
    I’ve decided to breathe a bit, spend more time in meditation, and volunteer to help where I can between my work and single mom busyness.
    Marjorie, you are so patient with us and are teaching us so much!
    Thank you!

    • Marti – really, there is more that life offers us than sitting on the edge, waiting for the next circus act to begin. It’s true, this is a once-in-a-lifetime to observe a living-breathing conundrum that was elected President by landslide voting. Check your TV Guide for the latest show times for Alternative Facts.

      I’m reading how folks are worried to death about what’s gonna happen cuz of the Trump/Middle East/EU astrology. This fear doesn’t do Marjorie (or astrology) any credit. Just get along with life and life will happen, astrology or no.

    • I’m chill with this. Something that’s been puzzling us for months miraculously fixed itself–the post light out in the yard. Quit working in December, lit up last night.

      I give all credit to the lovely penumbral eclipse of the moon.

      The Mega event is the Solar Eclipse that sweeps across specific states. Maybe I should take all of my broken watches and small appliances on a road trip in August.

  2. Majorie please look at Prince Nicholas of Sweden, June 15, 2015 i do not know the time. his relationship with parents & siblings & the job he might have?

  3. I don’t feel at all silly wanting to move attention away from Trump’s shenanigans for a bit. A bit of cheeky celebrity escapism never hurt anyone. Tragic, scatty and never boring UK “It Girl” Tara Palmer-Tomkinson just passed away, with friends speculating it was caused by a relapse back into drugs. Any insight Marjorie?

    Plus, any insight into why superstar Kylie Minogue can’t seem get the relationship she desires? Will she ever find love? Saturn is opposing her horde of Gemini planets right now – I think? She recently suffered a break up from her unsurprisingly unfaithful toyboy lover.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  4. Doesn’t the USA’s secondary progressed ascendant (11 am July 4 1776 birth chart) conjunct its natal ninth house mars as the saturn-pluto conjunction?
    If so what?War?

  5. Unmystic Mom, I wonder about this, too. I’m feeling that this eclipse will be particularly brutal for trump. And for the United States. Will it affect a particular geographical part of the US more than others or a particular population more than others such as LGBTQ or immigrants or elders? I’m feeling that something will happen. I hope no one dies and there is no violence, but I do feel there will be something big happen.

    • Marti, only two blue states (Oregon and the southern tip of Illinois) are in the path of the eclipse. All the rest are red states. I would venture to guess the heartland of Trump’s support is going to be impacted by the eclipse more than any of the groups you mentioned.

      • Or have you caught on to something? Those states may be in the vanguard of causing trouble for the vulnerable groups you listed.
        We’ll have to see how this shakes out.

      • That would certainly fit with the tr Uranus square Mercury opp Pluto on the USA chart which seemed to bring up far right toxicity in the past.

  6. I was reading some other sites and it seems that Trump was born just around (within four hours of, I believe) a lunar eclipse. How does that specific event affect and/or define his personality? Does the fact that he was born at an eclipse mean that other eclipses (either lunar or solar or both) affect him differently? Would this factor affect how he is affected by August’s Solar Eclipse, which is of a Saros cycle that has been particularly destructive for US presidents?

    The August Solar Eclipse will be occurring in Leo, Trump’s ascendant. And Leo is ruled by the Sun. I am interpreting that as meaning that it will be even more destructive for Trump than for another President. Assasination attempt? Impeachment? Am I over-analysing the situation?

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