Elizabeth Warren – a tough fight ahead

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Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator and progressive, was silenced in a debate on the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney general. She was attempting to read a letter written by Coretta, Martin Luther King’s widow, when she opposed Session for a federal judgeship 30 years ago. “Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge.” Warren is now disbarred from taking part in the rest of the nomination debate for ‘impugning’ a senator. But the result is she’s been elevated to headline and hero-status and it has fuelled her determination to continue to criticise Donald Trump.

Born 22 June 1949 1.51pm Oak Hill, OK (astrotheme), she’s a Sun Uranus in Cancer with Venus also in Cancer; and has a tough-minded, argumentative Saturn in Virgo square Mars Mercury in Gemini.

Her Mars Mercury are conjunct the USA 1776’s free-thinking and speaking Uranus in Gemini; with her innovative Sun Uranus in the USA’s 10th conjunct the USA’s Venus Jupiter; with her Venus conjunct the US Sun and Mercury; and her Jupiter in the USA 5th – so a popular figure; though feisty and keen to keep the floor open for reform and opposing views.

Her sensible Saturn in Virgo is conjunct Trump’s Leo Ascendant and Mars, so she’ll try to damp down his ardour and cut him down to size. Her argumentative Mars Mercury are in his 10th, which can be competitive.

She doesn’t look too happy moving ahead; highly emotional in 2017/18 with tr Pluto opposing her Venus; and brought to a complete, enraged halt in late 2018 with Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Pluto.

Her relationship chart with Trump has a differing-agenda composite Sun Uranus Mercury; a chained together and hating it Saturn Pluto; plus extra. It looks hostile and angry through 2017/18. Her relationship chart with the USA looks to be facing disappointment in 2018.

8 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren – a tough fight ahead

  1. Really sad to read this, but it makes sense, as the Republicans will be moving heaven and earth to find an engaging candidate to oppose her in 2018. Massachusetts is a strange state…generally progressive, but it does flip to conservatives from time to time. And Mass. citizens dislike when their politicians “go national” instead of focusing on state concerns, a danger for Warren now. Massachusetts is where Mitt Romney put in place his “Romney Care,” which was envisioned by the conservative Heritage Foundation’s think tank team…it’s also the foundation of “Obama Care,” which partially explains why Republicans are having such fits repealing and replacing the plan, as its basic philosophy is Republican/lightly regulated free trade–so hard to find anything un-Republican about it, beyond its benefitting the common folk and costing a lot of money (as much as a Mexican wall). If it weren’t so deadly serious, it would be quite funny, their hating Obama so much that they’d trash their own insurance principles. Something I wonder about is if/when Warren loses, whether there are “tampering” signs afoot. At one point, I would have dismissed this thought as my own paranoia, but after the Trump election and Russian tampering with the DNC, it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. Thank you, as always, for following U.S. politics. We’re pretty much demoralized, sick at heart and wondering where to sign up for Russian lessons these days.

    • The Republicans don’t even have to bother with an engaging candidate to run against Warren. They could run one of their ordinary run-of-the-mill billionaires and the Russians would see to it he was elected.

  2. My friends, your comments are exactly what came to mind when I read Marjorie’s post.

    But I didn’t know about Meryl being so closely linked astrologically to Warren–Two great women.

  3. Sounds disappointing to me too. Senator Warren is one of those who I would call a true public servant. If she loses her post in 2018, I will really lose faith on America.

  4. “and brought to a complete, enraged halt in late 2018 with Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Pluto.”
    “Her relationship chart with the USA looks to be facing disappointment in 2018.”
    She is due for re-election as a Senator in late 2018. Does this suggest that she will lose her reelection?

  5. Very interesting, Marjorie. I read your May 2016 comments and tr Neptune square her Mars appears to have been the most important influence. Would tr Neptune square her Mercury result in this ‘silencing’? A devoted and involved politician who will be feeling emotional and enraged doesn’t bode well. Meryl Streep was also born on June 22nd 1949 , so presume that she will be similarly furious as she appears to take a big interest in politics.

  6. So her relationship chart with the USA
    faces disappointment
    in 2018 and she will be brought to a complete enraged halt in late 2018.Doesn’t sound very promising for the Democrats in the mid-terms.Sorry that just can’t be right.Please look again.Please.

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