Germany – facing challenges not seen since the 1930s

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Ifs, maybes and buts are hovering over the EU or more precisely the Eurozone as Le Pen talks about reverting to a French coin. Even if she doesn’t win, the pressure from the southern EU states about their failing finances will become untenable in the not too distant future. If/when the euro collapses as a currency, commentators reckon that ‘France might emerge in rough equilibrium, the least destabilized of the big eurozone states. It is Germany and its northern satellites that would have to deal with a violent revaluation shock, you might say the delayed retribution for their chronic current account surpluses within monetary union.’

The Bundesbank (German Central Bank) chart, 26 July 1957, is under acute pressure from this March from tr Pluto square the Solar Arc Mars in 2017/18/19; with tr Uranus opposition Pluto in May starting a jolting run of upheaval into 2018. There’s a financial disappointment/bubble-busting Solar Arc Neptune square Jupiter in a few months time; and two unpleasant Solar Arcs in 2019. With more significant disruptions in 2019/2020.

The Germany chart, 1 Jan 1871 12am, looks shocked in about two months’ time with Solar Arc Moon conjunct Mars; and being elbowed into a sharp change of direction from late April with tr Uranus square Uranus, on and off into early 2018. Plus a subterranean, forced change with financial consequences from tr Pluto trine the 8th house Pluto in 2017/18.

From this New Year into 2018 tr Saturn moves into Capricorn squaring the Germany Mars, meeting a Saturn Return and then moving on through Germany’s 4th house to conjunct the Sun and Venus from late 2018 and through 2019. With more huge upheavals in 20121/2022 as tr Pluto opposes the 10th house Uranus. So Germany is moving into a highly critical phase in its history; with some similarities to the 1930s when Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn.  Not entirely similar since tr Pluto is now in the Germany 4th rather than 10th, but still a seismic shift.

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  1. Your view of Germany seems exclusively based on the 1871 chart.

    You don´t give any merit to the Federal Republic Chart and the Reunification Chart ?

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