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  1. Bannon, according to leaks, over ruled Homeland Security by adding adding permanent residents to the Muslim immigrant ban. This was especially cruel.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Could you take a look at Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon’s Chart? His birthday is November 27, 1953. Don’t know the time of birth. Thanks.

  3. Here’s some change you can believe in, especially if you are a US veteran. Trump just got rid of the Federal program that gives legal aid to Veterans. He’s also taken a knife to the GI bill that provided education for vets. Another day, another benefit for ordinary people destroyed.

    • But he is saving the taxpayers money! And, isn’t he ready to extend the retirement age in Amerika out to 77 yrs of age? Another excellent business move 😉


  4. Larry: Lynch mobs across the country? Literally? White mobs hanging blacks from tree boughs? Where exactly is this happening? Police brutality toward blacks is a reality–is that what you’re referring to? And yes, Donald Trump threatens to eradicate any (slow) progress we’ve made over the years in terms of human rights, the environment, etc. He will destroy any and all progressive initiatives and we’ll have to start from scratch when he and his regime are done and gone–if that ever comes to pass.

  5. Good morning Marjorie from snowy Utah!
    The Dow Jones Index just hit 20,000 pints (20014 as I type at 9.31a.m., EST.
    Any thoughts?
    All the best,

  6. Marjorie: Perhaps I’m being a bit Pollyanna-ish in my belief that something good will come of the negative Trump era via backlash/revolution. But I do think there’s some kind of purpose behind it all and that the U.S. ship will eventually right itself as a result of this massive new wave of activism, “eventually” being the operative word. As you say, change/progress can take forever. But there has been progress nonetheless, however slow. Racism is still a problem, but we’ve come a long way from lynch mobs in the South. The vitriol re Trump is so intense…..it feels as if something is about to bust wide open.

    • “But there has been progress nonetheless, however slow. ”

      Let’s itemise some of the progress made, shall we? : continued insistence on voter fraud and illegal voting, promoting “threats” from the media, exiting from TPT, threatening PRC with a naval blckade, building the wall to isolate the US from Mexico – at taxpayer expense (and with nonexistent stockpiles of US-made steel), threats of 35% tariffs on imported goods, moving ahead with the Keystone pipeline – with nonexistent stockpiles of US-made steel, shutting down the USDA to communicate with the public, and placing a muzzle on the US Park Service in the same vein, threats to reduce food stamp disbursements, and threats to medicare.

      Yuppers. Now that’s Progress.

      Let’s not forget Hitler was legally elected and began the same populist agenda – focused on unpure races within Germany.

      Might want to read the book, “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis. Uncannily parallel to what’s happening now.

    • “but we’ve come a long way from lynch mobs in the South.”

      You’re correct – we have lynch mobs across the country, not just in the Old South.

  7. Hi Marjorie, Martin Schultz is on the move again. Any chance he’ll win against Angela Merkel? Or become the kingmaker? You described him in a previous post as an EU zealot. Is he repositioning himself to take over Mrs Merkel’s role as leader of Europe? What is his main goal do you think? To lead the EU into a glorious federation, be ruler of Germany and EU, punish iconoclastic UK for breaking the spell, or is he still smarting from Mrs Merkel’s and others’ criticism, that it was because of EU people like him that UK voted Brexit? Does he have the same sort of cross overs with Germany and EU that Donald Trump, for example, has with the US?

    Love your posts. A daily must to read, but still can’t work your archive system. I don’t remember when you wrote previously about Mr Schultz, but nothing happened when I wrote in his name. Also like to reread posts on Prince Harry and his lady Megan.

    Thanks for all your amazing work. Really fascinating.

    Btw David looks really down in recent pics of the Beckhams. Will his US soccer venture succeed or is there trouble in Paradise?

  8. Marjorie: Very much look forward to your latest Streisand profile/projections. Happy to know that she’ll be going full throttle over the coming years–truly inspiring, especially in light of her age. Agree completely with your post. A huge grassroots movement–like the one you experienced–is gaining momentum. All in response to the Trump presidency. This kind of response to a newly elected commander-in-chief is unprecedented. Other presidents have been disliked, but Trump is reviled. One of your posters (can’t recall her name) opined that everything happens for a reason. That is so very true. I KNOW without a doubt that this presidency/administration is happening for a reason. It has sparked a revolution. People will rise up and change the world…..for the better. Truth will out. Meanwhile, we have to suffer the insanity and extreme measures of Dictator Trump and his goons. Next up: he’ll attempt to ban segments of the media from the White House. U.S. democracy is in for a long, dark winter. But again, something good will ultimately come of this. Of that I’m sure. (Larry: I love your observation–“Only the rich are healthy.”)

  9. Please could you see if there is any danger on King Fahd Causeway. Bridge connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

    Coordinates 26°10′57″N 50°20′09″E
    beginning of project: 11 November 1982.
    Opened: 12 November 1986.

    Thank you for everything.

    • 2017 and 2018 look undermined (foundations?) and thoroughly stuck on both charts. Quite destructive influences though not necessarily a collapse since there’s no Mars or Uranus, but certainly jammed up – mind you could be an earthquake I suppose. Do they get them there? Some kind of huge upheaval with Solar Arc Saturn Pluto conjunct Uranus in 2018 on the start chart. Or disrupted by war.

      • Marjorie, after reading below about your public ordeal: thanks for giving it all you had. Your experience was the initial catalyst that ushered in new, much-needed improvements world-wide.

  10. Just had the pleasure of watching Barbra Streisand speak at the Women’s March in Los Angeles–via you tube. Wonderful! It gives me hope. Referring to Trump and his administration, she says, “Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom in order to rise up again.” Can’t help but think that is the cosmic plan. Marjorie, you once posted a great astro profile of Streisand (a Taurus), saying she’s “built to last.” I sincerely hope so.

    • Julie, I’ll do Streisand tomorrow. Definitely enduring and she’s coming back to another peak over the next few years so may be more outspoken and involved.
      I’ve been mulling over what’s going on, with humanitarian and women-friendly policies being unpicked. It reminds me of the 1990s when I was involved in a seriously nasty argument which threatened to undo the good work that caring people had been doing to help child abuse survivors. Because it was so egregiously damaging and deceptive – and was swallowed hook, line and sinker by a gullible media and general public – it produced a strong counter-reaction. Caring people on the whole aren’t good in a dog fight but the situation felt desperate and everyone started to co-operate globally in a way they never had before (helped enormously by the internet). What was fascinating and encouraging was that professional disciplines who normally never talk to one another started to reach out to each another and to survivor groups. It was a deeply unpleasant and frankly scary five years but it made a difference. And it did take five years!
      Looking back, if there hadn’t been such a misleading attempt to skew the truth, then a great deal of valuable research work would never have been done, and people who had never been heard would never have been given a voice. It’s almost as if it needed a trigger (of the wrong sort) to get people activated. Which is kind of what this feels like.
      A German journalist writing today said it was vital that journalists – normally very competitive – should start to co-operate with one another, as they did over the Panama Papers. If CNN, for example, is singled out for attack, then others should step in behind and give them support, which would cut across traditional ways of working. But may just happen if life continues down the road it is going on at the moment.
      The upcoming Saturn Pluto in Capricorn will have a sense of the forces of darkness and that’s starting in 2018 and on cue in 2019. So it won’t be an easy or quick battle. But it may just change the way sections of the population get involved in fighting for what they believe.

      • Marjorie, have you read any of Ken Wilber’s material regarding the evolution of consciousness throughout human history and how it applies today, such as his integral theory? Ken is regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of modern times and has theorized that man started from instinctive (archaic-uroboric), magical/animistic (typhonic-magic), power gods (magic-mythic), absolutist-religious (mythic), individualistic-achiever (rational-egoic), relativistic (early vision-logic), systematic-integrative (middle vision-logic), and global-holistic (late vision-logic) – So, in order of it’s 5 stages; archaic, magic, mythic, rational and integrative. He has now stated that our consciousness, in the past 20-30 years, is now already evolving into it’s next stage in certain pockets of society. It is also one of the fastest seen and it’s called the holistic stage, if I recall correctly. It’s also the only stage that is showing signs in which it wants to INCLUDE everybody and takes all the powerful positive elements from it’s previous stages. The other stages don’t do this.

        I recently asked you about what you thought about consciousness and you graciously wrote a post on it. It is something I strongly believe in, that humanity evolves for the better. Although I do not foresee in the decades or next century where we will all be sitting around and singing songs about sunshine and butterflies! Because certain areas of the world are much further behind while places like Scandinavia are much further ahead than the rest of us this can cause political clashes. In one of his talks he said the reason countries end up fighting with each other has more to do with being in different stages of evolutionary consciousness than clashes with culture and religion, etc. But, this can be said of individuals within their society. I’d say many are ethno-centric to varying degress which causes suspicion and fear of those who are not like us and want to rid them out of our environment. Sound familar?

        Ken Wilber’s birth data, if you can do his chart, is: Jan 31 1949, Oklahoma City, USA, at 10.30pm.

        Here’s some links on his Intergrated Theory:

        1) Overview of the Developmental Stages of Consciousness: https://integralwithoutborders.net/sites/default/files/resources/Overview%20of%20Developmental%20Levels.pdf

        2) The Integral Vision at the Millenium:

        3) 8 Different Views of Life (The Western World is generally between blue, green and yellow level but some small pockets of turquoise are starting to already emerge:

        4) Ken Wilber Summary of Spiral Dynamics model:

        • By the way, my post was in agreement to a big cosmic plan, as Grace put it. Everything is happening for a reason and the right reason, stressful as it will be for many.

          • Um. While it is true that sometimes bad things have good results (eventually), not so sure about always.
            On the upside: Julian Jaynes’s book in the 1970s suggested human consciousness first developed because of adaptation to widescale trauma from rolling natural disasters around 2000 BC-ish as I recollect. It’s also been said that the Chinese invasion of Tibet, spread Tibetan beliefs and cultures out to the western world because of forced exile.
            On the downside: Palestine, Zimbabwe, North Korea – I can’t see anything positive being gleaned out of those situations. Slavery was eventually abolished but it took aeons of time; ditto apartheid in South Africa – but we’ve not exactly cracked the problem of racism.
            I think there is a very human tendency to try to find a ‘good’ reason for even appalling atrocities and disasters, political and otherwise. And to assume that history means progress and eventually we’ll stumble into the promised land.
            What history tells us is that civilizations rise and fall, even very advanced ones and their knowledge disappears into the dust. It is admittedly different nowadays since the globe is so interlinked – which could point to an integrative phase, but we seem at the moment to be seeing the push back against co-operation, into fragmentation and insular nationalism. So who knows?

  11. There’s a wonderfully funny piece in Politico by satirist Karl Sharro who normally muses on Middle Eastern affairs.
    “America you look like an Arab country right now. Welcome to the club.” Url: goo.gl/nNk4Br
    One of his tweets: “I think we’re dismissing the possibility that Trump is trying to make an epistemological comment about perceived reality and objective truth.”

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