The Clintons – mourning a calamitous defeat

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The Clintons, according to reports, are analysing what went wrong in the election and sorting out their plans for backseat involvement in the Democratic Party in the time ahead, having giving up any thought of standing for public office again.

While Hillary has an upbeat patch in September/October 2017, on the whole she’s facing a confusing and discouraging year, taking time to recover from a poleaxing failure. If her birth time of 8am is sound then tr Saturn is moving through the lowest point of her first quadrant for three years ahead which is usually a sinker for ego and ambitions. And Jupiter will be going through her 12th from later this year for 12 months which tends to be introspective. She’ll bounce more enthusiastically in 2018 when tr Jupiter crosses her Ascendant. Tr Uranus into her 6th from mid 2017 for  several years thereafter suggests a change of career and perhaps a few health issues. By 2018 she has tr Uranus opposition her Sun which will pose her some difficult questions, since with such a fixed chart, she finds shifting gear exceptionally hard.

Bill Clinton looks more resilient through 2017 with tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter and trine his Leo Sun; and tr Pluto trine his confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. But he’ll still have his down moments, losses and lack of a clear direction, with tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint and opposition his Solar Arc MC; with patches of confusion and fury as well. What he can look forward to is his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter in 2020 which is a definite high; with tr Pluto square his Jupiter in 2019/2020. So assuming his health holds up, he’ll be all systems-go for the next election.

Chelsea Clinton who shares a Scorpio Ascendant with her mother is in a similarly low profile phase, sorting out her ambitions for the years ahead in private. She’ll emerge from her low profile Saturn career phase in 2022 and then it’s all ahead for her, with her peak in her fifties and sixties. She’s ambitious and lucky with Mars Jupiter in her 10th and will become more and more respected the older she gets.

She’s not having her best year in 2017 with home and financial worries, some depression, aggravation and setbacks. The February Pisces Eclipse is closely conjunct her 4th house Sun so some kind of domestic or family crisis requiring action, which will require her to rethink her roots and the foundation of her life. Like Hillary she’ll be more outgoing and confident come 2018 with tr Jupiter crossing her Ascendant.

15 thoughts on “The Clintons – mourning a calamitous defeat

  1. Sgt. Peppa,

    Hear ye, Hear ye! We live in NYC (better health care than the Red States) and we are spending $1,600.00 a month; about 20 grand a year. Where on earth are these aging people going to get that money to buy Medicare????

    Block grants are the republicans name for death panels. Does Ryan’s plan come with free burial?

    This is insane.

    • I’m 61 – hardly aging. However, I’ve gone from uninsurable (past cancer) to unaffordably uninsurable (monthly premiums cost as much as the rent) back to uninsurable (from Obamacare to NobodyCares). I muddle along with vitamins, supplements, and cats. In America, only the rich are healthy.

      Which forces a hard perspective – what to do with a sudden flux of dead people in the coming years? Streetfront and back-alley crematoriums? Factories for Soylent Green?

      • One of the problems -seen from afar – is the horrendous cost of American healthcare which presumably means whacking profits for hospitals and the like. I have an actor friend on generous healthcare insurance who had a slight stroke which meant two days in hospital with no surgical intervention and his insurance was billed for $170,000 which is beyond ludicrous.
        Europe looks on in total incomprehension at the inhumanity of the USA right wing attitude to health care. Every EU country has a state health system, creaking to be sure, and very expensive to run, but it’s a basic necessity and right for all European citizens.

      • Larry, would you mind giving more detail? Were you referring to Obamacare being as expensive as the rent? How do people on low wages manage? If it is any consolation, iatrogenic disease is a huge problem in the UK and the Chief Medical Officer keeps giving warnings about the overuse of drugs when good nutrition and exercise would be more helpful so you might be on a better track with your vitamins and the comfort of your cats

  2. Wow, WikiLeaks announced today that they are going after Trump! They are requesting anyone who has Trump’s tax returns to contact them. It’s on the WikiLeakss page.

    Also, “GOP Congress want to block federal grants to Medicaid to all 50 states: Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) says it will lead to governors having to make “impossible choices. We should not be forced to choose between providing hard-working older Coloradans with blood pressure medication or children with their insulin. This is something that would affect all the governors and their budgets. It would force them to make those hard decisions about who lives and who dies.”

    It’s getting real, people.

  3. Interesting article. Most folks would prefer it if Hillary would just quietly retire. She and Bill bought a second house next door in Chappaqua, and word is that they want Chelsea to run for Congress from that location. There’s a deep sense of fatigue with the Clintons…no one wishes them ill, necessarily, but there does seem to be a collective desire for the whole family to let their “dynasty” compulsion dissipate. The Hillary campaign cost a billion dollars–blown, and look what we got instead.
    If you ever have time, Marjorie, it would be interesting to learn something about the chart of Al Franken, the U.S. Democratic senator who was once a key player on Saturday Night Live. He’s a skillful communicator and great public servant who, at one time, probably would have been disqualified from higher office because of the drug/sex/rock n’ roll times he lived through in the Seventies…these days, after Trump, one wonders if it mightn’t be a plus, though. In reviewing future presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders is still the emotional front runner, but he’s going to be rather old in 2020. Just curious about whether Franken might have a future. They say he’s not terribly ambitious, which would be refreshing. Always enjoy your analysis, thanks again for paying attention to your USA friends…

  4. Might Proud,

    I agree with you.

    Additionally, I have this to say about the Clintons: Hillary Clinton served as my Senator from New York. After the 9/11 attack, she behaved admirable. After 9/11 when our first responders came down with all types of cancers, the republicans fought hard TO PREVENT them from getting the funds for medical care. She fought equally hard TO GET them the medical care they deserved. She won.

    President Clinton during the early nineties stood up to the republican when they wanted to shut down the government to prevent Clinton’s budget from going through. He believed our economy runs strong when you build from the bottom up. The republicans believe and believed in trickle down economy. Give the rich enough tax cuts and out of the goodness of their hearts they’ll spend it on the economy. Clinton called the republicans’ bluff. The republicans failed and Clinton had his budget. The economy soared; the poor, the middle class had jobs and therefore money they could spend. The US economy cooked. Then Bushed pissed it away with war and tax cuts to the rich.

    • Jai, you are so right. As a family, we had prosperity and “movin’ on up” during the Clinton years. HE BALANCED THE BUDGET!!!!!
      Bush came into office with a balanced budget, and left 16 trillion in debt on the books.

      You are right about the sex thing too. Anyone who thinks Bill’s panty raids are kryptonite are sadly mistaken now. In fact, when I think of all the holy-rollers and evangelicals who made it their task in life to fill threads with blah blah blah Bill Clinton blah blah women blah blah, I have to think I’ve met a whole lot of nuts on the internet. Nuts who voted for pussy-grabbing Trump!

  5. Having the Clintons gone is almost as good as having Obama out of office and good riddance to them. People who follow like puppy dogs like private pepper who really is not as smart as he thinks, have a few lessons coming and only they can learn them. Provided they are smart enough to figure it out. Many will not. Many cannot. Sad. Here is something you may all love, or hate, to see… Kim Clement from 2007…
    Something to help people think a bit more for themselves. The future will require people to think more clearly for themselves so now is a good time to begin. I suppose the ranting will begin now and I can only guess who will begin it.
    Thank you Marjorie for your posts. I read and learn a great deal for them.

  6. After Hillary Clinton and her campaign used every under handed means to assure she would be the democratic nominee and not Bernie Sanders, I have a difficult time mustering any sadness for her. One would hope that she would pitch in try to help rebuild the Democratic party and honestly look at the party’s many mistakes. But, alas no. It is so sad because whatever noble aspirations she once held seem to have been overtaken for her lust for power (All that Scorpio). Meanwhile, the rest of us (the little people) are paying the price. At least Bernie is still fighting. Sorry for the rant, but the hangover from all of the constant campaigning in the last two years has been exhausting to the American psyche. All of the self serving political takers need to ride off into the sunset and stay gone! Real political servants need only apply!

      • You know what’s really horrible, the number of people who need Obamacare, Medicare, and Social Security and who voted for Trump. Obamacare is no more (gutted on Trump’s first day) and Paul Ryan wants to hand out vouchers to Medicare recipients to buy private insurance. In the amount of one years Medicare premiums per year. And he wants to make all SSecurity raises based on a branched chain CPI, which means you’ll get less than one percent a year, if that. Sad.

        Good luck, old Trump voters, finding insurance for $1300 a year. We pay $7,000 a year for a two person Blue Cross policy, just in case you’d like to know the going rate.

    • And how could Hillary fight Putin and all the Russian hackers who put Trump in the White House? Don’t blame the next 4 years on her, it’s all Trump and our new overlord Putin.

      You are in for a sad time of it.

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