Ewan MacGregor & Piers Morgan – two Aries in mortal combat

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Scottish actor Ewan MacGregor doing the publicity rounds for the latest Trainspotting movie has fallen foul of Piers Morgan by refusing to be interviewed by him on television because of Morgan’s blast against Madonna’s performance at the Women’s March.

McGregor born 31 March 1971 8.10pm Perth, Scotland and Morgan, 30 March 1965, are both Sun Aries which is always a recipe for a head-on collision, even if it didn’t happen on screen. MacGregor has his Sun opposition Uranus square Mars in Capricorn, so is not exactly retiring; and Morgan has the excitably pugnacious Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo – so they’re fairly well matched as opponents. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Saturn which is defensive and chilly with the composite Mars quincunx Sun and composite Mercury quincunx Uranus – crossed lines in several directions.

MacGregor is coming out of a low-ish profile phase of his career which has never quite matched up to earlier expectations, despite Star Wars and awards for Moulin Rouge and Salmond Fishing in Yemen.  He does have tr Jupiter through his 1st this year which will raise his confidence and profile, and into 2018 boost his finances. But he looks in for a fairly tough stretch ahead with tr Pluto trine his 8th house Saturn in 2018/19.

Piers Morgan, who has hitched his wagon very clearly to his friend Donald Trump’s rising star, looks in for a debilitating 2017/18 with tr Neptune conjunct his Saturn and opposition Mars Uranus mid Feb to early March, and mid October to Jan 2018; as well as opposition his Pluto in 2017/18. There may be other reasons for his slump but it doesn’t look too impressive for the two years ahead.

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  1. Marjorie, how about a post on Sumo wrestler Kisenosato, the first Japanese wrestler in almost 20years to become the 72nd Yokozuna or Grand Champion?

    Btw requested post on Martin Schultz on previous comment site. Would really love to read your astrological take on his latest move.


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