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  1. Marjorie. Is there any chance of you looking at the BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing which is currently attracting negative headlines in the U.K. due to allegations about the professional dancers bullying and physically abusing some of the celebrity contestants. Previous performers have been talking about the “Dark Heart of Strictly” which the public never sees. There are now rumours that the series may have to be axed.

    The program first aired on Saturday 15 May 2004 presumably at 6.15 pm. This chart has the Sun at 25 Taurus so is catching the recent Uranus/Mars conjunction and the pressure will be continuing as Uranus retrogrades back to 25 Taurus later this year. Any thoughts about yet another scandal at the BBC.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Would you mind taking another look at Ukraine? I’ve noticed many Ukrainians on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are expressing concern and even panic over J.D. Vance (who is vehemently opposed to helping Ukraine).

    I’m curious to know what the astrology suggests for Ukraine in the upcoming months.

    • Hello Chris – I suspect they are panicking in advance. Biden supposedly engaged weapons/finance agreements if that Trump outcome became a possibility. Is Vance more opposed to Ukrainian aid than MTG? What’s his schtick?

      Is it better to sell 2000 pound bombs to Israel to convert Gaza into powdered cement dust? How does Vance look at that region of the world?

      I recall Marjorie casting some charts for Zelenskyy thru the year 2026/2027.

      • @ larryc,

        Yes, I remember previous posts where Marjorie discusses Zelenskyy in 2026 and 2027. However, I was wondering if she might have anything further to add regarding the outlook on Ukraine in these upcoming years.

        I know other astrologers have speculated that 2025 might be a very challenging year for Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation but so far, none of them have really elaborated too much on that.

        Personally, I’m not worried too much about our Presidential election because despite voter concerns and the news media’s relentless character assassination attempts on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I’m not convinced that a Donald Trump / J.D. Vance ticket is going to appear to majority of voters in the general election.

        J.D. Vance is NOT a strategic choice by any stretch – he offers no contrast to the ticket. Vance is just another white, privileged, heterosexual cisgender man who happens to be just as (or perhaps even more) extreme in his ideology as Donald Trump and I doubt that’s going to appeal to a much needed diverse and broader base. Had Donald Trump picked someone like Nikki Haley or one of the very few still standing “normie” Republicans as his running mate, then I might be more concerned about Biden and Harris’s reelection chances.

        I’ve befriended many Ukrainians on social media and I’ve tried to offer them some optimism and hope. I’ve been reminding them that polling has become increasingly unreliable, media pundits are the worst at making predictions, and our 2022 midterm elections are testament to how policy driven voters are often underestimated in this country.

        • I know this is non-astro related yet more an addendum to the GOP chaos. My cousin (retired Marine reserve short colonel, evangelical) lives in Indiana – very conservative. He wrote yesterday that even he is scratching his head over Vance…and expects someone to try again for a rack of Trump antlers over their fireplace. Surprising opinion even from him.

          I don;t bring to my Ukranian lessons any opinions…since my teacher is Ukrainian (Kiev) and has family still over there. It is very difficult…but every war zone is difficult.

  3. Hi Marjorie – if you’re so inclined, I’d be interested in reading the chart interpretation of noteworthy individuals – ones who perhaps overcame a difficult life to do remarkable things. I recently visited Lyme Regis in Dorset and was intrigued by a statue dedicated to (dirt poor) Palaeontologist, Mary Anning and her contribution to science. Her wiki page highlights a difficult yet remarkable life.

  4. When Uranus was hitting my MC, Neptune was also transitingmy 10th house. Like Marjorie mentioned in the Neptune post, I was doing a part time job then. The job required a long commute to work, but I also had nice colleagues who will drive me to odd places to help me cut time off my commute back home. I was also travelling to various places before work to grab my breakfast. So if you have Uranus transit MC, travelling or just simply going out for long walks should help. Just something I never realised back then but looking back now.

  5. yes, El Aznar
    Shannon Doherty’s death should be touched on.
    So young.
    Her death got pushed back with everything going on in the past few days.

  6. The whole world is ‘losing its head’ metaphorically speaking as the Algol conjunction manifests. I see a lot of fear here and elsewhere and the problem with that is what you focus on grows. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. We give our fears weight, that attracts energy and with enough energy we manifest what we fear. Trump has long had a fear of assassination. Yesterday his fear plus the planetary line up helped manifest that for him. It makes him a martyr in the eyes of his followers but I can imagine it will also have a huge psychological impact.
    The current feeding frenzy around Biden’s cognitive state strikes me as entirely media driven (Jupiter in Gem). And the fear held by Dems that they can’t hold off Trump adds to the risk that they won’t. If you look at the general health of both candidates I would say Trump with his heart problems and word salad is actually equally unlikely to be able to complete his term if elected. Plus we still don’t know who his running mate and potential VP is to be.
    Biden has always been a stutterer. It is recognised that stutterers often have very fast brains and their mind is racing ahead thinking about the next thing before they have finished what they intended to say, with the result that the unfinished gets conflated with what’s to come or they get stuck completely. Hence Zelensky/Putin, he hadn’t finished saying Zelensky before his mind had already shifted to the need to stop Putin. This is something that stutterers need to master: concentrate on what they are saying now, slow down a little. I am sure Biden has been made aware of this in the past but under pressure he reverts to type. His mind rushes ahead and his words come out jumbled, adding to his stress and adding to the fears of those who are already fearful.
    It is true that another candidate might have been better but the time for switching horses has long past. Plus, looking at the astrology the impression I get as an amateur is that Biden sees it as his mission to stop another Trump presidency and prevent the fall of democracy in the US.
    The Dems are all in agreement that Biden’s age and health are not ideal but far from being on the same page when it comes to what to do about that. Should Biden be removed now that disarray and the fear it would provoke among the electorate would hand the election to his opponent. It would be ironic, wouldn’t it, if just as Putin and Xi are about to leave the world stage, the US were to find itself in the grip of a dictatorship. Let’s stand back a little and look at the big picture. We can see the astrology as a warning and not let ourselves get carried away by the media shouting for our attention by playing on our fears.

      • Chaos! Perhaps I should have left that sentence out: it’s just a ‘what if’ intended to get people to zoom out. Apologies.

        • Oh gosh no apologies SuHu just wondering if you had picked up more exciting (?!) astrological pointers. Feels like we are in a locked 24/7 Imax with matchsticks in our eyes…

    • SuHu, something odd is going on with Biden.

      CNN reports that he hasn’t had a full cabinet meeting since 2nd Oct. NBC reports that his convict son Hunter now attends meetings and phonecalls that Biden has with White House staff, and White House staff are worried about it.

      The above is not normal.

      You can’t fight the ageing process, he’ll get worse week by week.

      It’s all unnecessary as he has a perfectly good Vice President who can take over. And the US has at least a thousand capable people of sound mind who can do the job of President.

      • Yes Candy, all of that is true. You and I read up on everything that is going on, but the average voter does not. I think Kamala Harris would be fine, great even, but there is no way the US electorate will vote for her, for all the known racist and mysogynistic reasons. But they will more likely vote for Biden because they ‘know him’! The incumbent’s advantage. Once he’s in office it will be easier to manage his declining health situation. Now is not the time to oust him – the chaos would be too great and not settled by November, IMO!

    • Very well stated. Thanks. My ASC is 15 Taurus and Moon is 18 Virgo so I’m feeling a lot of intensity lately. So stressed that I am stuttering, slurring words and engaging in some word salad. And I’m thirty years younger. It’s like my brain is not connected. Interesting that the stress affects my language rather than me being physically clumsy. For those in the know, since this tense conjunction is hitting my ASC, how long might it linger? Days or weeks?

      • Aim, until it is out of range. Astro.com Ephemeris for 2024 will show you when that is. Marjorie, how wide is the orb for Ascendant aspects please? May not be as wide as with Sun or Moon.

      • Geez Louise, I’m 14 Taurus ascendant with a Virgo moon. It should be in your first house now at 26 Taurus and that’s a very wide conjunction. When Uranus was directly on my ascendant and Pluto was directly on my midheaven I was busy having panic attacks and crying episodes due to encephalitis and DH was having strokes. I recovered after six long excruciating months. I was in another world. I even sought psychiatric help which meant I had to talk to a doctor online and not in person. She was a blonde Caucasian. The next time I spoke with her I was certain she was the wrong doc as my brain made me believe she was Asian. Truly out of my mind. Don’t they say Uranus is like a bolt out of the blue?

        Let me just say, and I’m not an expert, but please see a doctor. My husband had nonsense babble, slurring and word salad prior to each stroke. He did not want to go but we finally took him to the ER and it took a lot of persuasion. This is not meant to frighten you but better safe than sorry.

    • It does feel like everything is accelerating. Mars and Uranus are conjunct my natal Sun at the moment. Uranus has been there for a while, and contrary to my expectation, so far the effect has been positive. A feeling of freeing from a lot of south Node stuff. However, with Mars coming up to conjunct – not sure what to expect. It happens on the day of my sister’s birthday. Kelly Surtees did a really good job of a write up on Medusa Algol that I read years ago which helped me a whole lot, which basically said – instead of off with your head it should be used as a highly creative placement. That article has brought me such peace.

      I know Mars is a trigger. That much I have learned. Things do feel fraught. Uranus has associations with Travel – I am hanging close to home these few weeks. I know I am aware – but not so sure about the other persons.

      So yes in USA a feeling of Fraught Acceleration which I am trying to detach from and observe. Good post SuHu.

  7. There was an assassination attempt on Theodore Roosevelt, October 14, 1912.

    How might that compare to what just happened in Butler, Pennsylvania, I wonder?

    • Theodore Roosevelt lost that election.

      I have a feeling this assassination attempt — by the classic American shooter-type, young white male, registered Republican, with AR semiautomatic rifle, according to reports — may derange Trump even more.

  8. ok any chance the world may be asked to stop now….was looking at clooney and j d vance charts ( in totally amateurish way) and see HUGE changes for Clooney right about now.In light of Trump events I see the compromise candidate at RNC being Vance. So a Clooney/Vance November election.Do these 2 have karma coming up?

  9. The luckiest person on the planet. Anybody in this forum that is shocked is either new or haven’t been paying attention to the astro.
    And now….here comes the “Deep State” conspiracies from Trump world in 5,4,3,2….

    • Hopefully they’ll be winnowed off the blog by Marjorie. One can hope.

      Certainly his revenue stream will increase…

  10. Breaking news on the BBC:
    “Donald Trump has been rushed off stage – apparently injured – after loud bangs were heard at a rally in Pennsylvania.
    Footage showed Trump ducking as sharp cracks – apparently shots – rang out.
    Pictures show what appears to be blood on his ear and face.
    His campaign stated that the Republican presumptive nominee was fine and receiving medial treatment.
    He was moved to a waiting vehicle, appearing to raise a fist as he was led away.
    The rally venue in Butler County, Pennsylvania is now a crime scene.”

    His campaign say he is “fine”, but being treated. Is this Uranus and Mars at work?

    • The astrology is incredible. The Algol/Mars/Uranus 2 degrees from his Midheaven and square Mars in Leo, Saturn in Pisces 19 squares his nodes 20 , Sun conjunct his Cancer Saturn 22/23, Mercury in his 12th exact on East Point and at midpoint of Mars and Pluto.

      • From earlier post by Marjorie:

        “The key influence in the near future is tr Uranus square his Mars in Leo from July 7th to August 4th, again in October and April/May 2025 – this will be disruptive, test his self-esteem to the limit and is likely to provoke a macho response…At the very least it will be a significant test of nerve/struggle for survival.”

      • VF, does the astrology indicate to you there are more “fireworks” or unpredictable events to come in the coming door weeks?


  11. Trump may have been shot at a rally in Pennsylvania

    Approx 4:02pm EDT. Butler, PA. More than just a couple of shots, based on video.


    “He’s OK and doing fine.” Hmmm…

  12. From a new Maggie comment on the Fauci post way down the list.
    “Fauci summary

    Under his leadership and with many millions of known and unknown (dark money) dollars, he outsourced extremely dangerous research that created an infectious disease – Covid.”

    Would someone care to comment. Maggie are you suggesting Fauci created the virus and then profited from it?

    • Good questions Marjorie. It is unknown if he purposely created it. At the minimum it is profound negligence and I won’t say what it is at the worst.

      Did he profit, yes, how much we don’t know. His department scientists had patents on the vaccine which will give them lots of money now and into the future. There is a guy named Barac who held a major patent and made big money on this. Fauci’s family members had conflicts of interest, his wife was head of Ethics at NIH and his daughter worked at Twitter and throttled down any anti-vax sentiment.

      Fauci denies he profited but there is no way with billions changing hands that he didn’t get a piece of it. Are we expected to believe if many of his scientists benefited with patents that he didn’t also?

      If anyone wants to read the post it’s under the 2022 post about Fauci. My husband and I had massive vaccine injuries. Mine resolved, DH has residual injuries. VAERS shows our batch had a very high rate of injuries.

      It has changed my opinion on politicians and big government (“Weapons of mass destruction anyone”?) and has caused me to not root for any politician on either side. I will never trust government to tell me what is in my best interest and will never again be misled by “it’s for the greater good.” When your loved ones almost die, it changes your perspective.

      • To clarify, I’m assuming youre saying it was a joint Chinese/American venture that Faucci profited from, or are you saying all American/Faucci? What evidence is there for this?
        I’m not disputing its a lab created virus mind you, I dont see how it can not be, given the locality.

        What is so sickeningly ironic is that through fear of a potential virus they have created that very scenario.
        Or, are you saying it was only for profit, not protection?

      • Maggie, I am very sorry about your husband and his vaccine reaction. And I know it is human nature to want someone to blame. But it is a huge leap from experiencing a bad vaccine reaction to saying it was a deliberately created virus, made with profit in mind.
        It may well have been an escaped virus and all else followed but that is somewhat different. And other illnesses like AIDs and Ebola crop up without any Dr Frankenstein interference so Covid might equally have been a bat problem.
        In the UK there were handfuls who profited enormously from the pandemic over-spend who should be held responsible (including politicos). But there does seem to be a peculiarly American obsession with everything having to have a conspiracy behind it. It is a kind of paranoia, I distrust.
        I may be exceptionally lucky but I am of the generation where we queued up dutifully for all the standard childhood vaccines and before travelling to India, Africa and Asia getting a ton more of weirder ones. I have had every covid vaccine going plus pneumonia and plus shingles vaxx.
        All medical interventions carry a risk and it is usually a question of balancing the pros and cons and accepting that life itself always carries an element of risk. And when things go wrong it does not have to be someone else’s fault. My paternal grandfather died of a surgical accident in a very straightforward procedure. It’s tragic but it happens.
        When she has a moment I would be interested in Nicole’s take on Fauci.

        • Hi Marjorie,
          Obviously I am not Nicole. I worked in the same organization as Dr. Fauci – of course there is a level difference. I have been on video calls where he was there. He is Jesuit Educated, and has been a dedicated public servant for a very very long time. He created the Aids treatments when no one else was looking at it. As far as the mRNA vaccine type – this was a vaccine technology in development for 20 years before Covid ever showed up, and it was developed for Ebola which could have become a very big problem very quickly given world wide travel. The scientists who developed it were based out of Germany, but originally from Turkey. What keeps many in this field up at night is the next pandemic which could sweep through the world quickly due to international travel. I study public health for fun – Seriously – as I wanted to be a Doctor (GP) when young, but went another direction. The interest never left me. About every 100 years Humanity gets slapped with the next Pandemic – and there are people who watch for this to try to prevent it from taking all of us down. Small Pox, Cholera, Yellow Fever, Bubonic Plague (which almost took out Europe completely as you remember). Fauci led an organization called NIAID. What they do is to prevent bad things from happening.

          One of the success stories no one hears about is the success of the Ebola vaccine in Africa.

          Could Covid have walked out of a lab in China on the bottom of a careless someone’s shoe? Maybe. The Chinese did everything they could to cover it up.

          Anyway – Fauci receives death threats now due to bad and misinformation, and his good name being dragged through the mud. He is not sure if he is going to be murdered by someone at some point – and he will say that quiet part out loud. He teaches over at Georgetown now. It is not all Americans prone to conspiracy theories – but there is a hard core group – about 30% who do not trust science, and who are. The rest of us try to have compassion for them, as it must be a sad head space to be in.

          Maggie – very sorry to hear about the bad reaction. That is awful. I had a bad reaction in 2002 to a Hepatitus B vaccine that I was required to take due to working in a Medical Field, and it was no good and no fun and came close to hospitalizing me. Some people have bad reactions to vaccines.

        • Maggie’s reaction is normal, to blame any Big Name in medicine. Her post, tho, almost seems copied from a Fox News article.

          I also keep vaccinated with the latest covid shot. I’m fortunate to have recovered from cancer and the hideous personality of my mentally-ill mother. I have no siblings remaining, just a half-sister who refuses to speak to me unless to “lecture” that our childhood was “not so bad”.

        • Wow, just wow. I can’t believe the spread of conspiracy theories like this, which to me is utterly inconceivable.

          I agree with LizM’s assessment.of Fauci and yield to her far superior medical and scientific knowledge.

          Maggie, I’m very sorry you and your husband had such adverse reactions to the vaccine. But, as both Marjorie and LizM expressed far better than I can, sometimes people have negative outcomes from medical treatments. These mRNA vaccines have proven exceptionally safe for the vast majority of people who’ve received them. I too have had the full series of Moderna vaccines, the most recent just two weeks ago.

          I knew Tony Fauci socially in Washington, not well, in the ’90s, during the height of the AIDS crisis, when so many were dying, including several of my gay friends. Then he was also under constant criticism and attack, though nothing like the incessant Covid -related attacks and death threats. He just rolled with it, remaining good-humored and gracious, warm and funny. When I first met him I had no idea he was such a prominent person.

          Is it possible Covid escaped from a lab? Yes, possibly, but most scientists seem to think it evolved from bats and emerged from the unsanitary conditions at the wet markets and live animals in Wuhan. The Chinese haven’t been very forthcoming.

          The allegation that Fauci was involved in creating, releasing and then profiting from treatments from the virus?

          Absolutely ludicrous, the product of conspiracy theorists on the right and anti-vaxxers like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

          Fauci is a man of great integrity who, over his long career, had many opportunities to take lucrative positions in the pharmaceutical industry and always turned them down. He’s a public servant and teacher by temperament, choice and career.

      • Maggie, the patents on pharmaceuticals, even those developed with federal government funding, are not held by the individual scientists but by the corporations they work for. That’s been a source of great frustration for these talented scientists for many years — and for citizens and watchdogs who feel that at least part of the significant revenue these wealthy corporations earn in profits should be returned to the government that provided the investment.

        • Surely it is up to the funding govt ( ie the taxpayer bankrolled govt)to hold them accountable by granting third party manufacturing licences or clawback/ windfall taxing or any number of other revenue sharing mechanisms.Why don’t they or do they just refuse to do it? Puzzling…

          • Why not? The.pharmaceuticsl industry provided exceptionally large campaign contributions to congressmen and senators who block any bills deemed hostile by the industry; highly-paid and skilled lobbyists influencing and even writing legislation and intransigent Members of Congress who have sold out to the pharmaceutical industry. The American campaign finance system is almost unrestrained legalized corruption, made worse by this Supreme Court.

            I once sat in a class on the ’90s, a little shocked listening to a lobbyist for Big Pharma explain why they were entitled to 400.percent annual profits with absolutely no restraints on their profits.

            That’s why it was such a huge deal when Biden got legislation passed allowing the government to negotiate prices on 10 drugs a year. That was the first chink in their armour.

            Too long an explanation — with no astrology!

          • Pharma is also under the gun in other areas. Let me explain- because they are private corporations they have to make a profit to keep the doors opened. If they cannot turn a profit, they close the doors. Cancer drugs and Antibiotics take a long lead time to develop and it is hard to turn a profit – 10 years to get to Clinical Trials? Clinical Trials make or break a drug. Think Celebrex – perfectly good drug for many people – except when it was not. They had to pull it from the market.

            This is why no major PHarma company has created a new Antibiotic in years and years. It is a big problem, as many microbes are now antibiotic resistant, which means you get an infection with it there are no antibiotics for it – which means your system is overwhelmed and dies. Such a big problem the Army (USMRIID) is now studying it. Could mushroom and become a big problem quickly.

            If you watch the movie trailer for a film called “Contagion” by Steven Sonderbergh it is actually a pretty accurate capture of what keeps so many of these organizations up at night.

            Thanks Nicole. So awesome you knew Dr. Fauci personally.

        • Nicole -meant to put this in my prior post. In the multiple phone calls I was on with Dr Fauci – there may have been 1000 to 1500 people on that video call. I never knew him personally, but did admire him from a distance and respected him, and I knew his story.

          I am what you call a support person (with a Masters) but I help to keep the lights on. 🙂 Frustrated researcher I guess.

          If you don’t know the story of Ebola Reston – yes Reston Virginia – you should. It was a near miss in the States with Ebola, that could have had a different outcome.


          As far as my astrology? I have this wonderful Virgo North Node conjunct Pluto in the second house that keeps getting me out of the swamp of my Pisces South Node in the 8th house. Bless that South Node though – a lot of information in there. I also have Saturn in the 6th house.

          So – interest in public health.

  13. I have gone into hospital as an emergency patient after hemorrhaging a lot of blood. As I am feeling my mortality at the moment, I just want to wish everyone well and say how much I enjoy Marjorie’s site and everyone’s comments. Take care!

    • Sending you lots of love, hugs and healing energy to help you recover quickly! This a wonderful community Marjorie has created. Pulling for your full, rapid, HEALTHY recovery! Know how much you are valued.

      • It isnt always easy to stay cheerful reading this site Marjorie, its just one grim forecast after another.
        Been stressed all week about your prediction for Mars Uranus Agol

        • Marina, Be cool. If there is one thing astrology teaches you it is – this too will pass. We had the horrors last year with some Uranus North Node thing – and life went on.

    • Dear Linda, my very best wishes to you. I dont know if you believe in Angelic guides, but since you believe in Astrology, maybe ask them for assistance anyway. I wont bore you with all the times Ive been helped in extremis, and in hospital, but its a free will situation, so you need to ask or ‘pray’ for assistance. Also crucial to keep hydrated if you lost lots of blood and take vitamin C if you have it in largeish doses daily, at least 2000mgs, it will loosen your bowels when you reach tolerance, but its very important for surgery and any illness xxM

    • Oh Linda, wishing you recovery and healing, thinking of you and sending my best wishes. I so value your contribution to Marjorie’s wonderful blog and hope you are well again soon.

      • Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts wishes and advice. I am still in hospital waiting for an MRI scan to show what is wrong with me, and that will determine the course of action that is taken. The consultant thinks it is one of two things and inclines towards one more than the other. Treatment would involve infusions of something called Infliximab and a short term of steroids. The other would after the first two treatments would be done every 8 weeks and seems life long. I am still trying to get my head round this. My son says tgat if it stops me bleeding to death it is worth it. Still it carries risks. Maybe I won’t need it at all.

  14. I would be interested in an add-on, if you felt like it, on your Alice Munro piece.

    Alice’s oldest daughter, Sheila, has Andrea Skinner’s date of birth in the biography she did of her mom:

    “At the end of August we moved into the new house and a few days later, on September 8, 1966, the same day I started high school, my sister Andrea Sarah was born.”
    They lived in Victoria, BC. (Not sure about the “Sarah” middle name. Maybe changed to Robin?)

  15. Want to put forward James Anderson for astro analysis consideration. Born 30 July 1982.
    He has been forced into retirement from England Test Cricket, he wants to carry on, but after 21 years playing for England, the team want to develop new talent. He played his last match yesterday at Lords against the West Indies.

    What is remarkable about him is that hes been able to play into his 40s, fast bowling is hard on the body, and he’s unique at still playing well at his age. This is different to spin bowling (like Shane Warne) which is less physically challenging.

    So how in earth has he been able to do it for so long. Stuart Broad calls him a bowling addict. How is he going to cope without it?

    Ive also always been curious about his (in my opinion) lack of charisma. Despite mutli-coloured punky hair styles & posing naked in gay magazines, he’s never quite captured the public imagination like Warne, Tufnell or Flintoff. Despite being Englands best bowler.

    His bowling has been the same – reliable, solid & clinical. Hes a work-horse, but not a showman, and boy is he grumpy on the pitch sometimes!

  16. And now, for something completely different…Summer camp in North Korea.

    “What it’s like to go to summer camp in North Korea”


    An interesting read about a Russian child’s 15-day experience.

  17. I got up this morning and the second thing I read was this. It is absolutely chilling. I really wish everyone would just stop the hand wringing over Biden. Trump is cognitively impaired and a bad man. If he wins things will never be the same. People don’t understand. The rules and the principles they think they live their lives by won’t apply anymore. See below.

    Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more
    July 11, 2024
    JUL 12


    Yesterday, Raw Story reported that Ivan Raiklin, Trump’s self-declared “Secretary of Retribution” has compiled a “Deep State target list” of 350 people he wants to see arrested and punished for “treason” if Trump is reelected. The list includes Democratic and Republican elected officials, journalists he considers to be Trump’s enemies, U.S. Capitol Police officers, and witnesses against Trump in his impeachment trials and the hearings concerning the events of January 6, 2021.

    • “Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told Raw Story: “His hit list is a vigilante death warrant for hundreds of Americans and a clear and present danger to the survival of American democracy and freedom.” The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment. Raiklin said the list was just the beginning. “This is the scratching of the surface of who is going to be criminalized for their treason, okay?” “

    • Well panicking about it is not going to solve the problem. Nor is trying to elect a clearly deteriorating Biden who should have been replaced as a prospective candidate long time since. Democrats need to find a sensible replacement and then rally their members out to vote.

      • Marjorie, Jamie Raskin is called “Opposite Man” because the Democrats trot him out to give the opposite of the truth.
        In 2017 Jamie Raskin claimed that Trump was mentally unfit for office. He proposed setting up a permanent office to evaluate the mental and physical health of all Presidents.
        In 2024, after Biden was seen wandering around at the G7, Raskin claimed that Biden’s age was bringing solidarity to the world. Enough said.

        • Maggie, Jamie Raskin is a highly respected and well-beloved constitutional lawyer and former professor of constitutional law. Only extremely partisan Republicans have anything ill to say of him.

          Please don’t defame him because you don’t like his politics. He’s also an extremely decent man, known for his kindness and compassion. He was one of the few congressmen, among her many clients, to make a point of sending a personal message and several of his staff to my friend’s memorial service, which he couldn’t attend because he was undergoing cancer treatment during Covid. There are few better human beings on this planet.

          • I didn’t defame him sheesh I didn’t call him a partisan hack. Just reporting what he’s called. Keep an eye out tho, he really is brought out to say the opposite. And while I admire your ability to stick to the Liberal playbook, it would be nice to see you look at things with a different view. You definitely have the intelligence to see that we are fooling ourselves if we think it’s Right vs Left. It is the elite establishment vs the rest of us and it’s our news sources that give us our opinions. Most people will believe what the media tells them to believe.

          • Ooops, had a friendly face emoticon after “ooops” in my reply to u Nicole. Without it, I sound harsh which wasn’t my intent.

          • Maggie, I’ve never heard the term “opposite man” and I do read very widely. I do know that Jamie Raskin has a reputation for the greatest integrity on the Hill. I have no illusions about politicians, including many in my own party. There are many scumbags and opportunists in and around politics. But I still believe that there are good people in politics — in both parties, especially at the local level –who care about decency and the common good because I’ve known them personally, not just personal power and greed. Unfortunately extreme polarization and the recent overall meanness has driven many of the good people out of politics.

          • @Maggie, you’re right it’s not just right v. left. I’d phrase it differently than you but we’re getting at the same thing. I see it as many (not all) of the billionaire/oligarch class (which owns most of the media now) vs the rest of us. Follow the money and, in the real world, you usually get your answers about who holds the power, their motivation and who’s really pulling the strings.

      • Sorry Marjorie. Raskin is a highly respected US Representative from the state of Maryland and I know him well. I lived in Maryland for 18 years and only recently moved away. They county I lived in for 18 years is the richest in the nation and is more of a city State. Raskin is not someone that is just trotted out (per Maggie). I won’t do any more political posting nor responses to political posts as an American it has now become dangerous. I get really upset in that the Media is not playing fair – but we should expect that since they are all owned by for profit corporations and are no longer truly independent. I will still be on your website reading, and commenting on neutral subjects. CNN got Trump elected in the last round as he was profitable from a clicks and Eyeballs perspective and it is happening again. They are not talking about the Heritage Foundation 2025 properly – which is Trump laying out what he plans to do.

        I appreciate your website and the space you provide here, very much so.

        • @LizM, I truly appreciate your perspective and hope you will continue to add your insight.

          I gather you’re currently in a red or purple state? I used to live in Virginia and was regularly threatened because of my activism and do understand. I’m a lot older now and live in California.

          I for one refuse to be intimidated. I’m currently considering where best to put my limited resources and time to beat back the threat of Trump and his wannabe dictatorship.

          Organize, organize, organize!

          • Thank you Nicole. I got sick, so came back to where family was. The state I am in is in the South, just north of Atlanta, and as red as it gets. Deep red. This is after living in Maryland 18 years and before that Massachusetts for 8 years. I spent 6 years of childhood in California – Travis. There is support here for me in my purple borough, but it is Trump country and I keep my mouth shut. A close friend who was 98 who recently passed said it feels like the 30’s all over again. Maryland is 80% Democrat, but they would probably be first on the list that is being outlined. I am considering moving far north or west, but a lot of it depends on my health and what goes down. So, I am renting until after the election. May be heading back north – which is ok – strong support up in Massachusetts, I am very fond of Maine and upstate NY, and I have family in NY, and a lot of strong past life connections in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Literal dejavu experiences too spooky to get into here. So my family came in 1621, 100% English, as far as being able to blend in with Christian Nationalism I could hide in plain site. Thank you Nicole – I greatly appreciate your insights too. I will be around, but maybe a little more cloaked. They are going to target Dems if they win. I keep thinking about how the Jews who live saw what was coming early and got out. I just think things could get real messy. The Civil War split up my family – and stories as well as PTSD was passed down generation to generation. I don’t like what I am seeing. People who I deeply respect do not like what they are seeing. It really is red alert time, and I think a whole segment of the population is not taking this seriously. Appreciate you – keep posting – will always follow what you say closely.

          • Totally understand where you’re coming from, Liz. I’ve been there, too. Take care of your health first and try to find something joyful and positive to distract from all the negative energy of the political system. That’s what I’m trying to do, too. I’m so grateful to be in California now. Hugs!

        • LizM, Be well. I will come down more heavily on clearly slanted/plain wrong posts – but sometimes I leave them up since I do not know the facts behind them, waiting for the more knowledgeable to come in with comments. When they are exposed as pernicious nonsense I will bin them more assiduously going forward.

      • Precisely. My gut sense is that’s what will happen. There may well be another precipitating event. Even my normally cautious congressman, whom I know personally and respect, came out yesterday calling for Biden to step aside.

        Does the astrology indicate that we can still beat back Trump’s threat?

  18. The Biden gaffes yesterday were painful to watch, and you’d have to have a heart of stone not to sympathise with the man on a personal level at least. The potentially surprising or shocking Uranus/Mars/Algol energy is almost exact, plus an anaretic Capricorn full Moon (21st July), conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune, trine Mars is, amongst other things, inconjunct Biden’s Nodes/Chiron at 28-9 Leo. Capricorn government power and the public, plus Biden’s life path or mission meet and require “adjustments”. The stage is already set.

    Meanwhile, awful though this all is, remember the numerous gaffes and malapropisms of President George W. Bush? He had Uranus conjunct Moon’s Nodes in word salad Gemini. Biden has Gemini Uranus square Moon’s Nodes. Possibly a sometimes uneven, erratic connection with the public there?

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”— George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

    • I’ve been under stress and have misspoken so much worse than what happened at that press conference. Can’t find the right words lately and I’m thirty years younger. But I also don’t have the most stressful job on the planet. Randi Rhodes played a clip of Trump sounding senile. The clip was from a couple of years ago. He stated that the Continental Congress met in 1775 and then started talking about the airports back then. Airports!

      • Donald Trump is another purveyor of vast word salads, and what could be termed, politely, ‘unusual’ and disruptive ideas.
        He is Sun, Uranus, Nodes conjunct in Gemini, expanded by Jupiter in Libra, with a subtle warning from Chiron in Libra as well. His Gemini bonanza opposes his Sagittarian Moon as well, so even more of a see-saw effect there, both internally and with allies and the general public.

        According to Michael Munkasey, the effect of Uranus/Nodes ‘with body or mind’ include:

        “Sudden onset of complications due to stress in life; deafness as you close out any assistance from others; unusual social diseases or behaviour; nerve blockage.”

        As this Uranus/Nodes energy is maybe trying to get our attention, it’s worth noting that the USA itself has Uranus in Gemini, sextile Moon’s Nodes in Leo, and is heading for its Uranus return.

        • This issue of an older presidential candidate is nothing new. I’m curious about Uranus and Gemini in US history, and just exploring ideas here. Came across this from Aquarian Ronald Reagan –

          Republican president Ronald Reagan was 73 when he ran for a second term against 56-year-old Walter Mondale. But he managed to turn his age into his strength with a witty answer that went down in history. “I will not make age an issue of this campaign,” Reagan said when asked whether he was fit for office. “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” (thejakartapost.com)

          Reagan had Mercury conjunct Uranus in Capricorn, inconjunct Pluto in Gemini. He was, of course, younger than both current contenders are now.

  19. According to CNN, Biden hasn’t held a full cabinet meeting since 2nd Oct 2023. He’s obviously trying to avoid an Amendment 25 situation, where the VP + Cabinet decide he’s not fit for office.

    Tr Pluto will be exactly square Biden’s Moon on 20th July, so this will be resolved by then. (When tr Pluto was square Boris’s Moon, he resigned from Parliament, ending his political career).

    To Americans fretting about this, cheer up. Your system is decentralised with states having their own governors and legislatures, plus Congress controls the money. That means the country pretty much runs itself (that’s why it’s lasted so long).

    It’s true that the President runs foreign policy – but if necessary aides can gatekeep what info he sees (I believe this happened under Trump), and in extremis they can always “accidently” lock him in the toilets.

  20. Keith Starmer has praised Biden claiming that he is not the least senile. And while Parkinsons isn’t Alzheimers, my next door neighbour who had Alzheimers had her lucid moments, these became few and far between as time went on

    Her sister who lived opposite used to care for her. We only found out that she too had Alzheimers after a gas explosion blew up her house. The irony being that the first sister’s gas appliances had been removed and replaced with electric ones.

    The point I am trying to make is that while Biden thinks he is the only one up to the job, the truth is that all true blue Democrats will vote for whichever Democrat is on the ticket, even if it was a cuckoo clock.

    Those undecided voters are the ones that need convincing. And they outnumber party supporters by a considerable amount. Biden said tonight that Kamala wasn’t up to the job. He needs a VP that is. One that people can be confident about. One that he would be willing to step aside for. Surely replacing her name with someone else cannot be insurmountable as is made out. Otherwise I cannot see a future for the Democrats, if they can’t convince Biden that the time to step aside is now.

    • Linda, Biden did not say Kamala is not up to the job. He praised her work in specific areas and said he would not have chosen her as VP if she were not up to the job. I watched the whole press conference. I don’t know where you get your information.

      My concern about her is that she lacks the strong political and interpersonal skills I feel are needed to run an effective presidential campaign.

      There are ways to transfer the war chest to either Kamala or a new candidate, according to the knowledgeable political writers I follow closely. It’s doable, if not totally clear-cut.

  21. The Atlantic magazine has an article in the July edition stating that the one and only reason Joe Biden won’t drop out of the race is because he then would have to give VP Harris his entire fundraising war chest. Interesting

      • Strong-minded women politicians are held to different standards. I’ve seen this repeatedly.

        However, she has a reputation for being difficult and has a high staff turnover rate — as does Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

  22. Marjorie can you please compare the 6:37am alternate Biden BT to his current time on debate night of June 27th to see which one flagged that day more badly?

      • Ok. Neptune bad regardless. But if there’s an almost 2 hour discrepancy this has to have some effect give or take right? I’m just seeking deep dive comparison of the two times with his major life events because I believe the current time is really wrong. The new time not only shifts his rising to Scorpio, but also his moon to Aries.

          • Another astrologer. A low key one though. But he pegged the specific debate date as a bad day long before a debate was even arranged. Plus the decription with this rectified BT seems to fit Biden better.

  23. Marjorie, you looked at the very damaged Kennedy men, but what about the women, the Kennedy daughters and granddaughters?

    I’m thinking Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, her daughter Maria Shriver, former broadcaster and first lady of California, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor of Maryland, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, writer and ambassador. These are the ones who’ve gained prominence in their own right, but there are a slew of others living quieter lives. And many were affected by the Kenney curse of substance abuse, serious accidents and early death.

    We’re/are the women also as damaged as the Kennedy men?


  24. Shelly Duval would be interesting. Brilliant actress but a haunted persona. I imagine both Neptune and Uranus would have had a major impact on the course of her life.

    • She would, but was she haunted, or just badly treated by the usual types?
      Frankly her treatment on sets particularly by Kubrick was nothing short of torture.

  25. So much heavy energy with geriatric politicians as of late, I’d love to counter this with some young energy.

    Euro2024 will culminate on Sunday, and while not without controversy, football fans everywhere have noticed how young many of the breakaway stars are. First and foremost, Spain’s Lamine Yamal, who will turn 17 (!) on Sunday. But also teammate Nico Williams Jr and Pedi, The Netherland’s Xavi Simons, England’s Jude Bellingham and Kobi Mainoo, Germany’s Yamal Musiala have been taking leadership roles well beyond their years. I’m especially interested in Yamal (surname), who I think has the makings of a true GOAT, akin to Pelé, because of the temperament. Is there something that might explain this?

    • Yes, young Lamine Yamal could be one of the greatest ever footballers. I agree with you, right now he looks like he could be a Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo or Messi. What a weight on such young shoulders, I hope it doesn’t get too much for him. Fancy being a 16 yr old schoolboy, but scoring goals in the Euros semi-finals for your country on your school holidays.
      Although I’m hoping his parents ground him for being naughty, or his teachers give him detention so he can’t play on Sunday. (C’mon England!)

  26. Regarding the Kennedys, you know which one I hope is a great guy, and I thought about asking you to tell us something about him: Caroline Kennedy’s (27 November 1957 at 08:15, New York City, New York) son, Jack Schlossberg (19 January 1993 at 06:00, New York City, New York). I think he is at times mentioned regarding possible political ambitions. He is a writer and social activist.

  27. I think the story that’s equally as big as Biden’s debate performance is how the media told us not to believe our lying eyes.

    The allegations from the White House that videos showing Biden behaving erratically were labeled “cheap fakes.” NBC News lamented how difficult all these deceptive “cheap fakes” were for our noble fact checkers.

    Robert Hur said Biden lacked the mental fortitude to face a jury without seeming like a feeble old man. The press then attacked Hur.

    Everything was presented as “misleading claims” or “misleading videos”. I saw in January that the Washington Post said that what the public was seeing with Biden was comparable to anyone mixing up the names of their children.

    The media did not report that a Parkinson’s expert had visited the White House 9 times in the last year.

    Then there were articles that built off longstanding claims that criticism of Biden’s mental capacity were “ageist.” Headline: “The Weaponization of Biden’s Age” “Ageist Attacks Against Biden Reinforce Outdated Stereotypes”. “The View Flips Out Over Jon Stewart’s Criticism “Sick of this Ageism!”

    Perhaps the richest of them all came last year from The NY Times:
    Biden was so spry and vigorous that his young staff couldn’t keep up! Everyone was saying so!
    It reads like North Korean propaganda.

    And now Biden has lost even Joe Scarborough who said this four months ago: “Start your tape right now because I’m about to tell you the truth, and ‘F’ you if you can’t handle the truth: this version of Biden—intellectually, analytically—is the best Biden ever.”

    Joe Scarborough, post-debate: “Thank God it’s June, we have time to replace him. This is the last chance.”

    I believe the Moon in a country’s chart represents the citizens? And the Moon at 27 Aquarius is getting hit by a square to Uranus perhaps showing how shocked U.S. citizens are that the health of the President was hidden from them? The U.S. Moon is in the third house of communications which I believe shows the “shocking” failure of the news media for covering up and obfuscating this massive story.

    There is disagreement with astrologers about what U.S. chart is correct. I used USA #1 from Astrodatabank.

    • The media reported on deep fakes that were deep fakes. Because they were deep fakes. That’s what the media did. Seeing everything through the lens of conspiracy and media fakery, why would the liberal media be hounding Biden toward the exit now? Why not just write that he had a bad cold and a late night and move on? Oh wait, because now everyone saw it. Everyone saw the state of the union, too, and he was terrific for that. The truth is always more nuanced than each side’s version of events. He’s an old man. Like Trump, whose every utterance is a veritable word salad. And it could be, just as the media has been reporting it, that his cognitive abilities worsened a lot in the last few months.

      • a prime example is the very clear deepfake speech from theNATO conference and the really bad editing of the part of an interview where he says he was first black president. All manipulated audio and video and badly manipulated. all made to make Trump look inevitable! but why? a clear blue wave incoming for Biden the longer this goes on.

        • Most of the country is far removed from knowing what is going on with our politicians so we rely on the media and the people will believe what the media tells them to believe. And this is true for left and right based media. They have been gaslighting us about Biden. We’ve seen bits and pieces of of strange things but when he was stood up in what I thought was a very fair debate, one in which Democrats set all the rules, it could no longer be hidden. Dems themselves are saying he needs to step down. When you lose Rob Reiner and Stephen King and Joe Scarborough and George Clooney, there will not be a clear blue wave coming. And the whataboutism with Trump is used to get away from a difficult subject and is not the point. The point is Biden. I have said here before, I did not vote in the last election because I did not like the choices and I find when you aren’t rooting for any team that you see more clearly.

  28. Marjorie, this is an outlier probability-wise, but is there a chart for the US Dollar? If there is, can you look at that chart and the chart for the Fed Reserve in the period immediately following the US elections and the US presidential inauguration?

    You have warned for some time about a black-swan financial crisis coming our way in 2025-26. Here’s a thought: could the US presidential elections get so acrimonious that both candidates claim to win and both are sworn in by different judges/justices? Could the US dollar, the backbone of the world economy, crash because of the domestic politics of the US, taking the global economy with it?

    In such a situation, could Russia and China come out largely unscathed, because at least the former is decoupled from the dollar due to sanctions?

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