George Clooney – speaking truth to power

George Clooney, a major Democrat donor, has raised the heat in the Biden go-or-stay debate, saying flatly Biden is not the man he was in 2020 and won’t win if he stands. Despite a robust push-back from the White House and Biden family, pressure is growing. Even Nancy Pelosi is carefully saying the time is getting late and a decision needs to be reached.

  Clooney, 6 May 1961 2.58am Lexington Manor, Kentucky, is an enduring Taurus with a reformist streak from a Uranus square; with an exuberant Mars in Leo in his performing 5th square a dreamy 8th house Neptune  and opposition a Capricorn Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. A mix of glamour and gravitas.

 He is looking discouraged across the election with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn and in a calamitous square to his Mars/Saturn midpoint till late November; and frustratedly trapped from November 20 to December 29 with tr Pluto opposition his Mars. His Progressed Mars is exactly conjunct his Pluto now and for some months ahead, which won’t give him what he wants. He won’t get his bounce back till March 2025 when tr Pluto squares his Mars/Jupiter midpoint on and off through 2026 as well.

  Nancy Pelosi, 26 March 1940 3.10pm Baltimore, Maryland, a determined 8th house Sun and lucky Jupiter in Aries with an ultra-determined Mars Venus Uranus conjunction on her Midheaven opposition a Scorpio Moon. Tr Uranus is conjunct her Mars exactly now for an outspoken and insecure moment with over-reactions likely.  That repeats throughout October and again in  May 2025.  Exactly now she has tr Pluto square her Sun/Mars midpoint till mid next week which will be wound up and logjammed. That repeats throughout January 2025. Mid July to early September is a real and depressing slog against massive obstacles. This September to early October she has a disastrous tr Neptune square her Mars/Pluto midpoint. She will be agitated and argumentative late December to mid March 2025. Like Clooney she will regain her bounce come March 2025 onwards.

Barack Obama, 4 August 1961 7.24 pm Honolulu, Hawaii, looks rattled across the election with tr Uranus square his Uranus but does have the confidently upbeat (and usually successful) tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter late November to the end of December; though from late December to mid March 2025 he will also facing major setbacks from tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint.

N.B. Some of the above could be down to personal issues but overall not looking like like a celebration for the above three.

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  1. So Clooney notices his decline three weeks before the debate and he continues to fund raise for the man. I would want my money back! This is like Chuck Todd confessing to speaking to an unnamed cabinet secretary 2 years ago saying they could not possibly run Biden the way he is. Why these people think it was ok to sit on this information is unfathomable to me.

    He has not had a cabinet meeting in 9 months for crying out loud…when he did hold one it was scripted. He is using a teleprompter to address small groups of donors. The money is drying up now and that might hasten the end, but we are living in scandalous times.

  2. It’s worth looking at Marjories post about the Heritage Foundation and Project 2025, posted in September 2023.
    The HF Sun is 27 Aquarius, so in line for some disruption from Uranus and Mars this summer,and beyond. Marjorie writes:

    “It looks to be powering ahead through this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter but high hopes of success will be deflated by SA Neptune conjunct Jupiter, exact in late summer 2024. And it will run into a catastrophic phase of setbacks and disappointments come 2026/27 with tr Neptune Saturn opposition their Pluto and square Mars, at the same time as SA Pluto squares the Sun. Nothing that looks like progress with their project.”

  3. The latest fluffs by Biden (calling Trump the VP and calling Zelensky by Putin’s name) really suggest to me his position is becoming untenable. Even if you think he’s okay today; where’s he going to be in 3-4yrs time at age 85 at the end of a second term.

    My dad was a late Scorpio sun and he hated to admit any weakness. He’d prefer to be half blind than wear his eyeglasses. Fixed signs aside, I think it’s quite often the case with many elderly people – who don’t want to admit to needing help as it highlights their ageing to them.

    The astrology of transiting Uranus about to hit Biden’s chart seems prescient. One way or the other, I think he has a shock coming to him.

  4. Very interesting astrological dynamics going on in Clooney’s chart and Solar Arc chart. If Biden loses: is Clooney going to surprise everyone and come out as a Democratic political candidate? Solar Arc Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus planets all conjunct to his own Natal Planets. Which is not unusual, yet in his 11th house, these planets drives him in his causes. Especially as his Moon is in the 11th as well, influenced by Aquarian/Saturn issues. Authority and group participation. Maybe forming a new Political Group? This may be a natural progression for him? Transiting Pluto in Aquarius is activating his own Natal Jupiter in the 11th house groups/political groups. Also his own Pluto in Virgo conjuncts his descendant. Would work hard for what’ve believes in. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Planetary order and is know as Jehovah or new philosophies. Pluto signifies ending and beginning, the death of something ( in his case acting?) in order to renew. It also rules the Politics/Money. Clooney’s chart oozes new thinking in politics. Clooney has the resources to fund a campaign. His Sun/ Uranus midpoint is in Gemini in his fourth house – the Moon – rules by Mercury and his squaring his nodes. This energy could be activating pass harboured views to come to fruition ? His Solar Arc Mercury is in Cancer/ Moon. Time to change projects? . His sun/Moon midpoint is in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune, which is in Clooney’s 8th house, ruled by Pluto – Politics. Clooney’s has always supported his heartfelt causes. Why not his own political aspirations ?

  5. Out of 16 comments at this point, 2 of them them contain interesting astrology, thank you Speedy and pdw, the rest are just political opinions. It is tiresome.

    • I agree too much non-astrology politico comment is wearing/irrelevant here. But some like the background on Clooney and Amal vis a vis Netanyahu is interesting context which I did not know.

      But going ahead can everyone keep random opinions for elsewhere and try to stay on point.

  6. One thing that strikes me is that the sun trines Saturn almost exactly at the time of the election. An indication of illusions on both sides being brought down to earth

  7. @A
    vote for Jill is wishful thinking and essentially a vote for Trump. People fail to understand that the US has a two party system controlled by the democratic and republican parties and that is it!
    Sad to see you are willing to risk our democracy. Maybe you should read up on Trump’s project 2025for the nation and see what the stakes are.

  8. “See moment Biden mistakenly calls Zelensky ‘President Putin’”

    Becoming tougher to look the other way.


    • Corrected himself but yes always gaffs we will have wait how it plays out that said Trump would never be able to speak on foreign policy for over an hour because he doesn’t have a clue about any of of it

    • And he just referred to Harris as “Vice President Trump”. The worst part is he didn’t even realize it to correct himself. Good grief.

  9. What a dramatic turn, with handsome Hollywood George Clooney ‘starring’ as truthsayer and whistleblower (T Jupiter is in his 3rd and trine his natal Jupiter; and T Mars is conjunct his Mercury). Perhaps we’ll see a movie of all this at some point.

  10. The George Clooney relationship with Biden and his administration is interesting, and it’s not as simple as it appears on the surface. According to news reports, they were closer before this past spring, when Clooney’s wife, Dr. Amal Clooney, was instrumental in advising the International Criminal Court on issuing arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant (as well as Hamas leaders)–thus angering the Biden administration, as it likely complicated already difficult negotiations.

    The incident engendered bad blood between Biden and Clooney, who reportedly was worried his wife might face U.S. sanctions (based on a bill that was passed by the House but wasn’t taken up in the Senate), and who called the White House to complain.

    Regarding the fundraising event Clooney referenced in his NYT op-ed, the Biden people have retorted that Clooney departed a few minutes after it started, whereas Biden stayed and hobnobbed for hours–not the behavior of a dodderer, even if Clooney had actually been there to observe said behavior.

    Add to this, Clooney reportedly gave a heads-up to Barack Obama before publishing the op-ed, and Obama did nothing to stop it. Talk about bad blood.

    I voted for Obama twice, but his big-footing of both Biden’s and Bernie Sanders’ presidential aspirations in 2015-16 helped lead directly to the disaster of Trump’s election; and his foreign policy weakness, especially with regard to Russia and the Crimea, helped create the current nightmare in Ukraine.

    It’s tiresome to watch as a clutch of entitled, hyperprivileged “elder statesmen,” entertainers, media stars, and idle rich people feed each others’ galactic egos while loudly blaring their unhelpful opinions over all available media. It muddies the waters; takes critical attention away from Trump and his extreme mental unfitness (he’s been blathering again about leaving NATO, and maybe something about being electrocuted by EVs?); and discounts the opinions of millions of rank-and-file voters who picked Biden-Harris in the primaries and who still support them.

    These Democratic Party “leaders” all imagine they’re somehow helping to “save” democracy from MAGA. In reality, their constant bellyaching and carnival-barking does the opposite–it gives aid to the MAGA movement, thereby helping those who would wipe out the last vestiges of government of, by, and for the people.

    Ugh. We need divine intervention.

    • And now, A122, is when the Aliens show up. 🙂

      I actually agree with everything you said. The stakes are very high. It will be a hard lesson to a lot of people if DJT and the Heritage foundation get their way. I am sitting here trying to game theory the aftermath, and what I should do to protect myself. It is now on my radar how grave a threat Christian Nationalism is, and soon these identity politics discussions which were so important for so long won’t even be in play anymore. I don’t think the majority of the country will go willingly into some of the vision that the Heritage Foundation Project 2025 has, and I think it could all become a big mess. For the first time in my life I actually feel old. My Gemini Moon and Mercury in the 11th house has sustained me for years, but I am a Taurus Sun born in 1961 the same year as Clooney same month.

      • I forgot, Joyce Vance and Heather Cox Richardson, are truth telling in a different way. If you have a chance to read either it is worth it.

  11. Does anyone know what happened with the allegations of child labor for Nespresso? GC is their brand ambassador. GC said he was disappointed about this and that it would be investigated. His net worth is reportedly $500 million. Here’s hoping that he can donate some of his massive fortune to ending poverty, homelessness and malnutrition throughout the world. Just one fifth of his fortune could provide monumental results.

    • He has Moon/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn . Moon/Saturn people never really become to prominence until they are older. We have seen the movie/actor playing his roles. I believe we will now see the real authentic George Clooney. Ambitious to leave his legacy? He has quietly been building up to this. Now his power base is coming out into the open. Neptune in the 8th can be seen an Stars with a vast fortune, Pluto transitioning Capricorn has been gradually building his contacts and authority, changing his ambitions. Transiting Uranus is his fourth house , I think will move into a different way of life very soon.

      • Hello. Surely hope not. His tequila business was sold at an overinflated price which suggests money laundering. And his wife defended JA, recently convicted of espionage and an alleged GRU asset. Not a good look.

        • Aim, Will you kindly stop making uncorroborated allegations. ‘Suggest’ is not a defence in a libel suit never mind being potentially a smear. It is extremely tedious

          • Hi Marjorie. Heard. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve. I have an 8th house stellium so I am circumspect, much more so with celebrities. I have some links below which corroborate my opinion about George’s sale. I wrote my opinion above because the company he chose to do business with (after they were sanctioned) has been charged more than once. I know people will get upset about me including this this since George is such a sacred cow but Diageo has been in big trouble and paid heavy fines.

   – they were caught bribing.


            Also, GC did not disclose the sales and earnings of Casa Amigos (only a four year old company at the time) before the $1 billion dollar sale. Sellers usually disclose those numbers because it can clearly show the valuation of the company. It’s not like he had a novel product; its just plain regular tequila.
            And my Spidey senses are aroused because Amal’s relative is Ziad Takieddine, whom Wikipedia lists as an “arms broker,” –allegedly and reportedly per their website. And GC has teamed up with Ron Burkle, among others, to produce a documentary about the OSU scandal. Burkle owns SoHo House and is close friends with Trump. Strange bedfellows. Burkle as producer is corroborated via Variety and other entertainment outlets.

          • Aim, Diageo was fined for bribery in India and the Far East and questionable business practices in the US – but none of it was for money laundering.
            I have no objection to taking pot shots at sacred cows but shooting the messenger because you don’t like the message does get off point. Clooney could be many things but he also may be absolutely right on the issue under discussion.
            I am reminded of the Churchill quote – “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.” Ignore who says it and look at what they say.

  12. Please don’t waste your vote on Jill Stein! It’s Democracy vs. Fascism. There’s no room for protest votes.

  13. Hoping for Dr Jill Stein to win. Dems and Repubs have proven to be on the side of capitalism, pro genocide and continue the hammering down of democracies in global south countries staying coups and putting puppet regimes. US Empire has to have its beginning of the end with this election.

    • Serious question. What does Jill do in between election years? What does she do within that timeframe to help move the country forward? There’s not a peep from her until it’s an election year. Otherwise, crickets.

    • A, do you know anything about the American political system? Outside of the Dems and GOP, a third party/candidate has an extremely remote chance of breaking through. You’d have a better chance of being struck by lightning, twice. The first-past-the-post, winner-take-all electoral structure reinforces the advantage of the two major parties in all elections. Stein is nothing more than a protest candidate, and she knows it. Why waste your vote?

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