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  1. We are going from the mostly culturally sophisticated White House-Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Esperanza Spaulding-to a cultural cesspool of crass gaudy materialism. Materialism in Melania’s chart is not shocking. Her attraction was to Trump’s money. This is not Camelot. Ironically a movie on Jackie Kennedy-Jackie- starring Natalie Portman being released. The savages have taken over the White House and 10 Downing Street. It will be interesting what artists will show up for the National Medal of the Arts and Kennedy Center Honors, or championship athletes.

  2. Hi Marjorie, I’d be very interested to get an insight into David Attenborough. With his excellent new series of Planet Earth on TV tying in with the timing on further international climate talks – and of course then his recent comments about how to handle Trump – he seems to be a figure of the moment (and all-round national treasure of course!).

  3. I would be very interested what you can see for this coming year concerning Mylania Trump. I imagine it will be very hard and stressful for her having to change over her life when D.Trump moves into the white house and reading your comments re. The Trumps privately I do wonder…………..

  4. Was reading the Trump-Netanyahu posting; the comment about ultra-right wing evangelist Pence. With Trump possibly out of the picture ~2018, Pence steps up and takes the presidential reigns…into the 2020 US elections. unlikely a favorable outcome from that election. Perhaps worth looking at, while dodging the raining fallout from our election results. But it’s so far out there…

  5. Hi Marjorie, can you take a peek at Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield’s charts (personal & marriage), please? She was born 10.45pm Nov 21 1941, London. He 23 Nov 1959, Glasgow, Scotland (can’t find a time). I believe they were married 2 Dec 1980, just 9 days after his 21st birthday. I’ve always been fascinated by them and how they have proved their critics wrong that their May-December marriage would barely last 8 months. They are about to celebrate their birthdays (her 75th, his 57th) and their 36th wedding anniversary shortly and appear as much in love as they were in the beginning. I do love it when unconventionality wins the day!

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