Trump & Netanyahu – two of a kind



As ever, Donald Trump has been wildly erratic on the subject of Israel saying at the start of his campaign he’d do the impossible and broker a Palestine/Israel peace deal; and latterly telling the Israeli to build more settlements. And he’s being blamed for the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in the US. You can take your pick.

He’s not temperamentally a good fit with Benjamin Netanyahu since both have the bombastic, bullying Mars in Leo prominent in their charts; and BN’s Saturn is square DT’s unpredictable 10th house Uranus. Their relationship chart is argumentative with a composite Sun Mars but also with a chained-together Saturn Pluto square Moon square Node. There’s a fair amount of unrest from April 2017 onwards between them, but that could be them facing a common enemy together.

Certainly Trump’s relationship with Palestine (1988) and Gaza (1917) looks ever more disappointing and undermined.

Though there’s no saying how much Trump’s policies – if any – will be the deciding factor since he may hand day-to-day decisions over to far-right, evangelist VP Pence and others and content himself grandstanding.

One thought on “Trump & Netanyahu – two of a kind

  1. Marjorie, it’s very apparent, you are not a fan of DJT, the person or his future policies.
    So many astrologers have pushed their bias’ front and center. Which has turned out to be a disappointment.
    As of today, many astrologers, now looking in the mirror, have come to terms with their “personal issues” and have realized it colored their readings to their clients. This was a huge lesson and reinforces, “buyer beware”.

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