Mexico – problems coming home to roost



Mexico has now been put on red alert with the news that Trump wasn’t flannelling about repatriating criminal illegals. He still intends to build a wall/fence and jail those he can’t toss back.

The Mexico 15 September 1910 11pm Dolores Hidalgo chart does have Mars in late Leo so it will catch the August Solar Eclipse which sits on the MC for Mexico City. Indeed the February 2017 Pisces Eclipse conjunct Neptune will conjunct the Mexico MC Pluto; and that Eclipse chart has Mars Uranus Venus on the Ascendant opposition Jupiter square Pluto (MC) – so a crisis-ridden year.

Mexico’s relationship chart with Trump has a composite Mars Mercury Uranus in late Leo square Pluto, so it always going to be a troubled and explosive relationship – and it is certainly being keyed up before and after August 2017. With continuing aggravation as tr Uranus trines the composite Mars from May 2017 and Mercury Uranus in 2018.

Mexico’s economy has been stabilising and growing modestly in recent years though the rich poor gap is still stark; and the ongoing war with drug cartels have claimed around 80,000 lives in the decade up to 2015. Since the clamp down on Colombian cartels Mexico now dominate the illicit drug market, and control 90% of the cocaine entering the US.

2017/18 look very pressured for Mexico. Tr Saturn is exactly square the 10th house Pluto at the moment, moving on to square the Virgo Sun in 2017; with a jolting Solar Arc Uranus opposition Saturn in 2017; and an even sharper shock coming from Solar Arc Mars opposition Sun in 2018.

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