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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    Here in Florida, our former governor and U.S. Senator, the legendary Bob Graham, just died yesterday (April 16, 2024) at a retirement community in Gainesville, Florida. He was 87 years old. Bob Graham, a lifelong Democrat, was considered one of the most popular and successful governors here in Florida…and he was also a very popular U.S. Senator too. He was one of the very few politicians in Florida’s history to win by a landslide in elections (for example, in 1992, he won every 66 out of 67 counties here in Florida for the Senate).

    In 2003, Bob Graham even ran for the 2004 Presidential Election but dropped out early in the race due to heart-related issues. He retired from the U.S. Senate and politics in 2005 and went on to become a fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics and he recently had a children’s book published.

    Normally, I wouldn’t request a write-up about a local Florida politician. However, since the late Bob Graham did have nationwide name recognition (as I mentioned earlier, he was well known around the U.S. throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s as a very popular and successful politician), I was hoping you might consider doing a write-up on him.

    John Kerry even reportedly considered asking Bob Graham to be his running mate / vice presidential candidate back in 2004 before asking John Edwards instead.

    I actually correspond with the Graham Family (including former Florida First Lady Adele Graham) via social media and in 2018, I campaigned for former Congresswoman Gwen Graham (Bob Graham’s daughter) in the primaries when she ran for governor. So, Bob Graham’s death feels very personal to me.

    I don’t have a birth time for Bob Graham (however, former First Lady Adele did tell me her daughter, Gwen Graham, was born at 8:00 AM one time when I asked back in 2018) but I do know Bob Graham was born on November 09, 1936 in Coral Gables, Florida.

    Anyway, anything (anything at all) you could share, astrologically speaking, regarding Governor / Senator Bob Graham’s life would be greatly appreciated. He did live a pretty interesting life and he was even instrumental in bettering the lives of many Floridians and helping preserve Florida’s natural environment.

  2. I was just wondering if Prince Harry is in the States for the long haul. And the reason why Biden is shielding him. Is it because The King has requested it? Or is it because there is a perceived Democrat demographic?

    • Or maybe no one in the US government thinks he’s important enough to bother with? He’s married to an American after all, which should give him some leverage for an extended visa if he wants to stay, without receiving any special treatment.

      • Sorry to not get back to you sooner. Given that the government is funding a court case to prevent his details being published as to whether he declared his drug taking: it is important enough.. while I don’t expect anything to come of it, I am curious as to why they are doing so.

        Curiously it has been announced that Harry has now declared his residency to be in the USA. Which is presumably for tax reasons. He would also have to do this if he wanted to become an American citizen.

        While The King has assured the government and Parliament that there is no intention to ever use Harry as a Counsellor of State, his status as CoS had been left in place. With Harry publicly stating that he has US residency status that now means that he can be legally removed from being Counsellor of State, should they wish to do so. While he cannot be removed from the line of succession, not without the UK Parliament and The Commonwealth Parliament’s voting on it, his chance of becoming say a Prince Regent or The King has considerably lessened.

        • Evidently I have confused residence status with domicile status. So I am wrong about it lessening Harry’s chance of becoming Counsellor of State although The King has assured both houses that it will never happen.

          I always understood that domicile status depended on you owning orienting a property in The UK. But evidently it can just mean that your father lives in the country where you both were born. Or something like that. Fircsomeone so messed up, hecseems to lead a charmed life.

  3. I’m wondering about the Lunar Standstill, and what it might mean in astrology, as well as astronomy. There’s currently a lot of excitement amongst archaeologists at Stonehenge, keen to see how the ancient stones might align with this 18.6 year phenomena. It’s also an opportunity for them to ponder the potential partnership between astronomy and spiritual cultural practices and events.

    “The four Station Stones at Stonehenge align with two of the Moon’s extreme positions, and there is much debate as to whether this was deliberate, and if so, what might have been the purpose. A team of archaeoastronomers will explore the complex relationship between the landscape, stones and the Moon over the course of the standstill. Research begins this Spring and observations will continue until mid-2025.” (english-heritage.org)

    Other ancient sites also offer lunar calendars. Stonehenge/English Heritage is partnering with the Chimney Rock Chacoan settlement in Colorado, for instance.

    I read this (below) on astro.com, while looking around for meanings. No idea how accurate this might be. But possibly the Lunar Standstill phenomena is adding to the current atmosphere around us. The very high number of elections around the world this year might be one example of collective shifts and emotional tides?

    “Major standstills affect tides and weather conditions and probably other lunar related phenomenon such as birth rates, public reaction, real estate and the stock market (more volatile during Major Standstill) as well as the economy. Since the Moon repeatedly goes OOB, there may be an overly zealous public response. The further OOB, the stronger the response. There is a maverick quality. Reactions and perceptions are extreme and not as controlled. The environment is not very stable. At Minor Standstills, reaction is more controlled and action is taken.” Linea Van Horn, astro.com

    • But, Jane, aren’t we in a constant change and something is always shifting? Just take a look at the amount of shifts from, say, Cameron to Sunak in UK. Just the premierships. Not to say of anything else. It’s not like we were at a standstill and suddenly there’s a whirlwind. We are constantly in a whirlwind, lunar standstill or no standstill.

      • EA – that’s not really what I meant! Of course things shift and change constantly, that is life here on Earth. I’m interested in the lunar standstill because I’m interested in all these patterns, and how they manifest themselves. I also enjoy ‘visible astrology’ when I can see it, and the lunar standstill phase is an obvious phenomenon to observe – as our ancient ancestors seem to have done for reasons of their own, that appear to have included spiritual and cultural responses.

        The lunar standstill cycle does have an effect on our global weather systems, which in turn affects us and our planet.

        “Even though El-Niño and Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has a tremendous impact on global climate and society, its long-term forecast remains difficult. In this study, we discovered a statistically significant relationship between ENSO timing and the 18.6-year period lunar tidal cycle” ncbi.nim.gov,2018

        I was also thinking that astronomy and astrology were once closely intertwined, for many centuries. Therefore, I wondered whether there’s any work being done on how the lunar standstill might manifest in astrology, since it is yet another pattern in our skies – and one that has a measurable effect. As above, so below!

    • Jane, I don’t know much about them. Presumably any calculations have to take into account that Stonehenge whenever it was built several millenia back will have a shifted vis a vis the Moon/Sun etc because of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

      There is certainly a great deal of shifting around going on – exponentially more change than the normal. Worth exploring if there is an astrological tie in.

      • I don’t think there is. People were saying the same at so many points in the past. One could argue that the energies now are maybe a little different post covid and all that, but turmoil is constant and that will not change. We were never Arcadia and suddenly there is a sandstorm coming our way.

      • Thanks Marjorie. It is an important astronomical cycle, and I suspect we and other living things do respond to it. I’m playing around with that impossible region where symbolism meets ‘reality’, and astrology meets astronomy and other sciences. Interesting that this year will see the biggest democratic election process in history with the Indian elections – and the Moon ruling ‘the public’ in astrology. Anyway, I will keep looking around to see what other information might emerge.

        • There is a definite shift going on at a subterranean/foundational level mirrored by the celestial switchover of the outer planets. I do consultations and I have never known a time when people are so uncertain of what comes next.
          There is always mayhem, muddle and carnage going on in the globe at any point, sometimes worse than others, but it is not that. There’s no sense of the ‘end of times’ or world war 111 – more the tectonic plates moving. So any indicators that tie in with that will be useful. Apart from the obvious Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn etc.

  4. Feargal Sharkey (13 August 1958, Derry, N.Ireland) the former lead singer from The Undertones is currently at the forefront of the campaign for cleaner waterways in the U.K. Sharkey said he became interested in politics at the age of 10, growing up at the time of the Troubles. He has said for example that London is currently 9th in a list of cities likely to run out of water, along with the likes of Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Cape Town. It would be interesting to look at his astrology in the light of the current situation with UK water companies.

    • Yes, he’s a fascinating character and thank goodness he has helped bring more publicity to this situation. This week I watched a team from Thames Water take a whole week to fit a new water meter outside a new-build house on my street. House has not yet been sold. I think it’s what used to be called ‘having a laugh’…..

    • Another of those summer of ’58 births. He was the lower flyer compared to Prince, Kate Bush, Madonna and Michael Jackson. But sounds like he has A Good Heart!

      • Thanks Jane & GD. I was a fan of the Undertones and other Irish bands such as Stiff Little Fingers as a teen but wasn’t so keen on the mainstream names at the time. But yes, Sharkey has always been one of the gooduns.

  5. It feels to me like at this precise time, whichever way you look, things are coming to a head for many people. Moreso than usual.

    – Jupiter-Uranus conjunction about to upset the apple cart in staid Taurus
    – Mars-Saturn conjunction asking for boundaries and action from passive Pisces
    – All manner of stuff in Aries with the Sun-Mercury conjunct near Chiron and the nodes for the recent eclipses. Not helped by moon in cancer in recent days.

    • I think it’s nice that there’s been a little bit of a shift and now Alabe.com is saying:

      “Applying Mars Sextile Jupiter
      This is a good time for outdoor activities, initiatives, enterprise, and quick decisions, all likely to turn out positive.

      Applying Jupiter Conjunct Uranus
      Unusual and interesting trends get attention during this transit. It’s even possible that a kind of revolution, or at least a liberation of ideas, may occur now. Positive developments, changes, and reversals may be happening in many fields, including religion, sports, law, and transportation. Court rulings made now will be perceived as progressive, if not controversial.”

      • I was looking at things more from a fraught than nice perspective. But perhaps it is just my perspective with all these planets in Aries transiting my 12th

        • That’s what I’m saying. It might just be that. A shift in perspective might bring us all good, and better than we had hoped for.

  6. How about Jon Richardson & Lucy Beaumont. They have just announced their divorce, but they have a shared career with joint tv shows. Will they both be successful after the seperation? Would the pressure of doing these TV shows together have caused their divorce?

  7. Hi Marjorie, if you have time and interest please have a look at Paula Vennels, 21.2.59 in Lancashire. Any indications of serious and extenuated punishment and jail time of particular interest…thanks..

  8. Hi Marjorie
    Could you look at physical appearance of the astrology signs and rising signs? Does the moon signs also affect the the physical appearance?

  9. Interested in a look at Margot Robbie’s chart for the next few years. The girl has it all…will she go beyond movieland as she grows her wealth and influence?
    Margot Elise Robbie
    2 July 1990 at 07:45
    Dalby, Australia, 27s11, 151e16

  10. Can you take a look at China?

    Using the chart for 1 Oct 1949, 3:01 p.m. Beijing, the tr Mars-Saturn conjunction is on the cusp of the 2nd house, and is opposing the natal Saturn at 13 Virgo on the cusp of the 8th house.

    Also, tr Pluto is exactly conjunct the Chinese ascendant (1 Aquarius 44). The upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be conjunct the IC (23 Taurus 52).

    The Chinese economy seems to be struggling with property companies collapsing. They seem to be buying gold frantically – perhaps this is down to insiders protecting themselves before the Renminbi is devalued (speculation)?

    Anyone with knowledge of China, please chip in with your thoughts!

    • Marjorie has of course done a 2024 overview for China at the end of last year. Search “China 2024” in the serch bar towards the top right corner of this site.

  11. Wondering about Ross Ulbricht…March 27, 1984 at 04:50 a.m Austin, TX

    He just spent his 40th birthday in prison. He was given a double life sentence plus 40 years for the Silk Road website he created when he was 26.

    His mother has created a petition asking for mercy for Ross and to release him from prison. “ The website Silk Road was an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where consenting users chose what to buy and sell as long as no third party was harmed (some listings were prohibited). Although legal items were sold, it was mostly used for buying and selling drugs, most commonly small amounts of marijuana.”

    He never sold anything, just created the platform. Any chance Ross will be released in the future?


  12. Hi Marjorie, the Guardian did an interesting write up on Jay Shetty on 29 February 2024. Commentary is abounding on YouTube. Would be interested in what you see in his chart. Thanks!

  13. Could you say something about rising signs? I’ve read that as we get older, our rising sign becomes more significant.

    • Could any analysis of this topic (of the rising sign) also cover the implications for what happens if one relocates across cities/countries? What is the role of the rising sign of the relocated location vs the rising sign in the birth place?

  14. The nearly 400 page Cass Review has been released. Interesting times for the gender crowd, reality seems to be asserting itself.

      • Also agree! I looked for Dr Cass’ date of birth, so far no luck. Of interest are the charts Marjorie posted in July 2022 on this topic. She wrote:
        “The tectonic plates in the zeitgeist are shifting with the inexplicable mania force-fed into the cultural mainstream by the extreme transgender lobby finally being challenged effectively.”

        This week’s Mars/Saturn conjunction in mid-Pisces (healing and hospitals?) echoes the Jupiter/Saturn square of August in Gemini and Pisces. That’s also got Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini amplifying it. Much in flux, push-me-pull-you mutability? Law and justice could also be themes, and UK Mercury in Sagittarius will be in the spotlight. A time of gender mutability, with Mercury being a shape-shifting soul in some ways?

        Looking at the charts on Marjorie’s post –

        GIDS, 13 Feb 1998: Mars 15 Pisces. Also Saturn 16 Aries square Venus 19 Capricorn for the Solar Eclipse. Neptune 0 Aquarius.

        Tavistock 27 September 1920: Saturn 17 Virgo, Mars 15 Sagittarius

        Stonewall, 24 May 1989: Venus 16 Gemini, Jupiter 14 Gemini

        British Psych Society, 24 October 1901: Sun 0 Scorpio (Pluto transit). Pluto 18 Gemini, Uranus 14 Sagittarius, Moon 17 Pisces

        Ideaology plus lack of scientific and medical rigour and care may have done much harm. Hopefully, things can be balanced eventually, so that those who badly need help and support actually receive it.

        • Many thanks for all the astro, Jane. Yes, I wondered also about the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Pisces too.

          I remember a talk I saw by a senior psychologist who said that in truth, none of his colleagues knew how to treat Gender Dysphoria in children and that many were actually afraid to speak on the matter.

        • Nicely done Jane. Might also be interesting to also have a look at the charts of some of those who spoke out. Graham Linehan, Jordan Peterson, J K Rowling & Kathleen Stock were all made notorious over their objections to this particular issue.

          • Thank you PC. Not sure what’s going on with all this astro, but glanced quickly at JK Rowling, 31 July 1965. She is also an astrologer. Anyway, a pretty mutable chart. And there’s Saturn 16 Pisces opposing Pluto 14 Virgo, Uranus 12 Virgo – so the Mars/Saturn this week is there. She also has Mars, 17 Libra, which would have been activated by the Aries Solar Eclipse this week. Her Virgo Moon will have the Pisces Lunar Eclipse of September opposing it.

            Moon’s North Node enters Pisces early next year, so could perhaps add to the pull on that Pluto/Uranus in Virgo group and some of the causes and laws that resulted from that era.

          • I’m trying to find out Graham Linehan’s birth time/chart. He’s going to ask his mum. I think he’s lost the most out of all the campaigners, although it’s been hard for everyone

    • It had to crash and burn at some point – toxic, a mania, a cult – it always felt unhealthy. I wonder about Susie Green who was a driving force with mermaids and resigned/disappeared fairly abruptly.

      • Is there any kind of date for Mermaids, Marjorie? Some of this current news appears linked with Neptune in Pisces, and perhaps as it nears the end of the sign we’re feeling and seeing the mists and mirrors more clearly? The sensitivity and compassion of Pisces is much needed at present, along with Neptune’s transcendant qualities. At what might be called ‘lower vibrations’ Neptune can be very destructive I think. In this complex debate I’m also thinking of Jupiter as co-ruler of Pisces, and what that might mean too.

        The sad fairy story about the Little Mermaid seems to contain many pertinent themes, and resonates with sacrificial Pisces and Neptune’s undersea kingdom, idealised fantasy love, and so on. The Little Mermaid ‘transitions’ into a human girl by drinking a potion that turns her tail into legs. This causes her great pain, yet she can dance like nobody else in her doomed attempt to win the prince’s love. When she dies at the end, she is turned again into a ‘daughter of air’ – death and resurrection, and onwards into the airy realms of Gemini?

        We’ve discussed the symbolic role of Dionysus and Pisces here too. Further themes of death and resurrection, plus the god Dionysus’ own mythic experience as both male and female.

        • And in the sometimes very symbolic world of asteroids – asteroid Dionysus is today at 20 Taurus, moving towards Uranus, 21 Taurus. Also, Neptune opposes Black Moon Lilith in Virgo. One of those little cosmic jokes that crop up from time to time.

        • How fitting that Hans Christian Andersen had Venus in Pisces trine Neptune/BML in Scorpio, all at 27 degrees, Venus currently being touched by transit Neptune!

        • From previous post: 29 July 2022 Transgender tide turning.

          Two Trans groups who were campaigning hard and appeared to have considerable influence at the clinic were Mermaids and the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES).

          Both of those groups were set up in the mid 1990s – Mermaids 1995 and GIRES in 1997/1998 – as Pluto got under way in Sagittarius, 1995 to 2008. I’ve always associated Pluto in Sagittarius with narrow-minded fanaticism and to a degree is associated with Al Quaeda who emerged at the same time – extreme religious or political beliefs. Certainly dogmatic.

          Pluto is poised to shift sign for the second time since 1995 into Aquarius and there does appear to be an uprooting from the past. Pluto often accompanies a rise and fall, sometimes on the next sign change and sometimes the one after.

          The Gender Identity Research Education Society was registered as a charity on 13 February 1998 which gives it an Aquarius Sun which is being given a sharp reality check by tr Saturn conjunct at the moment. Tr Saturn in Pisces will dampen its enthusiasm further in 2023 and put the brakes on its pushy-confidence by hitting the Jupiter square Pluto; plus it will sag under a devastating and confused tr Pluto conjunct Neptune in 2023/24.

          • I think it’s even more insidious than that. There were lots of fringe groups in the 1990’s who were very open, but mostly ignored. All the anti-EU, UKIP forunners; Islamist extremists gathering outside mosques (not just Finsbury Park); and yes, the transgender lobby amonsgt many others. It was all the equivilant of some nutter shouting at traffic on Hyde Park Corner to most people.

            This was during Neptune in Capricorn, it all blew up when Neptune went in to Aquarius (increased internet usage via PC) and even more so when Pluto went into Capricorn, and suddenly there were more accessible frameworks – smartphones, social media, app messaging. Pluto seems to technologically enable whatever snuck in during Neptune in that sign. I have no doubt that it is manipulated as well to some extent, but it mostly rose organically by technology (/medical science) going faster than regulation.

    • I’d love to request a look at the chart of Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor in the federal cases against Trump, but I haven’t been able to find a birthplace. I found a birthdate — 5 June 1969, no time — but the closest I’ve come to a birthplace is “he grew up in Clay, New York, a suburb of Syracuse, NY.”

      Can anyone help? He seems like a fascinating figure, a straight-arrow with an impressive career. And his chart might give us some insight into the outcome of Trump’s federal cases.

      Thanks so much.

    • Some Some dates to consider from Times piece:
      2014 — the year that Cass identifies as the point at which referrals to gender identity youth services in the UK spiked in favour of teenage girls. This was also a time of huge cultural change in the transgender rights movement. It was the year of the first gay marriages in the UK and with the battle for gay rights effectively won, Baroness Hunt of Bethnal Green announced, when she became chief executive of the charity that same year, that Stonewall’s focus would pivot to championing a new minority group: transgender rights would be the new fundraising frontier. (Uranus square Pluto)
      From 2011 onwards, the NHS’s gender clinic for young people sent countless distressed patients to the endocrinology clinic for puberty blockers. (Neptune into Pisces)

    • Puzzled at how and why the trans issue has been so quickly and universally accepted and embedded, I’ve looked at Stonewall’s history and activities, because of its position as a highly regarded organisation which had an impecable repution through its work to change and influence laws on LGB equality.
      It reminded me of the 1970’s NCCL’s campaign to lower the age of consent to 14 yrs, which was dominated by the PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange). Often these things involve one charismatic person, which doesn’t seem to be the case here.
      Please excuse the lack of astrology, but I thought it would provide a context to the trans controversy and perhaps a template for others. The PIE, though small, became very influential because of sophisticated, clever communications and media manipulation.

      Stonewall from 1989 onwards, through their successful work on gay rights leading to changes in the law, established a strong, comprehensive network of activities and information routes with all major organisations and sectors in Britain, mainly through their Diversity Champions programme (2001) and Workplace Equality Index. The membership included major banks, financial institutions, national retailers, government departments such as the MOD, Home Office, Treasury, the RAF, British Army, MI6, health trusts, UK universities, legal institutions, BBC, etc. It was fertile ground. Within 18 months there were 100 members, 650 by 2010 and at one point over 900. It’s only since 2021 that organisations have started peeling off.

      Lottery Funding received in 2000-2003 set up links to schools, with an information bank and education sector to advise on discrimination in education. Through research reports, high profile events and a continuous stream of information, they became the go-to place on LGB discrimination, which led to them playing a key role in promoting trans issues.
      In 2010 transgender people began play a prominent role. By 2014/16 most of the LGB battles had been won, so it was decided to concentrate on trans issues extending them to cover gender identity.
      When the University of Essex published its finding that Stonewall had misinterpreted the Equality Act 2010 to include gender identity which it did not cover, the tide began to turn in spite of Stonewall arguing that their advice had been upheld by an EHRC Code of Practice decision that year.
      BTW the above does not mean I do not support trans people in their attempt to lead fulfilling lives or have anything but respect for Stonewall in the past. But I just needed some facts to see just why this band wagon gained so many supporters at such a high level so quickly. As a woman whose hard earned rights over centuries were being eroded in the process, I needed to understand why they succeeded when so many fail.

      • There was a muddled explanation of maybe why in previous post March 1 2024 – Uranus Neptune conjunction in part. Whacko ideas take root.
        You’re right about it often being a convergence of disparate groups who for some reason have the same vested interest in the subject.

  15. “The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday the state must adhere to a 160-year-old law barring all abortions except in cases when “it is necessary to save” a pregnant person’s life – a significant ruling that will make a Civil War-era abortion law enforceable in the state. The law can be traced to as early as 1864 – before Arizona became a state…”

    “Physicians are now on notice that all abortions, except those necessary to save a woman’s life, are illegal,” the court majority said in the decision…”

    And folks are worried about issues along the US-Mexican border…Let’s eliminate womens’ rights by going backwards in time 164 years. So much for suffrage and the 21st century progressivism.

    • You realize we can worry about two things at once right? Why bring up the border in your question? I gave a well reasoned argument about the border and why it is not sustainable. I don’t call politicians names like you do, I don’t disrespect anyone who holds office and try to see both sides of an issue. I don’t give my friends and family political purity tests and dump them when they don’t pass. I’ve read here a long time and finally say what has happened to me to give some perspective and I could tell you didn’t like it so of course your next question includes it. I’m not here to bother anyone. What astrology do you contribute here? I really haven’t seen any except constant anxious questions about the election.

      Marjorie, please remove if this stirs up a hornet’s nest.

  16. Adding on to US political stuff. Just now Arizona has abandoned abortions (except in the case of danger to the mother.) Florida just put in a 6 week ban.

    I seem to remember reading years ago that this era would be one in which women had lots of power. I suppose these actions are a last gasp at the patriarchy (and they are but two in a country of 50 states.)

    What does the astrology say?

    Trump just stated he’d leave such decisions to the states but plenty of people suggest this is disingenuous as turning back the clock on Women’s rights in part of the 2025 plan.

    There is also the mifepristone SCOTUS case.

    It’s infuriating that these policies are such BS–if the republicans loved life they’d support policies to help us deal with climate crisis and they’d definitely ban private ownership of military grade weaponry. They seem to be more of a torture/gaslight/ignorant party than anything else. (Sorry for the editorializing–making more people at a time when there are 8 billion! EIGHT BILLION who are currently facing so much human-created suffering is so illogical to me. And cruel.)

  17. Marjorie, can we get a synopsis here on Trump for the week starting April 15 as two things should occur on this day? 1st. The start of the Hush Money case and 2nd, Letitia James can start seizing his assets if the Bond Insurer does not meet the requirements.

    • And just breaking….apparently a full panel of Judges on the NY appeals court is supposed to hear his gag order appeal on said date. So that’s #3. Lol. What a day the 15th!

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