Peter Higgs – at the heart of matter

Peter Higgs, the theoretical physicist, who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the “God particle” as it became known much to his irritation as an atheist, has died. His work on the mass of subatomic particles had a profound effect on our understanding of matter and how the universe was formed.

From The Times “ In layman’s terms, Higgs’s theory suggested that all space is permeated by a “field” that interacts with the particles within it, giving them mass. One analogy is to imagine a room with people milling round. A celebrity (the particle) enters and people cluster around — suddenly the celebrity particle has mass. Higgs developed the idea that particles had no mass when the universe began, but acquired mass a fraction of a second afterwards when they entered a theoretical field. Higgs proposed that this field, now known as the “Higgs field”, permeates space, giving mass to all elementary particles that interact with it.”

 From an astrological point of view what is intriguing is that he had his “eureka” moment on July 16, 1964. He then spent years touting his theory to scientific journals with little interest initially and was totally vindicated in 2012 when Cern researchers in Switzerland were able to isolate the Higgs boson.

  He was born 29 May 1929 Newcastle on Tyne, had asthma as a child and was home schooled for a while, then went on to study mathematics and molecular physics.  He had his Sun in Gemini on the focal point of an inventive mini Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries trine Mars in Leo. What is notable is his Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Algol and conjunct his North Node which was square Neptune and inconjunct his Saturn. His Saturn trine Neptune trine Venus made up an inspirational, attention-grabbing Fire Grand Trine which usually harbours little self-doubt. And that focused onto a Kite driving planet Mercury in Gemini.  

 A marked experimental Mars trine Uranus, a Fire Grand Trine and an emphasized Mercury and Jupiter would give him the potential and self-belief to succeed.

 When he had his “Oh shit” moment as he put it in 1964, transiting Jupiter then in Taurus, heading for a Jupiter Return was conjunct his North Node with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Node. Trailblazing tr Uranus was square his Sun. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars tugging on his SA Uranus. Transiting North Node was hovering around his SA Jupiter and his Progressed Mars was conjunct his Progressed Neptune. A conflagration of luck, transformation under pressure opening up new horizons, having an impact on society and attracting publicity.

  When the proof was finally published on 4 July 2012 tr Jupiter was heading to conjunct his Gemini Sun for a morale boost, his Pluto was on a Half Return; and his Solar Arc North Node was conjunct his Mars, emphasising his experimental mini Grand Trine.  

  His global influencer 22nd harmonic is notable as was his creative, get-it-together 5H. His breakthrough-genius 13th harmonic was his strongest.

  The staging posts in his remarkable life were well marked by his astrology.

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  1. I am a 9th House Sag Sun and Saturn, and have had a strong faith since I was nine years old. I am 66 now. I never leave my faith but I have my own way of doing it which is not orthodox. Like a true Sag I am also a stickler for certain rules.

  2. It seems to me that his death on the day of a major solar eclipse was entirely appropriate for one of the World’s great scientist.

  3. RIP to the great Dr. Higgs.

    I’m not a physicist, but years ago, I worked at Fermilab near Chicago (the U.S. equivalent of CERN), and spent time with experimental physicists there. Anecdotally, many of them had come around to a belief in a creator, which they felt was completely congruent with scientific study. It seems that decades of contemplating a universe that is simultaneously incomprehensibly vast, and intricately organized down to the subatomic level, can lead one to believe that there must be *something* other than mere randomness.

    Of course, it’s not universal (and it’s certainly not, ahem, a scientific observation on my part!), but it seems experimental physics folks seem somewhat more open to at least the idea of divinity than are scientists in other fields.

    • AI22 – I had a beloved relative, a physicist, who told me exactly the same thing many years ago. His belief in some kind of Creator had emerged from observations during research and experimentation. A friend of mine, a quantum physicist, has also said the same thing in recent years.

  4. Great reading Marjorie. I used to be quite interested by all quantum stuff but so much of it is too abstract for my mercury in Virgo. Even so, the scale of this stuff and how they ever prove it at places like CERN is amazing.

  5. I wonder, are there any astrological markers of atheism? I am in the camp of “we’re much more than fancy meat” but can’t subscribe to any organized religion, so I’m not looking to grind any axes. Just curious.

    • Look to the 9th house/Jupiter/Sag.

      I’ve got Capricorn on my 9th house. I dispensed with the idea that God was an old man sat in the clouds ruling over all of us when I was about six. Our family wasn’t particularly religious so there was no particular indoctrination going on. Was atheist therefore until my mid-20s when I started to re-evaluate spirituality – which is a different concept to organised religion. Having just had Pluto traversing my 9th for the past decade, I’ve read a few more books on all this stuff. Especially when Saturn went through Sag.

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