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  1. Some good news: Massive demonstrations are taking place in Hungary due to Fidész appointed President Katalin Novák giving amnesty to a deputy director of a children’s home covering child sexual abuse. Novák and Minister of Justice Judith Varga have resigned, a constitutional amendment has been proposed by Orbán to make pardoning criminals, but it seems some line has been crossed, and people are calling out Fidész corruption in general, because the demonstrations continue.

    • And look what happened in Pakistan when the military powers-that-be tried to bury Imran Khan. Maybe just maybe the great silent majority/suppressed masses are finding a voice.

  2. Marjorie,

    There was horrible breaking news this morning. Russian human rights activist and opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died in a Russian prison in Siberia. He supposedly collapsed while going for a walk. It’s quite obvious Navalny was murdered (Vladimir Putin had him poisoned before).

    I was wondering if you had anything to add, astrologically, regarding Alexei Navalny’s tragic death.

  3. Interesting article in BBC about what triggered Yoko Ono’s art style.

    The childhood WW2 trauma that inspired Yoko Ono


  4. What are they going to do with Rishi Sunak, Marjorie? The invisible princess/prime minister. Such a low profile. There was only a photoshopped[probably sent it in himself] ‘delicious’ image of him talking by phone to a news program the other day – Hiding from the public. It was like M in James Bond/Carry On Spying/Austin Powers[whichever you like best]. What do we see happening with this dead wood. He’s got to go. But, who on earth can take his place? Boris is a nut but he is at least alive and likes to be on the telly. At least we would know we actually had a prime minister. This ghost leader and trajectory of bankruptcy, runaway inflation and endless proxy wars for money laundering and diverting attention and Divide and Rule…It just can’t go on much longer. Ideas from the astrology Marjorie?

  5. Hi Marjorie;
    Please could you look at Catherine and William’s relationship. So much health issues must have an emotional component to it. Both have very strong saturnine influences which would make it hard to break up. Could you comment on their relationship. I hope they can remain together in spite of all the pressures. Thank you.

  6. Some hours ago I listened to HG Tudor on YouTube broadcast Live on his research about stripping the Harkles of their titles.

    I missed the very beginning, but becsuse of the way Queen Elizabeth ii awarded the titles it would be more or less impossible for the King to strip Harry of the Duke of Sussex title or the other two that were given.

    Neither can The House of Lords, as his titles don’t give him the right to take any seat in the House of Lords. Thus they cannot strip him of something he cannot have.

    Charles can strip him of the right to use the HRH and him being a Prince, if I understand correctly. But he cannot be removed from the line of succession although he can be moved much further down the totem pole. So presumably below the Gloucester and Kent families.

    The main problem isn’t that Parliament wouldn’t do what is necessary. It is that even without the general election coming up or the fact that Charles has Cancer, we have a king that has always hated confrontation, and a prince that will fight tooth and nail to keep what he feel he is entitled to. He is very litigious after all.

    There is also the problem of The Commonwealth who I feel would have to vote on some if not all these issues. I don’t recall Tudor talking about this though there was a lot to take in.
    The reason that I am putting it on America to deal with it is that there might be more of a chance for something to be actually done. But maybe I am being naive.

    My feeling is if you Americans don’t want either Harry operating businesses or charitues or foundations with titles attached. Or to have a foreign prince be part of a political organisation that seeks to abolish your rights to free speech, then it is down to you to demand your representatives make laws that stop this from happening.

    • Watching H G Tudor is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s curious how eager the couple are to cling onto those titles like limpets not to mention be associated with a family they appear to have nothing but contempt for.

  7. Marjorie, hugely popular BBC radio DJ Steve Wright sadly passed away on Monday.
    Dedicated to his craft, he appeared to embrace his North Node in Capricorn with ease.
    But photos suggested he may have turned to comfort eating in his latter years. Something I recognise as I share his South Node in Cancer.
    What is lovely about his chart is that he has no retrograde planets and several of his personal planets are in the sign of their rulership.
    I loved listening to his distinctive voice on the radio and enjoyed his easy manner. I’ll miss him. Any analysis welcome.

    • This newspaper anecdote illustrates Steves North Node well…
      ” a friend of Steve once told The Mirror how the presenter flew alone to New York for a few days, just to listen to local stations. The pal shared: “I asked where his luggage was and he just waved his passport at me [and said] ‘I buy essentials like toothbrush, underwear and socks while I’m there and throw them away at the end’. Wrighty was literally going to sit in a hotel room for a few days to listen to local stations”

    • Like most people, very sad about his passing.

      He seemed very kind and was passionate about what he did which is the Leo moon/Virgo perfectionism. Not sure there weren’t some deeper heartaches than he ever let on – which could be Saturn in Scorpio square his Leo moon – but I could be reading that wrong.

      Hope Marjorie will put up a piece on him and his chart so we can look/discuss further.

      • I think you’re right about a hidden, deeper heartache.
        Leo puts on a brave face and scorpio keeps emotions hidden.
        Good news Gnarly. Marjorie has just posted about Wrighty. (Thanks Marjorie)

  8. I seem to recall noting a few months ago that February had some difficult Saturn transits coming up for the Labour Parrty and / or Starmer.

    His leadership being tested this week “https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-68295796”

    • Sure does. Tr Saturn dampening the enthusiasm of the Labour Party charts and Starmer’s and his leadership chart is into stormy discouraging seas for the next three years. Will add to the list of to-dos. Getting as bad as the US – no decent choices in either direction.

  9. So many things, people, history… that I don’t know about!
    Just opened up the Guardian and read a lovely bio about an important French lawyer – Robert Badinter…..


    What an amazing person!
    If you are able, Marjorie, I would appreciate your take on his astrology chart…
    … given our brief exploration of the family lineage of executioners!

    I had commented about a book I had read re: the last person put to death by the guillotine in France in 1977. Most people at the time were NOT in favour of abolishing the death penalty!

    We humans seem to need these singularly remarkable people to hold a beacon for us all.
    As interesting as it is to dive into the astrology of those that do wrong, I am very intrigued with the charts of those that SEE the wrong, the darkness, and choose to go through it and transform it to something good. Robert Badinter did this.

    I am always in awe of such a person.
    I will search the web to find some of his speeches, etc.

  10. Hi Marjorie,
    I must say that I was shocked when I saw that Prince Harry has won his hacking case against the Mirror! 55 million pounds is not a small chunk of change, but I believe he has proven his case and that they may well want to tread carefully when maligning and phone tapping people. What do you see ahead for Piers Morgan? Thank you in advance

  11. Can you look at Botticelli and the Renaissance ? A bit of history … There is an exhibition of his work in SF . I found his assumed chart online. It will be interesting to compare with different occasions in his life. For a while I watched the Medici Series .

  12. Marjorie,

    would you mind taking a look at The Nee York Times? It’s long been considered one of the most widely read nationwide newspapers here in the U.S. However, it’s also been one of the most controversial.

    For example, The New York Times was accused of having pro-Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany leanings in the 1930s, they were ardent deniers of the Ukrainian Holodomor in the 1930s, and they’ve been known to be very anti-British Monarchy in recent decades.

    Ironically, The New York Times has been considered a “liberal” or left-leaning publication. However, I hardly think of them as liberal.

    Anyway, The Nee York Times has recently faced a lot of backlash from Arab Americans, and pro-Palestine supporters, pro-Ukraine supporters, and social activists.

    Their editorial stance has apparently been downplaying the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, they’ve hired a number of op-ed writers who have been seemingly apologetic and sympathetic to the Russian Federation and the Israeli Government,.and they’ve been accused of failing to cover news stories about Trump’s threat to democracy.

    Many people are canceling their subscriptions while some pro-Palestine and pro-Ukraine activists have held protests and demonstrations in from The New York Times office.

    If there’s anything, astrologically, you could share about The New York Times, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Post 17th September 2022
      ‘The NY Times, labouring as most media with falling circulation, in its case especially after Trump’s exit, is facing substantial problems in the near future. Tr Neptune is undermining the Virgo Sun this year on and off till early 2024, not good for morale or finances. The Solar Arc Saturn is in a discouraging, enthusiasm-squashing conjunction to the Jupiter. Then from March 2023 with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius there follows a monumentally tough four years as tr Pluto squares Pluto, then Saturn and Uranus – pulling painfully away from the past and into a period of intense turmoil and forced change.’

  13. When discussing the U.K. we all look at the 1801 chart. Yet is this correct? As both Scotland and Wales are devolved. Both have separate Governments. Should both these country’s have individual Charts for the dates they were devolved? If so. Could you look at these devolved charts to see if anything significant is happening?

  14. Hi Marjorie. What is the astrology for Eurovision 2024? The Israel and Azerbaijan entries are supporting war crimes and genocides. Iceland has a large petition where they will pull out if Israel is entered. Most artists have signed a letter that Israeli genocide cannot be endorsed by Eurovision.

  15. Marjorie what is the prognosis on this Phase 2 of the 2019 abolishment of 8000 GP surgeries for 1200 USA style ‘treatment centres’ PFI 600% interest one imagines – starting in May? The usual 5 year GP contract has not been renewed for the first time ever. The legislation was passed by Theresa May & Co July 2019 in a media blackout while we were urged, once again, to “Look over there at yet another North Korean rocket launch”. Only The Real News Media and Russia Today covered the story. The UK public have no idea that GPs were abolished. This move to pharmacists treating patients is common in Third World countries. It is grave that Boots and Lloyds have closed hundreds of branches preceding this Phase 2 of abolishing GP surgeries. How do we see pharmacists able to cope with a queue of 20 people angry they can’t get a GP appointment while trying to fill prescriptions? How is this going to be done? It is likely that Boots and Lloyds exited due to the misdiagnosis risks and massive insurances/indemnifying by UK Gov[making tax payer liable for deaths and injuries] – The litigation here against pharmacists and UK Gov using chemist shops as GPs in deaths and misdiagnosis could run into tens of millions? What is the astrology for the NHS on this? Post-May impossibility of not getting GP appointments could spark violent protests countrywide for a government that is already on the seat of its pants out the door. And people who are in pain or ill who cannot see a doctor are likely to become very angry and dangerous. There have already been serious violence at GP surgeries in Phase 1 of the abolishment of GP surgeries. Will the Tories/Corporations/USA private medical insurance companies have to back down. This looks really really dangerous situation countrywide coming up to me.

  16. Hi!
    I’m going to try once more. Could you please do a reading on MD Paolo Macchiarini born on the 22 of August 1958. There is a documentary about him on Netflix. I’m sorry I don’t know the title in English. There is also a biopic series Dr Death season 2 about him.
    Many thanks!

    • There is no birth time for him and not much of interest in his chart to be honest without it. A Leo Sun, Uranus and Venus with Mercury Pluto conjunct which has been known to twist the truth as does his Jupiter Neptune conjunction plus an afflicted Mars in Taurus square Uranus and inconjunct Saturn.

  17. Now I’m reminded of what I was intending to ask, even though I kind of said to myself I’m not going to request anything this time: you know how you, Marjorie, can post these general-purpose articles, telling us about the meaning of the nodes or Chiron or there was that article about Uranus or Pluto as magicians (I should look that up), so I was wondering if you could tell us something about planning with astrology and using the astroclocks.

    E.g. I know that one Dutch lady taught me not to go to a supermarket when the MC of the location is in the last and first 3 three degrees of a sign – it will be crowded. Then I told her that probably a person should avoid Moon or Jupiter on the MC, regardless of the degree the MC those two planets conjunct, for the same reason.

    I’m trying to remember what she told me about suddenly feeling hungry, whether the ascendant is chaning sign… I’m not that sure.

    Or you waiting for a friend, who is late, but then an angle (I think) hits the cusp of your 11th house.

    Then there were those articles I read about picking a time for an operation when the Moon is in a fixed sign (you want the surgeon’s hands to be firm and steady) and also picking a phase of the Moon that will result in lower risk of blood-related problems. Which is why I think that had to do with a waning Moon and avoid 5 days prior and after a Full Moon.

    Anything like that that you can share.

    Or if you think electional astrology is just something left to the side and that there is no perfect time to do something – the perfect time is now. And the intention is what is relevant.

    I’m curious.

    Of course, if anyone else wants to chime in, I’d be so willing to listen.

    • @El Aznar Generally it is recommended to avoid surgery on the day of a New Moon or Full Moon, equally avoid surgery if the moon is traversing the sign that is connected with the various organs eg heart and Leo, equally it is advisable to have surgery in the waning moon as it gives the body more time to heal.

    • I tend to notice only the broad sweep, stronger influences and not the fast moving inner planets or retrogrades to be honest. You grind your life to a halt if you are constantly obsessing over minutiae – but that is only my take.
      I have done timings for elective caesarean births which set a birth chart but that is a lifelong legacy of the moment.

  18. A commentary on birth times form a non Astrologer.
    I’m highly skeptical when I see a ‘A’ rated birth time from someone’s memory, especially when the time is a nice rounded figure like 7pm or 8:30am for example. I’ve seen Joe Biden’s BT rectified to 8:17am and also as far back as 6:37am.
    Marjorie, could you look into these times to see if any aligns better with significant events in Biden’s past and and give your opinion?

    @Marjorie: If this comment shows up again as awaiting ‘awaiting moderation’, disregard it as I made a mistake with my email address.

    • Not completely off topic but I find it frustrating that in England (not Scotland), birth times are not added to birth certificates unless it’s a multiple birth.
      At different stages in my life, my Mum has given me three different birth times.
      As we all become more enlightened in coming years and astrology grows in significance, I see pressure being exerted to make this mandatory on all birth certificates.

      • In the UK in the 70’s at least, you used to get a written card in the hospital with the time, weight, length etc. That’s where I got my own birth time from. When my children were born in the 00’s/10’s I heard them record the time but it only went on the wrist band (and rubbed off). Thankfully my mother was a Taurus and kept everything

        • Thanks Tara. My Mum is a neptune influenced Aquarius, so no such luck lol.
          I was born in the 1970s, tried obtaining hospital records some time ago but was told they were destroyed after 25 years. Ah well. At least I have a date. Some people in some countries don’t even have that.

    • I tend to regard all birth times with a pinch of salt especially the memory and rectified ones. But Biden’s fits well enough with his 5th house Moon (children blind spot)

  19. A commentary on birth times form a non Astrologer.
    I’m highly skeptical when I see a ‘A’ rated birth time from someone’s memory, especially when the time is a nice rounded figure like 7pm or 8:30am for example. I’ve seen Joe Biden’s BT rectified to 8:17am and also as far back as 6:37am.
    Marjorie, could you look into these times to see if any aligns better with significant events in Biden’s past and and give your opinion?

  20. Apparently Jeff Bezos is not happy with the Washington Post’s performance so he has hired a Knighted Brit to be Mr. Fix it. How’s the renowned news medium looking going forward?

    • Washington Post was founded on 6 December 1877.

      According to The New York Times, Jeff Bezos is not the only billionaire loosing money on a media purchase. The article mentions Marc Benioff and Patrick Soon-Shiong (Los Angeles Times), who was once, and maybe is still, the richest Angeleno.

      • Patrick Soon-Shiong sold off my hometown paper (full disclosure: I freelance for them), The San Diego Union-Tribune, which he reluctantly acquired as part of the package with the LA Times and never wanted. He dumped it even though it was profitable and the LA Times was not, to vulture capitalists. They of course have gutted it, leaving it a shell of its already diminished presence. Alden also gutted the Denver Post, San Jose Mercury-News, Orange County Register, Baltimore Sun and many others.

        • Oh, Nicole, I am so sad to hear that. I sometimes despair a bit about what the press will turn into, though one can find good journalism around in newer forms, though sometimes they are a bit expensive-ish, especially if one subscription comes on top of another, and so on. So many things are now much less available then before, and the internet if not behind a paywall often a landfill of low-quality rubbish.

          • Thanks! I too fear the demise of newspapers. One magazine I wrote for in print has now gone to a digital format, which is what we all expect will happen with newspapers. Fortunately there are still freelance opportunities, but they seem to be decreasing for traditional media.

            We desperately need responsible media as watchdogs to report the truth in this era of conspiracy theories and ideologically-driven “reporting.”

        • The mainstream media has been on a downward spiral for ?? since the early 1990s maybe and the rise of the net has not helped. But I am still searching for a broad date for the time the vulture/venture capitalists started to take over various businesses and effectively wreck them. Boeing. Maggie Thatcher privatising water etc. And the hedge funders have now even moved into the pet business with UK vet prices rocketing. It is not all Pluto in Cap though that would not help.

          • I would suggest considering these times, from any financial headlines site such as Yahoo Finance listing of a company:

            * When an investment or ownership deal is made, replacing hands-on people doing the work with money-shufflers. In particular replacing an engineering, technical, PhD, or came up through the ranks boss, with someone whose background is only in finance and the company is not a bank. For example, Intel’s loss of a manufacturing engineer due to a disallowed office romance, putting the Chief Financial Officer in charge. Three years later, a return to an engineer in charge with the design chief of the 486 now made CEO.

            * For Boeing, relocation of headquarters out of Seattle.

            * First date of a massive stock buy back rather than using that money to invest in what the company is supposed to be doing. Boeing has recently put billions of dollars into its own stock rather than into factories and safety reviews.

            * Hire date of a big boss paid an astronomical amount of money while the company is in crisis. (Not using the Steve Jobs approach of a $1 salary plus stock only worth anything if the turnaround succeeds. Compare that to the multi million dollar salary of Mozilla’s CEO while their market share continued to collapse.)

            Bob Lutz’s book, Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business shows what to look for and is a fun, interesting read. He knew things were really wrong when there was a planning meeting for a new car. The room was full of financial spreadsheets about how to save money by re-using parts, but had no picture of the car, and no mention of the people who would supposedly buy it.

          • In the U.S. the change from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution pensions is part of this change. Started in 1970s then accelerated. Defined Benefit means the workers know how much money the company will pay them in retirement. Defined Contribution means only that some money is put into stock and bond funds on the employee’s behalf and if they pick wrong or the market goes down, tough luck for not being a financial prophecy genius in addition to your job. Other keys: Deregulation of airlines, allowing unlimited corporate control of radio and TV stations without local contents.

          • Marjorie – I wondered about going back as far as the ‘Robber Barons’ of the so-called ‘gilded age’ in the USA? The term was apparently first used in August 1870 in The Atlantic magazine. That year has a Uranus in Cancer square Neptune in Aries theme – aggressive and acquisitive? Also Pluto in mid Taurus, and in August a Saturn in Sagittarius opposing Jupiter in Gemini.

            Otherwise, I looked at George Doriot, dubbed ‘father of venture capitalism’ (ARDC 1946), born 24 September 1899, and Alfred Winslow Jones, 9 September 1900 – the first hedge fund invented and established by him in 1949. There’s a curious link with the Robber Baron theme, with Pluto at 16 Gemini opposing Saturn 17 Sagittarius in Doriot’s natal connecting with Jupiter 18 Gemini opposing Saturn 22 Sagittarius for the Atlantic Magazine’s naming of those ‘captains of industry’. Winslow Jones has Saturn 28 Sagittarius opposing Neptune 29 Gemini, and Jupiter 3 Sagittarius conjunct Uranus 8 Sagittarius – great big gambling optimist! Uranus is in Gemini for those post WW2 dates. Perhaps that connects with Mercury, god of merchants, travellers, and thieves?

          • I wonder if it’s not just the natural birth, growth, peak, decline cycle and therefore no specific marker. That’s why I see Pluto in Capricorn as being the peak.

            That said, I worked for a major foreign bank which was a great employer until it got taken over in 1995-96. It has continued to rise to be one of the biggest but no-one I know enjoys working there. When I started we had discounted mortgages, loans, onsite gym, carparking, restaurants, final salary pension – then it all got rolled into the paycheck.

            What I saw there slowly crept into UK banks, corporations and other organisations. One I worked for didn’t start down the efficiency route until 2010 – and the CEO referred to it as the “end of a paternalistic approach”.

            I think one date to look at would be the Libra Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in November 1982. I seem to recall researching before that Thatcher’s first attempt at privatisation occurred about six months before that. It started the neo-liberal ball truly rolling. I’ve always wondered how Saturn-Pluto in Libra would symbolise neo-liberalism but it’s about getting other people to pay for stuff (bank bailouts) and do the work (get your customers to fill out forms online or look at FAQs rather than paying staff to help them).

            Jupiter-Neptune also had a conjunction in Capricorn in January 1984 so that might also be a marker for how the old structures and boundaries of business were slowly loosened.

          • GD – yes I agree Capricorn peak with Pluto makes sense, alongside all that mutable games-playing and gambling that seems to appear with the beginnings of hedge funds and venture capitalism.
            The East India Company is also interesting astrologically, and certainly had huge influence on trade, politics, and power for a very long time. There’s a Capricorn theme for its founding charter 31 December 1600 – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Nodes. Pluto in Aries square Mars, and Venus in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Taurus. There is a mutable, mercurial Jupiter too – 22 Virgo.

  21. Hi Marjorie,

    I’m sure you’re tired of writing about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. However, given what’s happening this week, I feel compelled to ask if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at what’s going on astrologically.

    Today, it’s being reported that Donald Trump gave a speech at one of his rallies where he literally said if he gets reelected that he will no longer support NATO and he will give Vladimir Putin the greenlight to do whatever he wants in Europe and our NATO allies.

    It was an awful speech and many geopolitical experts are now understandably horrified.

    Astrologically, is there any indication that NATO is headed for a collapse and a winning streak for Vladimir Putin?

    It’s quite obvious that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s useful idiot and I sincerely hope we get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reelected. Otherwise, I fear we’re headed for another era of immense uncertainty.

    Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • I just took a peek at the Sibley chart, and the USA will have two repeated transits of Uranus square Moon from July onwards.

      In second half of 2025 Neptune will oppose the MC, but at the same time Uranus will trine it.

      2026 looks like a calm year transit-wise, and it seems in 2027 from May until October the USA will have transit Neptune square Jupiter.

      2028 is the year of Pluto opposite North Node.

      • Soon progressed MC will be on natal Uranus. It is now at 6° Gemini.

        Secondary Moon (change) will finish its journey through the Sibley 3rd house and then will bring changes to the homeland (4th house).

        SA Saturn is withing 1° orb of natal Mars.

        SA Mars is on the natal Moon.

        SA Mercury, ruler of the 7th (partnerships and open enemies), as well as co-ruler 9th (foreign countries, courts, law, personal philosophy and religion), is within orb of conjuncting the MC.

        In around a year, the solar-arc South Node will be on natal Saturn, ruler of the 2nd (economy, income, bank balances).

      • There is also solar-arc Jupiter square ascendant, in work now and for this year and next, if I calculated correctly. Jupiter is the ruler of the 1st house, so how you present yourself to the world and your priorities.

    • I listened to a podcast last nite posted by JA for the Lunar New Year. Trump, a Dog, isn;t forecasted to have a great year.

      For myself, the Goat summary was wandering, evasive, inconclusive.

      A Feng Shui master was interviewed by CNN for his understanding of the Year of the Dragon for Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Biden.

      For Ms Swift and President Jinping, pretty good year. For the other dude, well, the Feng shui master was deliberately evasive about “too much heat”.

      For President Biden, he is a “weak heat”.

      Keep in mind, your mileage may vary 😉


      My vote will still be for Nikki Haley.

  22. The April solar eclipse at 19 Aries triggers her chart (Sun, Moon, AC, DC). The NN and SN already triggering the eclipse point. Looks very significant for Catherine.

  23. Have just realised that poor Kate (Princess of Wales) has Chiron in the 10th house, which makes her too vulnerable to be a public personality. (She only has Chiron and the Moon in the top half of her chart).

    Anyway, her Chiron is at 18°03’ Taurus. It’s trine her Sun and sextile her Moon. Her Chiron is quincunx her tough Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which is at the apex of a T-square involving her Sun and Moon).

    Transiting Uranus is now conjunct her Chiron, activating all the aspects above.

    I’m speculating here, but I think Kate is the person seriously ill in the Royal family, and the news of King Charles’ prostrate surgery was released an hour later after news of Kate’s surgery, to draw attention away from Kate to shield her. Despite his subsequent announcement of cancer, the King has been seen out and about in Sandrinham. But we’ve had no glimpses of Kate since Christmas day.

    Plus look at Prince George’s chart to see stress concerning his mother. He has a T-square of Sun opposition Moon both square Saturn. Tr Pluto and tr Mars are sitting on that Moon.

    • If she has had a hysterectomy, as some have suggested, that could have a very profound effect on her wellbeing. Two friends of mine have been through that and TBH the impact on both of them was huge. One ended up with serious osteoporosis in her 40s and the other has lost her vitality altogether. It takes months, if not years, to find a new physical and psychic balance. And comes with many underreported side effects. Both my friends were convinced that the op would relieve them of their previous symptoms but actually it just presented them with a whole host of other issues. I don’t know of anyone who sailed through it but my experience is limited. If that is the case for Kate too, then I feel very sorry for her.

    • Good observations. I sense with Catherine she has always strived for perfection in a people-pleasing way (eldest child plus a capricorn) and that must be exhausting; for body and spirit.

    • I’m puzzled at the lack of any major health flags in her chart on a 7pm birth time. If the birth time is circa 2pm which there is a suggestion on ADB it might be (one among many) – then it would make more sense with her Solar Arc Uranus exactly opposition her Moon (and square her Mars/Saturn midpoint) and SA Mars just into her 6th.
      Chiron in the 10th (on 7pm) does have a hint of ambitious parents.

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