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‘Firebrand, poet and heart-throb’ is the essence of the man captured in the film Bob Marley: One Love, about the Jamaican reggae singer and social reform activist who became a global figure in popular culture. He is played by British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir and the film is co-produced by Ziggy, Marley’s eldest son, along with his sister Cedella.

  Ziggy Marley, his son says: ‘People love my father – but he had violent tendencies, he was a fighter’.

 Bob Marley was born 6 February 1945 2.30am St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, the son of an English plantation overseer who deserted Marley’s black teenage mother, Cedella. Growing up mixed race was difficult in Jamaica, where he was made to feel an outsider. It was something that would torment Marley when his Rastafarianism and Afrocentrism took him to Africa, he says. He had a number of children: three with his wife Rita, and several others with different women. The Bob Marley official website acknowledges eleven children. He was nearly assassinated in 1976 in Jamaica when gang warfare was at its height though there was also speculation of US involvement because of his political leanings. A year later he was diagnosed with skin cancer which eventually killed him in 1981 in his late 30s.

  He had a quick-witted, intelligent, communicative 3rd house Aquarius Sun; with an Air Grand Trine of idealistic, musical Neptune in his 10th trine Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus with Neptune opposition Venus and Mercury opposition an 8th house Pluto – talented, charming, influential, could be dogmatic. His Neptune opposition Venus square Saturn in Cancer hinted at the difficulties of his childhood and obstacles to be overcome in his campaign to create a fairer society. His lucky, successful Jupiter in his 10th conjunct his Midheaven was trine his Mars in Capricorn and sextile a Scorpio Moon give him depth and intensity.

  He did not have a revolutionary’s Uranus Pluto or an especially afflicted Mars for violence but he would be forceful.  

He had strong creative 5th and 7th harmonics. A significant 13th harmonic as a pioneer who broke behind. And 17H for leaving a legacy behind for future generations.  

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  1. Bob Marley’s bandleader, musical director and bandleader, Aston “Family Man” Barrett passed last week on 3rd February 2024 (DOB: 22 November 1946, Kingston, Jamaica, no time). Had the privilege of seeing them both play at Crystal Palace Park in June 1980; also saw Family Man with some of The Wailers years later in the 90s, long after Marley had passed (Max Romeo did a fantastic job on the singing).

  2. I loved Bob Marley and grew up with his music. Older brother was a huge reggae fan and had a brilliant record collection. Both brother and I have Scorpio Moons.

  3. With two of his kids involved, and the quote from his son, this looks promising to be sincere and honest. I had no idea he died so young.

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