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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    What’s your opinion of synastry vs composite charts? What if one is bathing in harmonious aspects while the other is rife with nasty squares and oppositions? What if the charts create contradictory aspects?


    • Interesting question. I tend to use the composites in the first instance for predictive purposes since they show when the periods of challenge occur. Also to see where the composite relationship energies mirror the synastry – mostly they are similar though as you say sometimes they aren’t.
      Sometimes you get chalk-and-cheese relationships where individuals seem completely different from each other with few ‘matching’ planets on the synastry, yet they have a strong composite chart which somehow makes it work.
      Other relationships have well-matched synastry and disastrous composites. In my experience, these won’t last or if they do are seriously unhappy. Often the qualities of the composite chart take time to emerge when the gloss has worn off and the real people start showing through. That’s when the trouble or disappointment starts. So overtime the composite will be the deciding factor.
      The other thing to remember is that relationships exist within a lifestyle context. What will suit two individuals 1) working together in war-torn Sudan, 2) in a Royal marriage, 3) in a high-powered business or showbiz marriage with frequent separations – isn’t what would suit individuals who prefer security, routine and family togetherness. Challenging lifestyles will require challenging aspects on the composite chart.

      NB. A composite chart is the midpoint chart between two birth charts and shows the nature of the relationship – which is a third entity, if you like. The synastry is matching one chart on top of the other which shows planetary cross-overs and house placings of one individual’s planets in the other’s houses.

  2. Thought we weren’t going to get away without a major hiccup from Mars square Uranus – exact today – following on from the Mars Pluto conjunction on the 19th – will look see.

  3. Could you look at James Comey, FBI Director who has announced a renewed look at Clintons emails just 11 days before the election.
    Does he have a political motivation to disrupt the election? Or is he on the right track?
    Thank you

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    Would love your thoughts on James Comey (December 14, 1960, Yonkers, NY, USA), the FBI director and his agenda.

    Comey’s July news conference announcing there would be no charges against Hillary Clinton was unusual. Usually, when the FBI decides not to press charges against someone, they just close the investigation quietly and without comment. At the time, many speculated that as a Republican, he felt the need to justify the non-action and scold Clinton at the same time.

    Now Comey has seen fit to re-open the investigation, very publicly, just 11 days before the election. What gives?



    Thank you.

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