Hillary’s private emails and the FBI – beyond rational understanding



“Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email?” wrote close aide and transition team member Neera Tanden in a July 2015 note recently revealed by WikiLeaks. “And has that person been drawn and quartered? Like [this] whole thing is fucking insane.”

Maybe the difference is nowadays we find out just how hair-raisingly bizarre/ill-judged/incompetent/arrogantly obstinate our erstwhile leaders are, almost immediately. In ye olden days, politicians who were lauded and applauded were only revealed as flakes, frauds and worse thirty years after they fell of their perches.

The FBI has announced they are ‘reviewing’ their conclusions on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while Secretary of State, because of emails found on a jointly-used laptop of her aide Huma Abedin and her sexual pervert former husband Anthony Weiner. Defies belief the whole murky mess.

James Comey, 14 Dec 1960, the FBI Director, a long-time Republican, is coming in for flak for what some see a political interference 11 days before the election. His Pluto is conjunct Hillary’s Midheaven (8.01 am birth time) which would certainly suggest he has the capacity to pull her down and wishes to control her. His Uranus is conjunct Hillary’s Saturn and his Sagittarius Sun opposes her Uranus so on very different agendas.

Their relationship chart echoes this with a power-struggling composite Sun square Pluto, exacerbated by a game-playing for the upper-hand Pluto trine Jupiter; with an explosive Sun trine Uranus Mars. There’s nothing instantly obvious transit-wise on this chart (without his birth time) but difficulties between the pair will rumble on with continuing aggravations for the next two years.

He’s in for an uphill struggle in 2017 with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn in Capricorn and square his Mars/Saturn midpoint on his personal chart; but he’s tough with his Saturn and Jupiter natally opposition Mars and in a Half Grand Sextile to Pluto and Neptune, so he’s undoubtedly talented and influential.

His Term of Office chart, 4 September 2013, is sagging badly through 2017. In theory he’s in for a fixed 10 year term but I’m not sure if Presidents have the right to summarily remove a director. If Hillary gets in she might just well put pressure on him.

Why Huma Abedin stuck by her serially and unpleasantly unfaithful sex-texting ex-husband, given her politically exposed position, is another head-scratcher. And indeed why Hillary didn’t distance herself from Huma, whom she regards almost as a second daughter. Loyalty is one thing but political nous would suggest it was a time bomb waiting to go off. It reminds me slightly of Maggie Thatcher who surrounded herself with some very sleazy people whom she clearly couldn’t see were wrong ‘uns. There was never a whiff of scandal about her personally, it was all just projected out onto some of her circle.

Huma Abedin, 28 July 1976, has a very Fixed chart with a Leo Sun Saturn square Uranus in Scorpio, with Venus Mercury, maybe Moon also, in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus. Change comes no more easily to her than it does to Scorpio/Leo Hillary. The Huma/Hillary relationship chart is showing signs of separation and disappointment through 2016/17 with tr Saturn square the Pluto Sun conjunction and tr Neptune opposing in 2017 and beyond.

As the FBI chucked this hand grenade into the mix, on Hillary’s chart tr Uranus has just moved to oppose her Sun/Neptune midpoint which Ebertin describes as: “sudden upsets, nervousness, convulsions, emotional crisis, mourning.” That sticks around through November.

There’s nothing more of note showing on either of the two candidates’ charts.

13 thoughts on “Hillary’s private emails and the FBI – beyond rational understanding

  1. Espionage act, no intent is required. Just allowing classified documents outside of approved channels is enough. Normal documents (Yoga, Wedding, Free Miles) can never me mixed with classified, some of it Top Secret is a crime.
    Face it, some people want to see this country burn and they are “With Her”

  2. Hillary Clinton has been careless re her emails, not criminal. Even Comey said that in July. Any revelations resulting from this latest batch of emails will prove to be insignificant. Gross carelessness perhaps, not criminality. This is so obviously a witch-hunt. The “Lock her up” nuts are trying to paint Clinton as some sort of latterday Mata Hari who intentionally exposes classified information. It’s all about intent. There has been no criminal intent. Carelessness, yes. Somehow sleazy Trump is now being let off the hook re his numerous crooked and shady dealings/behavior: Bragging about groping women, setting up the fraudulent Trump University, stiffing contractors, using charitable donations for his own benefit, refusing to release his tax returns, possibly profiting from business with Russians, encouraging Russia to hack emails, etc., etc. Moreover, he has filed for bankruptcy six times. This is the kind of person we want as our president? I think not. Marjorie, here’s how I’m interpreting your Oct. 22 post: Clinton will win, if narrowly. The Republicans will make her tenure in the Oval Office a living hell, bombarding her with legal accusations; there will be gridlock like never before. As bleak as it looks for a Clinton presidency, Hillary will hang tough. I’ve never been a huge Hillary fan, but her courage is something to behold. The woman is made of reinforced steel. Gotta believe that has something to do with her being a double Scorpio.

    • What I can’t forgive is her stupidity. She knew she was probably going to go for President so why give an easy hostage to fortune? The Clintons blurring the line between private and public where finances and business interests are concerned is v questionable, except that Trump is a great deal worse in terms of financial ethics. As I suspect have been a fair few past Presidents except we didn’t find out – either till much later or at all. But the email imbroglio is just such an idiocy, a real shoot-herself-in-the-foot when there was no necessity for it. Mind you neither she nor the blessed Huma are very practical which may have been part of the problem.

  3. Thanks, Marjorie.

    Not surprising that the cross-over between Comey and Clinton is an acrimonious power struggle.

    Looks like all that fixed energy in Huma’s chart led her to stay with her husband far too long.

    Why she shared a laptop with him, however, is beyond comprehension. Despite his fall from grace, money could not have been that tight.

  4. Lets look at ALL the wonderful things Hillary has done since her law school days. Has always been a public servant. It is a witch hunt like no other and I’m so baffled by anyone who supports Trump. Change??? Oh yes, we would certainly have change if Trump won…world war 3 for starters! He is a narcissistic sociopath…be careful what you wish for…

  5. The “e-mail” thing turned out to be NOTHING. James Comey is the one who’s in hot water now. Besides, this just infuriated us Hillary supporters into going in droves to help her get elected. I knew a few people who weren’t sure if they were even going to vote and now….this new “witch hunt” has motivated them to go and vote for Hillary Clinton. I live in a major swing state too. Anyway, early voting has already began and Hillary Clinton is leading by 15 points. Plus, the electoral college is NOT in Trump’s favor.

    I consulted with my personal astrologer about this. She explained to me that there was as Saturn and Venus conjunction that caused a minor setback for Hillary…but things should improve for her BEFORE Election Day (November 8th). So, I’m not worried about this.

    My personal astrologer also explained that on Election Day, that transiting Chiron will be squaring Donald Trump’s Sun/Uranus/North Node opposition to his Moon – that’s NOT good for Donald Trump. She expects him to LOSE the election. Also, she looked at Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton’s charts (both of whom have official birth times) – they both look pretty happy on Election Day.

  6. Alex Miller, who posts at daykeeperjournal.com follows the “Personal-Named Asteroids” and said this:

    “Asteroid Hillary has been hampered since the day the DNC convened by a forming extended conjunction with transit asteroid Lie, which moved to within five degrees of Hillary on July 25, and will remain conjoined for a year. By Election Day, that conjunction will have become exact, with Lie also at station, reinforcing a preexisting narrative that casts Clinton as dishonest and untrustworthy, her greatest Achilles heel.

    And speaking of Achilles, transit Hillary/Lie also opposes the former Secretary of State’s natal asteroid Achilles, a point denoting weakness or vulnerability, at 16 Capricorn. Achilles has been transited by Pluto all year (ruling secrecy and scandals), pointing up those vulnerabilities, with Pluto on Election Day at 15 Capricorn, conjoined Achilles, closely tied to this pattern and also sextile the transit Sun. Pluto opposing Hillary could evoke a significant increase in her personal power, a transformational moment for her, or signal a devastating loss.”

  7. A video Trump humiliating a former Miss Universe at a conference has surfaced. It is includes him forcibly attempting to kiss her and sexual innuendo.

    • That video is mild – and the woman is laughing and joking with Trump. Compare that to the massive criminal enterprise that is Clinton Inc.

      • Point is, Rob, no suitable candidates exist because Americans refuse to face the music. They’d rather live safely within their bubble of televised anarchy and WWF wrestling matches. Then, the morning after, the channel changes to woe and dismay no matter which candidate was selected.

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