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  1. Actually I was wondering about the Lindburgh case myself. Given that he was cruel to his son, and believed in eugenics it might very well bear investigating.

  2. Marjorie et al

    Another example of the eclipse? ‘Australians vote No in historic referendum’ (BBC News 14 Oct 2023) and the following was quoted. I kid you not.

    ‘No leaders said that the idea was divisive, would create special “classes” of citizens where some were more equal than other….’ I mean it’s great it’s not happening already and has never been happening. Or did they mean other special classes who have never experienced specialness? I’m confused.

    Let’s not mention the best advice formally given to the country, which was if you don’t know vote ‘No’. Hmm….!

    Move along folks, no progress to be seen here!

  3. For something completely different…have returned from a noon walk here (Seattle). Immediately noticed the lack of outdoor sounds – as though nature and all had turned down the volume on life sounds. This was well-past post-eclipse, mind you but it felt uncanny and felt as a “warning”.

    Not even many airplane sounds; how odd.

  4. Netanyahu built a coalition goverment with ultra orthodox to come to power. This is 30 % of population, they do not work, ( many) and they do not fight in Military. Will this be a reckoning for them to? They are the reason N was dismantling the Judiciary and the mass protests from the rest of the country. Taking eye off intelligence ball. Can you look at this please. No one is talking about it. Thank you.

    • From Times of Israel:
      A poll shows public support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies collapsing in the wake of Hamas’s deadly assault on southern Israel, with voters shifting to Benny Gantz’s National Unity party in the wake of his decision to join the government and form a wartime cabinet.

      The survey, published by Maariv, gives the centrist National Unity 41 seats, up from the 12 it currently holds. Likud meanwhile drops to just 19 seats, well below the 32 it currently has. The poll gives hardline parties Otzma Yehudit and Religious Zionism five and four seats respectively. The two garnered 14 seats together in the last election. Ultra-Orthodox parties are also seen losing a modicum of support.

      The results show how much the Hamas massacre, which saw the terror group rampage through southern Israel, killing at least 1,300 and taking some 150 hostages, has punctured people’s faith in the country’s leadership and their claims of being the only ones who could secure the country. Leaders often receive a boost in support thanks to the rally around the flag effect, but the enormity of the slaughter and the depth of the intelligence and security failure have instead led to an implosion for Netanyahu and Co.

  5. Dear Marjorie,
    Hubert Reeves the canadian-french astrophysicist has died today, 13th of october. Neptune is culminating in his chart. Can you have a look at his chart?
    Thank you very much, kind regards

  6. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any further astrological insights or observations regarding Ukraine. There hasn’t been as much news about Ukraine this past week (other than Ukrainians scoring some advancements around the town of Avdiivka) since the media has been covering the tragic events that occurred in Israel as well as the ongoing House Speaker debacle.

    Today, MSNBC reported that the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland appear to be headed to the far-right and pro-Russian sentiments are growing stronger there…while in Hungary, Viktor Orban is threatening to use his veto power to block any further EU assistance to Ukraine. Then, there is the mess we’re experiencing here in the U.S. – we are still without a House Speaker and we’re facing yet another government shutdown in November. And last, the Hamas vs. Israel war has become a new distraction.

    In other words, at first glance, all of this looks ominous for Ukraine at the moment. However, I do remember you posting about the eclipses this month and you suggested Ukraine might be entering a bit of a period relief from all of this mess.

    Any further thoughts or observations regarding the Ukraine situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi Marjorie, I was reading about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case and of the theory that says who kidnapped and killed the child it was the famous aviator himself. Can you find any clues to this theory in his chart? Thanks.

  8. Tim Ferrity – on trial for Boy In The Box False imprisonment case- just revealed his birthday of 4- 17–75.

    Of course I thought of Star4Cast for future reference – the runaway son is a minor, so limited deets.

    Thank you for this amazing site, and belated wishes to the Celtic Virgo~~

  9. Just to update everyone, I have received a positive response from my MP Matt Vickers. He fully supports Nick Fletcher in his quest for a Minister For Men. Unfortunately the government hasn’t scheduled anything for this session.

  10. Hello Marjorie, just wondered if you have ever covered the chart for the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davros, Switzerland? Also the Tony Blair Institute? Many thanks

  11. It bothers me greatly all the news coverage of “butchered women and children” by Hamas. Was Bucha such a trivial affair in contrast?

    And the American politicians are shouting to the heavens to cease aid to Ukraine and channel everything into Israel.

    How quickly the world forgets. There are never enough enemies to kill.

    No astrology here, folks. Just move along…

    • @larryc, Finnish YLE (public broadcaster) journalist Antti Kuronen was one of the first international journalists both in Bucha and Kfar Aza. Having independent journalists from reputable news outlets is one of the steps in validating these atrocities. I will glady contribute to any fund that concentrates on their mental health.

    • I support the Israeli civilians. However, personally, I don’t think it’s really necessary for the U.S. to be prioritizing so much aid to Israel over Ukraine. After all, Israel has a powerful military, tanks, surveillance, air defense systems (including the Iron Dome), over 400 nuclear warheads, and so many other state of the art resources at their disposal. Ukraine, on the other hand, has very limited resources and they need Western aid more than Israel.

      Also, I find it ironic how Benjamin Netanyahu is now begging the U.S. to bail him out when he didn’t even have the decency, empathy, or compassion to provide Ukraine with materials Zelenskyy was asking them for in order to defend themselves against Russia. And Benjamin Netanyahu certainly didn’t mind betraying a member of his own ethnic group by continuing to do business with Vladimir Putin (a racist, antisemitic Slavic guy who descends from serfs) for his own benefit.

      I was also appalled that Benjamin Netanyahu and his government were trying to capitalize on the war in Ukraine by encouraging all Ukrainian Jews to take up aliyah and move to Israel just for demographic goals and purposes. After all Ukrainian Jews (and Gentile Ukrainians alike) are NOT commodities.

      Anyway, Ukraine is going to get that aid….even if we end up with a far-right House Speaker. I read there are ways Biden can bypass House Republicans if they try and block it.

  12. I’d be grateful if you would you care to comment once the results of the New Zealand general election to be held Saturday October 14th are known. We have a mixed member proportional system and the polls suggest a mixed result. We shall know in a few days time. Many thanks.

  13. Marjorie, how about a look at Holly Willoughby’s chart? She’s just resigned from This Morning after 14 years there, and has recently been involved in an alleged kidnapping and murder plot. The timing is so close to the forthcoming eclipse I wonder if her chart is sensitive to the eclipse degree?

  14. Well,mastodont work…
    If you look at Europe (we are close to Russian war) How will the winter/spring look like.
    Ukraine fighting for Europe.They are doing a really hard work.Just imagine if they lose..Free way for Russia… to Portugal.
    Please,what ever you do.Support Ukraine.
    We have two Maniacs .Putin and Trump.
    I do really hope they can’t cope with Pluto next year.

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