Benjamin Netanyahu – an eclipsed Moon, an epic crisis

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, is facing the crisis of his life after a catastrophic intelligence failure. With this week’s Solar Eclipse conjunct his Libra Moon he was always due an emotional upset of considerable proportions. Trump had a similar Eclipse to Moon conjunction in late 2020 when he lost the election.

  Not that Netanyahu will necessarily go since leaders tend to stay in times of conflict. But he will find the foundations on which he has built his life being severely tested. An Eclipsed Moon puts the individual’s public image under scrutiny and if found lacking the surrounding society will not hold back with criticism. Jansky remarks of such an aspect it forces the individual to “defend those things you hold most dear.”

 He was born 21 October 1949 10.15 am  Tel Aviv, and has a New Moon in Libra with an idealistic, can be evasive 10th house Neptune; an acquisitive 2nd house Jupiter in Capricorn and a ruthless, angry Pluto Mars in Leo in his 9th.

  He has been prime minister in three stretches since 1996 and was close to Trump during his term, when the USA recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and brokered the Abraham Accords, a series of normalization agreements between Israel and various Arab states. He has faced international criticism over his decades-long policy as prime minister of expanding Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, deemed illegal under international law. In 2019, he was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery and fraud, following a three year investigation.

  Apart from the Solar Eclipse colliding with his Moon he also has tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now which is high-risk, explosive, destructive and scary. It returns late April May/June 2024. The April 2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries will be exactly in opposition to his Moon which points to more emotional upsets in relationships and out in society.

  Across next summer looks extremely high tension and high risk with tr Uranus aiming to square his Mars from July which usually coincides with a shock bringing insecurity, a dent to self-esteem and an over reactive need to put on a display of bravado in response. And that runs into 2025 as well.

  His relationship with Israel which is controlling, tight and possessive will hit high stress by 2025 when tr Uranus squares the composite Mars and tr Uranus is square the composite Saturn. 2025 is when Israel’s Mars in late Leo is catching the tr Uranus square for an explosive/disruptive year or more.

  That is also the point where his relationship with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and Israel’s with Bin Salman as well hits peak aggravation with tr Uranus square the composite Mars.

(26 degrees Leo is beginning to look like a significant marker ahead – which uncomfortably tags into Trump’s chart as well.)

  The late 2024 and 2025 Lunar and Solar Eclipses in late Pisces/Virgo are also rattling up the Israel/Saudi chart – and the Israel/MBS and Netanyahu/MBS charts. 

  Even before then the Saudi/Israel relationship chart is nervy, disappointed, aggravated and changeable with fault lines being laid bare.

 Kim Ghattas remarks in the FT: “If Netanyahu thinks that – he can bomb Gaza and then return to normalisation talks with the Saudis without offering anything substantive to the Palestinians, he would be gravely misreading Riyadh.”

 Netanyahu’s government chart, 29 December 2022 4.30 pm never looked solid with a careless, unrealistic Neptune conjunct the Midheaven and an overly confident Sun square Jupiter. Plus an 8th house Pluto – similar to GW Bush’s First Term overseeing 9/11.  And a stressed Sun inconjunct Mars.

  He may or may not survive politically but there is an uneasy sense of the Middle East moving into a period of greater than usual turbulence over the coming few years.

22 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu – an eclipsed Moon, an epic crisis

  1. I have Saturn in 26 Leo and Jupiter in 23 Leo and because both retrograde they ended up in the last degrees of the 7th house but my descendent is in Cancer with 28 Uranus.
    Not sure how to interpret. I have been experiencing a string of issues with arthritis and joint pain (Saturn) for a couple of years now. Since 6th house is ruled by the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign Virgo and Saturn is traveling though Pisces, therefore opposite Virgo, may be what is causing the issues, is at least that’s what I came up with. Pluto is finally leaving my first house and transitioning into Aquarius, my 2nd house. None of it looks great. My 6th house has Gemini.

  2. from newsweek:the other accused of treason

    And where are you Ben-Gvir?!” he said, referring to the right-wing national security minister. “You’re the world champion of bulls*******. Where are you?! Mr. Handgun on Twitter!…We will never forgive you. Never.”

    • That failure in intelligence Leo echoes George W Bush 9/11. That would be an interesting further comparison.

      As always, Marjorie, your informed insight on international relations is always appreciated.

    • @ Patrick
      There was no failure of intelligence.
      According to multiple sources the Egyptians warned Israel at least 10 days before the attack that there was something coming out of Gaza.
      Netanyahu was going to use this terrorist attack to consolidate power because the Israelis were supposed to run to him for protection and he would have an excuse to obliterate Gaza.

  3. Marjorie you write ’26 degrees Leo is beginning to look like a significant marker ahead..’

    What degree orb you consider? I have Saturn in Leo at 24.54 deg and Mars in cancer at 24.15 degree. ..are these to be considered from what you say?

    Thank you.

    PS this is the grammatically right comment. Apologies for multiple posts.

    • My NN/Black Moon Lilith/Part of Fortune/Psyche conjunction is all on 26 Leo in the 12th. This year, the Pluto/Neptune sextile has been inconjunct that point, forming a Yod which has coincided with a year of pressure and difficulty. Philip Schofield for example has Uranus here and has had a disruptive year too.

      • Interesting. I’ve had Pluto in my cap sun at 25 deg since jan2020 plus Saturn and it’s been three years of great emotional difficulty. I was hoping for a break.
        Thank you VF

      • Either I’ve managed to reach enlightenment or I’ve got some massive disaster headed my way, as despite three planets there – life continues to be just go by smoothly, if even a little dull. I don’t want to tempt fate on that latter point though. I’m sure next year’s squares from transiting Uranus will show me up to regret that comment.

        • You’re welome, Lena. Long may it continue GD! Granted I’ve had transit Chiron opposite my Sun all year, and Saturn on my natal Chiron, squaring my Midheaven/IC. Lots of added responsibilities regarding family duties and my mother diagnosed with dementia. Her Sun is on my Chiron so she’s has transit Saturn there too. Had to work on my stoicism this year.

          • I forgot I had transit Saturn oppose those three at start of year – again nothing memorable. But when Neptune/Chiron were around there in early 2010 – worst time ever – absolutely destroyed my sense of self – took a couple of years to regain my confidence. I really haven’t had any squares or oppositions from the Uranus/Neptune/Pluto over the past seven years and it has been very quiet

  4. Astrology question – Netanyahu is born on Saros 152 – which repeated on Nov 2 1967 / Nov 12 1985 / Nov 23 2003 / Dec 2021.

    Does it make any sense to look at those dates as important for him specifically? Or should we only be looking at his natal placements / transits/ progressions?

  5. Seriously, as a Libra Sun myself, I honestly think there are enough examples of Libra Sun “leadership” to ban any of us from running for political leadership ever again. Even the very best Libra political humanitarian, Jimmy Carter, failed as POTUS.

    Bibi’s chart then is an extreme example of Libran without any common sense or compassion, that are usually ejected via personal planets in Virgo and/or Scorpio. This man is as slippery as teflon, but I sure hope not listening to Egyptians sticks.

    • Dwight Eisenhower was a Sun, Moon, Uranus conjunct in Libra, plus Mercury. He handled egomaniacs like Churchill, Patton and Montgomery. Pretty much won the western front.

      • @Patrick, one could argue Eisenhower didn’t become president by being a politician, and I’ve seen many great military leaders with prominent Libra. Bibi too was a military hero first, after all. I suppose Military is a field where us Librans don’t have to deal with ambiguity too much. Other such fields might be medicine and humanitarian causes, such as disaster relief.

    • Would you dive deeper into this Solaia? I, yet again, took a first look at Bib’s chart and thought, “for HEAVEN’s sake!!.. he has all that Libra!!… how is it possible that he is who he is and acts how he acts???”

      Yes, I see other influences… Pluto square Venus, Sun square Jup, Pluto wide conj Mars.
      But still….so much Libra!!! So much for easy expectations about a sign, eh?
      And he does have SNode in Libra.

      My NNode is in Libra, so I am curious.

      And I am sick inside at this unresolvable mess.

  6. Marjorie you write ’26 degrees Leo is beginning to look like a significant marker ahead..’

    What degree orb you consider? I have Saturn in Leo at 24.54 deg and Mars in cancer at 24.15 degree. ..are these to be consuming what you say?

    Thank you.

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