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  1. The dog days of summer are boom times for divorce…are they really?

    CNN real estate article made the claim that divorces peak in March and August.

    Can someone help me with this? March – I can understand…winter can be pretty dreary. But August…did he/she find a new summer love?



    • @larryc I think I have read that January and August are peak months for divorce, I seem to remember suggestion that the Christmas season is highly volatile, equally the summer holidays when people spend most of the time in each others company, Christmas being the time when extended families and in-laws mingle and grate.

      • Yah, I recall the solitary Xmas dinner cooked at my mother-in-law’s home. How can someone dry out a butterball turkey in an oven-stuffer bag? Mashed taters were like library paste; I asked for ketchup, which infuriated my wife and her parents. That was in 1981. Glad it all ended the following summer. Yeah, the mashed potatos were really that dried out…and salty! “Everything needs salt…”

        I found another article on CNN but it was slanted toward divrce proceedings, not the why surrounding the seasonal divorce decision.

        • Having known one or two people who separated after Christmas, I believe it was much for ease as the decider.

          They’d pretty much decided beforehand that they were kicking the spouse into touch but … 1) they didn’t want to spend Christmas on their own 2) spoil it for the children 3) work out the new arrangements 4) face questions from their own parents 5) have to take presents they’d bought for their spouse back 6) hoped that it might all go smoothly and turn out that they could make it work. It’s easier to go see the solicitor in January when you have more time.

          I’m guessing end of summer breakups are similar in that the family holiday is booked, so they don’t want to cancel it by announcing a divorce in July. The kids are off school for August and need to be entertained, run around etc. So again it’s probably easier to look for new accommodation / jobs / see lawyers etc while they’re in school.

  2. Marjorie, Lucy Letby the British nurse accused of murder has just been found guilty of the killing of seven babies and is now the UK’s most prolific child murderer of modern times. Born in Hereford on January 4 1990. I can’t imagine the pain that the parents of these children must be going through. This tragic case reminds me of Beverly Allitt. Many thanks.

    • I can’t believe how long this trial has taken. She does have Pluto square her North Node which I recollect came up some time back apropos another case but I did not want to talk about her until the verdict came through. Trouble is I now forget which other chart it was connected to. Her Chiron is exactly opposite her Sun and Neptune. Will do in more detail tomorrow.
      Too much news at the moment – odd how some days have nothing much going on and then there’s a deluge.

      • Thanks, Marjorie. A brief glance at her DOB and I noticed the 3 planet Capricorn stellium of Saturn/Uranus/Neptune that marks that generation plays quite a part in the astrology, all opposing Chiron. Looking forward to your analysis.

        • The stellium in Capricorn, the t-squares, retrograde personal planets and South Node exactly conjunct Saturn in her natal chart, feels heavily karmic. Interesting how the verdicts come soon after the Andrew Malkinson miscarriage of justice verdict.
          I too look forward to your analysis Marjorie.

          • And of course, Saturn/Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, reputation and governs interaction in the workplace.

  3. Neither youth, beauty, or money can buy love…

    “Pop star Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari have split after 14 months of marriage, according to US media reports. The couple first met on the set of a Spears music video in 2016, and were married in a small but star-studded ceremony in June 2022. Asghari, 29, supported Spears, 41, through her mental health treatment and the end of her conservatorship. But rumours of their marital struggles have been splashed across US tabloids.”


  4. The Lionesses, England’s women’s football team, are through to the Final of the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, 20th August. I know not everyone will be excited!
    For anyone who’s curious about the astrology, I looked at the first women’s international, England vs Scotland, 9th May, 1881, and the Women’s Football Association, 1st November 1969 (now defunct). I think these charts seem relevant. In 1881 the Sun was 18 Taurus, conjunct Chiron 17 Taurus, Neptune 14 Taurus. When England won the Euros on 31 July, 2022 we had the Uranus/Mars/Nodes line-up at 18 Taurus. Considering the disgraceful way the FA treated women’s football, banning professional games for fifty years, that Uranus/Mars/Nodes freedom moment is quite telling I think.
    The WFA chart, with Mars 27 Capricorn, trine Pluto 26 Virgo, sextile Neptune 27 Scorpio had transiting Pluto at 27 Capricorn, tr Neptune 26 Pisces. 1881 had 27 Pisces Mars sextile 27 Taurus Pluto. Both charts share a BML at 25 Cancer.
    I don’t know how to interpret Sunday’s Mars in Virgo 25, and Mercury in Virgo 21 opposing Neptune 27 Pisces. But they activate those charts. Jupiter at 14 Taurus is conjunct 1881’s Neptune. Anyway, I’m sure there are other dates to look at in the history of women’s football. This is just a start, or something to play around with should anyone feel inclined!

    • On the Mars/Uranus/NNode in Taurus point. I observed back when Uranus first entered Taurus that if you went back to the 1930s/40s cycle it was a time when women began to get some economic freedom. Taurus representing both money and the feminine; Uranus obviously freedom.

      Generally speaking, pre WWII women usually worked in domestic service until they got married and then stayed at home to work. With the men off at war, there was no option but to start employing women in the munitions factories and so on.

      This is something of a simplification as pre-war there 5 million women in work, 7 million at the peak of the war and by 1950 it was back to pre-war levels but I think the idea of dosmestic service had disappeared so they were different jobs. Also to quote a BBC Teach article (my posts always end up in moderation if I include a link) “Mothers told their daughters what they had done during the war, and how their horizons had been limited afterwards. The 60s and 70s saw the emergence of feminist groups and heightened awareness of gender inequality – campaigning for more rights and greater opportunities saw very many more women aware of their potential and the need for change.”

        • The links hv been typcally “in moderation” only so long until Marjorie can verify content. That’s how it was explained to me…

      • Thanks GD, and thanks Larry for the tip about quote marks. My links always end up in moderation too, so have more or less stopped using them.

        Interesting point about the Uranus in Taurus GD. I’m wondering about a way to look at Neptune too. The thing about women working is complicated, because much of their work during the 19th and much of the 20th centuries was part-time, piece work at home, cash in hand, and so on. Cleaners and childminders, for example, didn’t always declare their incomes. Factories, shops, and offices in the 19th century began to employ many young, unmarried women in large numbers that are recorded. There was much disgruntled talk of the ‘servant problem’ in the late 19th and early 20th century! Women didn’t want to be ‘in service’, they could earn more elsewhere. Mostly. When you look at the census, trade directories and so on, you see all manner of other jobs. And seasonal work was also common, with the Victorian gig economy employing men and women for short stints. Most working class women worked, and earned money in various ways. Middle class women are less well represented, but many “helped” their husbands with paperwork, acted as secretaries, and so on. Victorian women also participated in sport, with archery, golf, and cycling being very popular. Football, of course, was working class – whether played by men or women. These patterns of work, and patchy documentary evidence, continued into the mid 20th century, more or less.

        On to Sunday’s big game then. I will see if I can find info for Sarina Weigman. Might tell us something.

          • Thanks Gwyn. Sarina’s birthday is one week before the Women’s Football Association, 1st November, 1969. A rather pleasing ‘coincidence’ I think! This autumn’s eclipses in Libra and Taurus hit Jupiter and Saturn in both those charts. Another astro curiosity is Saturn in Taurus at 4 Taurus, conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, for the first women’s ‘international’ on 9th May, 1881. Saturn is at 5 Taurus for the WFA, 1 November 1969, and also for Sarina Wiegman’s natal chart.
            The historical charts I looked at are certainly activated now, which encourages me to think they may be relevant to the astrology of women’s football, at least here in the UK.

    • Just looking at Sunday’s chart (as it’s my SR) and it’s not just an Mars/Neptune opposition, there’s a Grand Kite due to the Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Fairly tight. So it outlets through the Pisces Neptune.

      Should we be considering that the Lionesses are represented by Leo Sun/Venus retro?

      Are Spain’s women represented by Taurus bull/cow with that Jupiter-Uranus lucky surprise? Or should we go with Aries as their nickname is La Rojas – The Reds – and Aries represents that colour. The North Node has just moved in there, maybe this is their destiny.

      On paper, England should win as they’ve usually beaten Spain in head-to-heads including at last year’s Euros. Win-or-lose, I’m not sure it matters on the bigger level to England – women’s football is getting coverage and seems to be getting established.

      • GD – is it your birthday then? Many happy returns if so!
        I haven’t researched the Spanish team at all. Otherwise I suppose a chart for kick off in Sydney? I can’t bring myself to think about it! I know taking part is the thing, but….Venus in Leo would say Lioness, and for Spain I agree with you either the Nodes or the Taurus symbolism work well. Those autumn eclipses will hit Sarina’s natal chart, Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Taurus. Of course, she’s done very well so far anyway.
        And yes, women’s football is getting established at last. I agree it doesn’t matter on the bigger level about Sunday’s result. I’ll see what dates there might be for Spain.

        • GD – if you feel like it, have a look at the first Spanish women’s match, 5th February, 1983. Women’s football existed in Spain in the early 20th century, but after being banned did not emerge again officially until then. This date gives Saturn 4 Scorpio, opposing Saturn in Taurus for Sarina, the WFA, and the 1881 first ‘international’ game I’ve looked at. BML at 25 Capricorn opposes the BML for 1881, the WFA, and Sarina. Neptune for Spain is 28 Sagittarius, sextile Pluto 29 Libra. There are other connections, and transits – it is quite a web.

          • Oh, and one final bit of what we laughingly call ‘coincidence’ – the Football Association’s founding date is 26th October, 1863. Sarina W’s birthday is 26th October, 1969. The FA Nodes 27 Scorpio are conjunct her Neptune, and oppose Pluto in Taurus for 1881….

        • My birthday it will be. My SR actually occurs at about halftime albeit on the opposite side of the world to the game.

          Quick look at a chart for 9pm in Sydney and it has ascendant at 12Aries thereby giving it the Mars in Virgo significator conjunct Mercury in the 6th. So that might suggest underdogs (6th) Spain on the ascendancy with methodical workmanlike precision supported by the rest of the kite with perhaps a moment of inspiration or sublime action being decisive from Nepune?

          If Spain is the ascendant then the Lionesses must be represented by the descendant which fits with it being Libra whose significator is Venus which is currently retro conjunct Sun in Leo in the sporty 5th. Perhaps this is England dominating the play, looking the better team yet somehow not getting forward enough to score a winner. The Venus is also square Jupiter/Uranus so perhaps overconfidence and the Spanish have a surprise in store for them.

          I’m really not a good horary / elective reader though so take all of the above with a pinch of salt.

          • Thanks a lot for looking at that GD. Sarina’s Venus is 10 Libra, close to the descendant you mention. She also has Mercury 18 Libra, Uranus 6 Libra, Jupiter 20 Libra. So I’d tend to go for the Lionesses on the descendant. If that Spanish first women’s match chart works, the Saturn opposition English Saturn alone seems to suggest a difficult game (as you would expect), and possibly extra time or a penalty shoot out. However, although more confident the charts I’ve looked at for England seem to work, no idea about the one for Spain!

            Have a lovely SR day and year ahead.

  5. San Francisco seems to be imploding.
    Work from Home
    Tech economy sputtering
    Backlash against LGBTQ/trans around USA/world

    Is this a quasi deathknell like Detroit suffered over the past 1/2 century?

    Tech seems out of whack given the unreliability of AI answers. And goofy VR push from Facebook that doesn’t have a real world application outside of general amusement.

    Many here think tech has oriented towards the frivolous.

  6. Andrew Malkinson inept conviction worse than thought with DNA evidence available to clear him three years into his sentence – have updated July 28 2022

      • Oh. So the whole Mars is masculine and Venus is feminine energy is nonsense?
        Some in your field claim feminine energy over the inauguration.

        • Not sure what point you are making. In old fashioned terms yes Mars is masculine and Venus feminine but that would hardly be relevant to an election result. What has traditionally been associated with the rise of women is Saturn Neptune but that does not come together until into 2025/26. Too late for the 2024 election.
          The point about astrology not being able to differentiate is that you can’t tell from a chart what an individual’s sexual orientation or gender is.

          • I think if this rise of women power is going to be more pronounced starting in 2025, then there’s someone who’s going to facilitate this. Provide a stronger foundation so to speak. I can’t fathom this being preluded by a Republican. So if “Dark Brandon” is going to be sidelined for the greater good, then I’m thinking a woman or gay man, or both, will be the chosen ticket to counter a freedom rights hostile SCOTUS.

            My data extrapolation opinion.

  7. It’s finally happening: breaking news tonight that Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has announced that a grand jury has just indicated Donald Trump.

    • Chris with all due respect we can all read the news sites and don’t need a running update. Personally I am sick to death writing about Trump. His astrology has not altered since the last time I wrote him up.

        • Could you please take a look at Fani Willis, the Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney prosecuting the Trump racketeering case? By all accounts she’s a strong woman and forceful and determined prosector.

          I found a birth date and place online of 27 October 1971 in Inglewood, California, near LA. Her father was a Black Panther and later a criminal defense attorney.

          Thanks so much.

  8. Hi Marjorie,

    I’ve noticed Cuba has been coming up in the news lately. Reuters, The Economist, and The Miami Herald have all been reporting that Cuba’s economy is now in dire straits given that U.S. imposed sanctions are still crippling the island and the effects of Covid-19 are still prevalent.

    I’m reading that younger Cubans have recently been holding protests – demanding for civil liberties and an end to their political isolation. Does the astrology suggest any major economic, political, or social changes for the island in the upcoming years?

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