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  1. Could you do an update on Kamala Harris? I just went back to look and the latest post is outdated now. Am curious where you think she’s heading politically, Marjorie over the next few years?

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    I am pretty sure you did a piece earlier this month on Lukashenko after his apparent difficulty in walking during his visit to Moscow for the WWII comemoration parade, but it seems to have disappeared. Will it be reappearing? It seems that he has been hospitalised now in Moscow with rumours rife that he has been poisoned by Putin, but maybe he just had a heart attack after an unpleasant meeting.

    • Hi Hope will be back up soon. Here is the text version:
      MAY16 2023
      Alexander Lukashenko, leader of Belarus, and a staunch ally of Putin, appears to be unwell, sparking hopes of a retreat from further cooperation over Ukraine. He has offered Belarus as a base for the Russian military to pursue its strikes against Ukraine but Belarusian opposition say he would face “massive disobedience” if he decided to send troops to fight alongside Russian forces.
      ‘The unexplained absences and public silence were highly out of character for a garrulous president who has ruled Belarus with an iron fist for almost three decades and rarely misses a chance to hold forth in public.’
      Lukashenko, 30 August 1954, who has ruled with an iron fist since 1994, is a Sun Virgo trine Mars in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio; with a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer square Neptune Venus in Libra. His Pluto is also in a ruthless trine to Mars.
      The underpinning of his authoritarian dive for power in that Sun Mars Saturn combination is being seriously undermined – tr Saturn is opposing his Sun this year. More significantly his Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct his Mars, exact within three months though in effect now, dramatically lowering energy, morale and hopes of success. By 2025 his Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Saturn to grind him to a halt – if it has not happened before. 2024 sees tr Uranus square his Pluto which could topple him off his perch politically. And before then this year he has a confused, slumped Pluto square a Neptune midpoint till June, followed by three grinding Pluto hard aspects to other midpoints into and throughout 2024. Not a good time.
      He came to power on 20 July 1994 – and that chart is under immense pressure (and has been for several years) as tr Pluto opposes the Sun. But the key factor may be tr Uranus opposition the Pluto in 2024 which is a classic exit signature for a leader. Though it could come before then, since his recent Term chart of 23 September 2020 is showing signs of grinding to a halt within there months from now. One way or another he looks to be toast within the next year.
      Belarus, 25 August 1991 6pm, Minsk, was shaken by the tr Uranus opposition its game-changing 18 degree Scorpio Midheaven as he took ill a few days back. Uranus now proceeds through the 4th house hinting that internal unrest will be mounting in the time ahead. Tr Saturn opposing the Virgo Sun this year and tr Neptune opposing the Mars on and off rill early 2024 make for a discouraging and slightly panicky year, mired in confusion. But a tough slog through 2024/25 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Saturn in Aquarius.
      The relationship charts between Belarus and both the Russia 1917 and 1990 charts looks stressed through till 2026.

  3. Hi Marjorie
    Dame Heather Hallett, the judge in charge of the Covid 19 enquiry is in the news, given the reluctance of the Cabinet Office to release the private documentation she has requested, from ministers. It looks like big row brewing. Born 16.12.49 in case you fancy a shufti?
    Cheers Gamal

  4. Can you look at Kosovo please Marjorie as there seems to be a lot of unrest there at the moment and could it spill into the surrounding countries of the former Yugoslavia ?

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you could look into what’s happening in Iran. It appears Iran is making more enemies than friends at the moment.

    According to Voice of America (VOA), a series of border clashes are taking place between Afghanistan and Iran. The Taliban is apparently using weapons that the U.S. Military left behind and they’ve killed a number of Iranian border guards. Some unverified reports are claiming that the Taliban has officially declared war on Iran and that the Iranian military is having difficulty pushing the Taliban out of some of the border towns.

    Also, The Times of Israel, Haaretz, and The Jerusalem Post are reporting that Iran has developed a powerful ballistic missile that could reach Israel and the EurAsian Times (which isn’t a reliable source given they often parrot Russian propaganda and report unverified claims about Ukraine and other topics), Israel is now modifying F-15EX Fighters to be deployed to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. EurAsian Times is also reporting that Israel will resort to using GBU-57 Bombs to do the job. Again, given the EurAsian Times unreliability (they have failed many fact-checks), I take these reports with a grain of salt.

    Last but not least, there are still the ongoing protests taking place in Iran. For example, according to Iran International, many ethnic Baloch people (who are predominately Sunni) living in the city of Zahedan (which has an ethnic Baloch majority, I believe) are now pouring into the streets and demanding an overthrow of Iran’s theocratic regime). Other ethnic minorities in Iran including: the Khuzestani Arabs, Kurds, etc. are apparently making similar demands.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any astrological insights or thoughts regarding Iran’s current chaotic situation. Does the astrology suggest Iran could be a target for further attacks from Afghanistan? Is there anything to suggest Israel will begin attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities soon?

    Given Iran’s arrogance and belligerence, the way they treat their own citizens, and their close ties to sociopathic regimes (like the Russian Federation), I have no empathy for Iran’s theocratic government. I welcome whatever Karma has in store for Iran.

  6. Just an observation, but I’ve been following the early degree T-Square of recent days (Mars in Leo, Pluto in Aqua and Jupiter in Taurus) and can’t help noticing how many of the well-known individuals who have planets there are currently in the news. Boris Johnson’s 0 degree Scorpio Moon is being triggered right now and the Partygate issue is just refusing to go away with fresh allegations afoot. Bill Gates with his 0 degree Chiron in Aquarius allegedly had an affair with Mila Antonova a Russian bridge player, and Epstein was apparently threatening to blackmail him. The sad death of Tina Turner who had Pluto at 2 Leo. The Phillip Scofield saga has thrown a spotlight on ITV’s integrity – ITV (22/9/1955) has Chiron at 0 degrees Aquarius (like Bill Gates) and Uranus at 1 degree Leo. ITV also caught last year’s dreadful Mars/Uranus/NN eclipse with its Saturn at 17 Scorpio.

  7. Apologies if you are getting emailed for every new post (that is being put back up). Hmm there’s a Sun square Saturn tomorrow – hitches, glitches and snarl-ups to be unfankled.

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