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  1. Could you look at where the NHS is headed please? It will also be great if you could provide an analysis of the Junior Doctors’ strike. It’s really unfortunate they aren’t getting the right (monetary) attention that they deserve. Thx

  2. Kay, people who challenge the McCanns and their friend’s views of the events tend to get sued. But you are right that the Met Police seemed to have given them a free pass.

    I too would like Marjorie’s insights on this. Personally I think they decided it would be like beating a dead horse and unlikely to yield any answers, which is why they decided to concentrate searching for Maddie instead.

    I know though if it had been my child, I would have taken all witness statements seriously, and not just relied on the one that fitted my scenario. After all when you search for anything, it tends to be found in the places that you didn’t search.

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    On 14th of May, there is an election going on in Turkey. People are fed up with Erdoğan and all his corrupt circle. People already started to discover non existing voters registered in non existing addresses. It is a bit worrying since people are sick of tricks he pulls out of the hat. Would you care to comment about result of elections in Turkey? Will the people be able to get back on track to modern life? Erdoğan is a pisces and I really hope Saturn will make him pay back the karma.
    Thank you very much

  4. A case of dualing judges. To ban or to allow abortion meds.

    A Texas judge has banned the FDA from approving the most common abortion drug. Washington State has acquired a three-year supply of the drug in its support of being a pro-choice state.

    Who will win the battle after Roe vs Wade?

    • I’m hoping Marjorie will address this. Another astrologer stated that Pluto in Aquarius will lead to the rise of women–but this may only come to be in the U.S. if there is a serious back-lash from the abortion battles (several polls show that a majority of Americans support a woman’s right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy or not for almost ANY reason.)
      Also…the contrast of the continuing murders of children, teachers & school staff AT THE SAME TIME as trying to force women to have babies they don’t want to have. How does that figure into this astrologically? It’s sick–like they want females to breed targets for them. (Sorry–I know that is horrible, but I fill like I am living in a very sick country.)

  5. Not sure if you’ve written about this before… the lingering mystery of Madeleine Mccann’s disappearance, her parents, and the fact that the government has spent 13 million pounds of looking for her without looking at her parents (the usual investigative route), their friends, or getting any answers at all.
    All very fishy. Why is the government continuing to spend money on this particular child?

  6. Thought this recent story might be of interest: ‘Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple’. ‘“The zodiac was used to decorate private tombs and sarcophagi and was of great importance in astrological texts, such as horoscopes found inscribed on pottery sherds,” says Egyptologist Daniel von Recklinghausen of the University of Tübingen.’


  7. The United States has had three presidents who were born in the summer of 1946, and between them they governed for 20 years.

    In order of birth:

    Donald Trump born 14th June 1946

    George W Bush born 6th July 1946

    Bill Clinton born 19th August 1946.

    All three dodged the draft, and two of the three have been impeached (unusual in American history)

    They’ve all got Chiron-Jupiter conjunctions in Libra sextile Uranus in Gemini. Clinton and Bush have Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo (Bush has his ascendant conjunct Mercury-Pluto as well).

    • Meant to add, the chart for the USA has Saturn at 15 Libra and Mars at 21 Gemini, and they’re in conjunction with the Jup-Chiron and Uranus positions of these three presidents.

  8. Just realising with all the talk of AI that we will probably come to associate it with the ingress of Pluto in Aquarius.

    For example, ChatGPT was initially released Nov 30 2022 but the stable release is listed at March 14 2023 – just a week before the ingress (March 23rd).

    I imagined more is to come and the technology can only get more precise. As with so much Aquarius, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle now and shutting it all down.

      • Not sure human cloning is close to happening yet but if you know about Dolly the Sheep, that was the first creature to be cloned. Announced to the world Feb 1997. Uranus had permanently transited into Aqua in 1996, Neptune was on its way out of Capricorn (retro’ed at 29Cap57 in mid-1997) and enter Aqua in 1998. Leo is the sign of procreation; creating a human by scientific method is a very Aquarian opposition to that.

        • I remember a newspaper article discussing the possible rights of human clones. Such clones existed only by permission of the government…but would these entities have “rights”, like businesses?

          I had want ed to submit a FOIA to the FDA but never maintained the personal drive.

  9. To Marjorie and anyone else 🙂
    Recently met a man whom I have a Saturn NN conjunction in the 2nd house with at 29 Cap. Tr Pluto is exact conjunct it now, while exactly opposing Venus and Jupiter in the 8th. Any thoughts on this seemingly karmic transit/placement?

  10. On a lighter note…. When does it look likely that Daniel Levy will part company with Tottenham Hotspur and will Tottenham ‘s fortunes improve when this happens?

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