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  1. Hello Marjorie, please could you say, when working a solar return birth chart, what orbs you use between the positions of the natal and solar arc planets, also how much strength do you give to the SR planets aspects to the natal birth chart. Mine has SR Pluto on the natal MC, Uranus conjunct natal Mercury (17 degrees Taurus), Venus conjunct natal Saturn, etc., etc., do these aspects apply throughout the whole year of the SR? Many Thanks

  2. News reports state that Starmer has apparently offered a job to Sue Gray (she of the Gray Report). Boris Johnson supporters are taking attempting to convey this as proof the Gray Report was a stitch up job. It strikes me that, although Ms Gray is highly respected and probably very suitable for the role Starmer has in mind, offering her a job is a particularly naiive and stupid act given the fallout which is currently landing. Is this likely to damage Labour/Starmer?

  3. Someone a bit different. An insider or perhaps disrupter with whistle blowing tendencies, journalist Isabel Oakeshott (dob 12 June 1974) who has just released Mark Hancock’s WhatsApp Covid messages, given to her so she could write his book. She’s done it before with others.

  4. Hello Marjorie, internet sources give dob for Constance Marten, mother of missing baby, as 26.5.87 in case you’re minded to have a look?

    • Thanks. I have noted. I tend to avoid comment on cases where legal proceedings are ongoing – so needs must wait to see the outcome. Sad situation.

  5. The news that the king has evicted H and M is a little over the top. Evidently H and M packed up their remaining belongings just after the jubilee. So the king not renewing the lease was hardly the shock and surprise they claim.

  6. I would like to know why it was considered unacceptable for Charles to have married Camilla in church because of both of them being divorced. But perfectly fine for Harry and Meghan despite the fact that she was divorced, and rumour has it, a previous marriage that was annulled.

    Considering that Diana had died some considerable time before, and Peter Parker-Bowles had married again it does seem strange to hold father and son to different standards.

  7. I think that Erik Ten Hag the manager who has turned around the fortunes of Manchester United is worth a look. He seems to have created a great spirit at the club. A a sidebar to this it seems to me that at times of crisis there often seems to be an Aquarian Sun, perhaps previously dismissed as a lightweight, who rises, creates unity and becomes a transformative leader. For example, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, FDR and the great depression and WWII, Zelensky and the Ukraine War and the aforementioned Ten Hag. Perhaps I am drawing a long straw but Aquarians do seems to have a determination plus a sense of the prevailing zeitgeist that comes to the fore in times of crisis.

  8. Baroness Betty Boothroyd has died. She was the first female Speaker of the House of Commons. As many are saying, a formidable, remarkable, and also charming woman. Born 8th October, 1929. I hope nobody thinks this is morbid (!) but I’m interested in planetary transits when someone dies, having often noticed Jupiter’s involvement.

    Tr Jupiter in Aries (conjunct Chiron 12 Aries) is now moving to oppose Betty’s natal Sun/Mercury at 14 Libra. It has just passed her natal Uranus at 9 Aries. Tr Mars in Gemini has just passed over her natal Jupiter, 16 Gemini. And tr Uranus is trine her natal Venus at 15 Virgo. Some uplifting freedom and pastures new in those transits I feel.

  9. Also Scott Adams — worldwide Dilbert cartoonist — racist rant — paraphrase “stay away from black people” — omg.
    Now apparently endorsed by South African Elon Musk, who was just welcomed back to his California Tesla HQ (prior to said endorsement.)

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    Tonight —

    Hollywood Boomer Ladies and Sally Field ruling — unusually —

    SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards: Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jennifer Coolidge, all in their 60s, took home the top awards.
    Not to mention Sally Field receiving the “Life Achievement Award.”
    Astonishing montage including her “serious” work, notwithstanding that for many in the US, she’s only a bubbly, effervescent comedienne — which may, of course, be the most difficult work to pull off.
    From a long-running on-set TV series source, Field is also difficult to work with — having known no other life than being a star from the age of 17.
    Would be fascinated by the astrology.
    Thank you, Marjorie.

  11. Addition of Saudi financial support announced.

    “For the first time since the two countries established diplomatic relations 30 years ago, a Saudi foreign minister has visited Ukraine.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office released a video of him meeting Saudi Arabia’s Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud on Sunday. ”


    A late-comer to the pre-victory party or something more meaningful? Thanks.

  12. Marjorie,

    Another astrologer has said that there may not be any coronation of the King and Queen this year, even perhaps ever.

    And given the cost of living crisis is likely to get worse in April, with utility bills and council taxes going up, I have the same feeling.

    Do you see anything in the stars about the event being postponed?

    • UMM – interesting! This all seems to have begun with Charles Carter who said Charles wouldn’t be King back in 1949 or thereabouts. Noel Tyl agreed with him. Nicholas Campion looked at 18 monarchs, since 1605 and wrote “only five could have expected at their births to inherit the throne.”
      Its confusing isn’t it? Charles is already King, but the Coronation has yet to take place. Perhaps he will eventually abdicate in favour of William. As far as I understand it, Charles does not have a ‘favourable’ Jupiter (king), hence the predictions. Yet our monarchy has strictly limited influence, and so I think old rules of interpretation may not apply in quite the same way. Our King may not embody Jupiter in quite the same way as, say, Henry VIII?

      Saturn reaches the UK Yod in March, and aspects Pluto in 1801 and 1066 charts. I’m also curious about the eclipse on 5th May at the time of the Coronation weekend. It is conjunct Uranus in the May 11th, 973 chart for Edgar’s coronation. Marjorie has talked about that chart in the past, and it seems to hold good for various predictions.
      And not sure what to make of the Spring Equinox eclipse on 20th April either. It is conjunct Pluto, plus at 29 Aries, so signalling something intense at that late degree. King Charles own Jupiter/Uranus opposition is at 29 degrees Sagittarius and Gemini……

      • Thanks Marjorie. I noticed something curious, and wonder what you think. Just three examples, there are others. For the explosive publication of Andrew Morton’s book on Diana, 16 June 1992, there’s the Saturn 18 Aquarius square Pluto 20 Scorpio. The day before, 15th June, has an eclipse at 24 Sagittarius. All that history is potentially being stirred up by The Crown at the moment, as transits highlight those fixed degrees, and Saturn moves towards the end of another transit of Aquarius.

        For Charles and Camilla’s wedding, 9th April 2005, there’s an eclipse the day before at 19 Aries. Neptune is 17 Aquarius, Pluto 24 Sagittarius. Charles and Diana’s wedding, 29th July 1981 had an eclipse just two days later on 31st July, at 7 Leo. The Coronation will be on an eclipse weekend.

        I think you’ve talked about eclipses and the Royal Family before, some time ago. I know William and Kate are both eclipse birthdays too. There seem to be an awful lot of eclipses appearing in this family’s story. Is this unusual or meaningful?

  13. Also – I was looking at Scotland’s chart (coronation of King Malcolm II, 25th March 1005).

    The Sun is at 11 Aries, so it’s catching the approaching Venus-Jup conjuction. Unfortunately tr Pluto is still opposite the natal Saturn and square natal Mars – but the transit is weakening, and will be gone in a few years.

  14. Three-line whip for MPs to attend Parliament on Monday. Looks like revised NI protocol will be unveiled.

    Is it an auspicious time for it? Will the approaching Venus-Jup conjunction help? (I note that unfortunately chiron is there too). Ceres is making an opposition to venus-jupiter. Juno is at 22 Aries, conjunct the 1066 England ascendant. At least no planets are retrograde.

    • Unaspected planets are fascinating, I agree. Recently I was looking at the natal chart of actress, Florence Pugh (one of my favourite young actresses from the talented Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation) and was astounded to see that she has an unaspected Capricorn Sun, which for an actor seems so unusual, but for the fact that the unaspected planet is often the driving force of the individual’s life.

      • And… this is also true for a lack of an element. I have a friend with no water and she is more sensitive than anyone… although she wouldn’t say so!! And I have no Earth. I’ve lived in the bush, purchased heavy furniture, work with my hands… “desperately seeking earth”, I say!

  15. Eminent Ukrainian visitors to #10.

    Larry the Cat inspecting the troops.

    The world knows who really runs the show at #10.


    • @larryc, Larry (@Number10cat) rules! Always the wisest and most sensible occupant (and most competent) residents of Number 10!

  16. Will current UK govrrnment restrictions on voting, by the intro of voter id, esp for younger people, prevent Starmer winning?
    What would you look at to see if it may be so?

    • I really don’t understand why it is seen as a restriction. You need to produce proof of identity for all manner of things nowadays. Presumably younger people need proof of age for buying stuff at times – why is voting ID such a big deal?

      • USA here. ID for voting only restricts non citizens. It does make it hard for the homeless to vote because you need a formal address to vote for your legislators. But govt IDs to vote and identify oneself are normally issued for free. This avoids disenfranchisement claims. More insidious are conservative Republican (Tory types to you Brit’s) who try to gerrymander districts, minimize early voting, voting locations and voting hours as well as absentee voting here. Those connivers will get their comeuppance soon enough.

          • Felons are not eligible to vote while in prison. Most states require parole to be completed before allowing felons to regain voting rights as it is part of the punishment for their crimes. Somestates require repayment to the state for incarceration costs or making the victims of the crime while before resuming voting. This is being challenged in the courts as being an unconstitutional financial cost to vote in violation of the poll tax amendment. It will be several years before the cases go to court. Hopefully the plaintiffs will get those restrictions removed. We need all our unencumbered citizens to participate to have full free representative elections. Obviously some will not want that for their own gain.

        • Voter ID requirements are usually imposed to make it harder for minorities to vote, especially in jurisdictions in the south where they limit types of ID access to locations issuing government IDs. Many poor people, especially people of color and the elderly who no longer drive, in effect lose their right to vote. And that’s intentional.

          • Govt issued IDs are required because other IDs are not vetted and reliable. They too easily faked. The govt IDs are free to avoid lawsuits about unconstitutional poll tax question. IDs don’t have to be drivers licenses. But yes there is difficulty in obtaining an ID for the invalided and some other people because those in power can perpetuate their hold by squeezing out those who do not support them. Overcoming those barriers is an ethical mandate for us.

          • @Carson, precisely. The intent is to suppress the vote of non-supporters rather than make voting more secure.

            In California where I live, where no voter ID is required, we have no problems with voter fraud, which is exceptionally rare everywhere in the US. Most recent US cases of voter fraud involved Trumpers voting multiple times, not the targets of vote suppression efforts, the poor and minorites.

          • Yes I agree Nicole. After the presidential election there were investigations bright here in Wisconsin for voter fraud. I believe it was about a dozen or so cases with most being conservative voters voting twice. There have been some convictions. The worst is a voting official requesting multiple absentee ballots in the name of overseas military members. That was blantant fraud. She will be heavily punished for that action.

  17. Just to say that the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is already looking very bright and beautiful in the night sky. Exact at the beginning of March, but so lovely last night. I’m hoping it heralds something joyful during our uncertain times.

      • I do so love some visible astrology! I like to imagine people centuries ago, working things out by looking at the night sky. Not sure if Mercury and Saturn will be so visible to the naked eye. But this is a real treat and roll on some uplifting Venus with Jupiter energy!

    • Oh I do miss a dark night sky!! I used to live on a 10 acre parcel in the bush… zero artificial lights. In the winter, I would flop down on the snow, look up, and see thick white of the Milky Way!!… arcing over me from my toes to my head. And shows of the northern lights. Astonishing.
      Makes me think that, yes.. we are losing touch with the Earth… but we are also losing touch with the night sky.. and how important that is in both putting things in perspective to simply engaging with the Wonder of it all and our tiny place in it.
      Thanks for triggering that memory!!!

      • Many many years ago, the village that my family hailed from was effectively off the grid, with the electricity being intermittent at best and practically non-existent at night, when we had to rely on oil lamps and candles. We only used to go for visits every year or so, but when the visit coincided with a new moon, the sight of the Milky Way was awe-inspiring.
        It is not possible to explain to a child what the Milky Way looks like, but when it is seen at frst hand, especially as a child, it is magical. All those stories and myths (such as the story of Hera and Hercules) start making so much more sense.

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